Posted by: distributorcap | August 2, 2007

Snot Booger to Run Justice Department

Alberto Gonzalez has had a rough few months. But then again when you appoint a complete a total toad, idiot and brainless wonder to run a complex (and now completely political) organization like the Justice Department — what do you expect? iPhones?

Gonzo has brought this all upon himself — he should just talk to Martha Stewart – “do not lie.” But for months his half-truths, lack of recollection and complete obliviousness to his staff’s actions (which of course is a lie in of itself) are making the soap operas look like reruns of “Howdy Doody”

But leave it to those paparazzi – they sure know how to find the “hot” stories

They get Paris getting out of jail

They get Britney after her head is shaved

They get Lindsay in her very best mug pose

They even got Dick Cheney working

Now they have managed to snag a photo of Bush in the process of picking the latest and the greatest in cabinet members

there is NO doubt a booger could do a better job running the Justice Department than Gonzo. There is NO doubt the attorneys and paralegals working in the JD would have more respect for a booger than they do for Gonzo.

Can you just picture Spector questioning the booger at the confirmation hearings?

Spector: So tell us Mr Booger, what was like hanging around Condi’s shoes? And you all thought George was trying to get Laura lunch.


  1. And there’s no doubt that Bush would defend Booger as the best booger for the job, too!Thanks for the laugh!

  2. This is actually a still from a video clip which can be easily found online. Honest to God, in the footage (obviously filmed without them being aware), both George AND Laura pick their noses — and then she appears to EAT one of her boogers. (I am absolutely NOT kidding.)

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