Posted by: distributorcap | August 2, 2007

Four Barbies of the Apocalypse: Barbie #1 – Melanie Morgan

This is the first in a profile of the most idiotic, insane and disturbed barbies of the pundit world — Melanie Morgan, Ann Coulter, Lucianne Goldberg and Michelle Malkkkin.

Excuse my opening sentence – but Melanie Morgan is the completely out of her mind. There is no other way to describe her. I know it is insulting and I know how demeaning it is, but when you watch this woman in action you say to yourself, what a ditch. So I apologize well ahead to all women. It isnt fair that she is a representative of your gender, but lets call her what she is – a snitch. OK There, I have gotten it off my chest. By the way Sean Hannity is also one of those runts.

On Tuesday July 31 this total barbie doll was on Hardball spouting her usual hate and divisiveness with her typical condescending demeanor.

If Melanie has a hoo-hoo she sure doesn’t use it too often, oops i forgot that Barbies dont have genitalia — what normal woman would say things like “Judy Giuliani is nuturing.” Then she gets to degrade ALL women by saying how shallow they are and that they pay close attention to the “whole package” (a slight double entendre) and that the candidate’s wive’s warmth and nuturing is so important. Then she says “liberal women” are just talkers and that they are demanding we leave Iraq before victory has been attained. (what right wing asshole doesnt try to sneak in the Iraq line???)

The only victory i can think of is when Melanie leaves for a trip to Uranus, to find Klingons.

and then Melanie’s final gem of wisdom is that women on “her side” care about their grandchildren, insinuating that women of “their side” don’t give a damn.

Way to go Melanie — way to be a compassionate conservative and make even small efforts to heal the wounds of a deeply divided nation — by dividing woman into your side and their side.

Frankly my dear barbie #1, not many people in this country give a damn about you. And we are not divided in our hate for your and your idiocy.


  1. Awesome! The woman makes me want to toss something heavy at the TV screen.

  2. I not only despise Melanie, I also hate that plagarist Barnacle.

  3. i hate them both — but Melanie there is a special place in Hell

  4. Wow, she really is repulsive. I have one question about Michelle Malkin, though? How does an Asian woman end up with a Russian Jewish name? As a Russian Jew, I kind of want her to go back to being Who Flung Poo or whatever the fuck her name originally was.I condider her fair game for demeaning ethnic jokes. If she isn’t then she’s a hypocrite.

  5. Hi Kelso! Michelle is from a Philippine background I believe. I think I read that but I so despised even reading about her that I blocked it.Even a Jewish name can be goyische one sometimes. My surname is definitely from the gentiles, but my father was one of the tribe.Michelle can gay kacken affen yam!

  6. DCap-First time commenter here. I have but one question — was it me or did the angle of Melanie’s lips seem off? I was totally transfixed by the grotesqueness of of it — like someone punched her in the mouth before she came on camera or she just got back from shooting the money shot of her latest neo-con porn movie and didn’t have time to wipe her chin.I’ll be honest, she lost me when she called Judy Nathan-Giuliani nurturing. After all, she was fucking the guy long before he ended it with Donna Hanover-Giuliani. The irony in the whole wives of the Giuliani’s saga is that wife #2 was sleeping with him while he was married to his cousin and wife #1.

  7. Spartacus, she had a stroke which explains her unheard of vapidity.It’s akin to a person damaging their brain and developing ESP. She’s tapped into the primordial intellectual and moral ether.I always wondered how you get a job as television interviewee person. I think I could do a pretty good job. I’m great at making shit up, and talk about caustic. I’ll melt the whole fucking studio.Great blog by the way. You seem to have an Übermensch grasp of sarcasm. Excellent.

  8. thanks fairlaneyou’ve been blog-rolledalso remember told wife #2 she was a goner at a press for Melanie — she couldnt have slept her way into the job cause who would schtup that bitch

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