Posted by: distributorcap | August 7, 2007

Post Meridian Schtupping

This song (see video) ACTUALLY won TWO Grammy Awards in 1977 – Best Arrangement and Best New Act. (Then again, the Grammy for Song of the Year that year was I Write The Songs – tells you something about the quality of music in the 1970s). CBS couldn’t resist — The Starland Vocal Band (SVB* to us aficianados) hosted a variety show that ran in the summer of 1977. I am sure I sat glued to the set, since with no DVR, no TIVO and even no VCR (still 2 years off in the distributorcap abode) you had to watch your fill of vapid television when the networks forced you to watch their vapidity. Today you get to time shift the crap-ola.

be careful what you write, sing and record. very careful

For worst ever, one can make good cases for
You Light Up My Life
I’ve Never Been To Me
Torn Between Two Lovers

The Macarena

but a song to God, a song about a selfish bimbo, a song about a deranged schizophrenic and a song about two talentless men moving their hands really don’t stand a chance against a song about post meridien schtupping.

PS — I bet Condi could use a little AD, and I don’t mean Anno Domini

*My other favorite 70’s musical shortcut is VSR — Vicki Sue Robinson, who gave us the drekky Turn The Beat Around in 1975


  1. What – no Midnight at the Oasis?

  2. Yes, she might, but who could you get who would want to?

  3. ‘Turn the Beat Around’ is drek? How dare you sir? How very dare you! Next thing you’ll attack is the out put of Kiki Dee.

  4. muskrat suzy,muskrat samDo the jitterbugdown in muskrat landand they shimmy.sam is so skinny…

  5. Feelings and Bobby Goldsboro’s Honey must be mentioned when the topic turns to worst songs ever. I didn’t want to , but it’s the law.

  6. all good choicesFeelings is one i left outas for MATO — i will post my homage to Maria Muldaur at a later date

  7. Bobby Goldsboro’s Honey – oh Matty, oh Matty. That is bad. Very bad.

  8. You light up my life, should be on the list.

  9. And not to forget, “You’re having my baby” or whatever the title was.

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