Posted by: distributorcap | August 12, 2007

Before there was Studio 54

There was P.S. 221 in Douglaston, Queens. Who knew a kindergarten dance in 1962 would be a precursor to the drug hazed days of 1977. (Warning – my father is NO Steven Spielberg or even Ed Wood).

A very young distributorcap shows off the moves that would later be copied by Truman, Bianca, Liza, Warren, Farrah, Diane, and Mikhail.

While my moves were perfect, the fashion angle needed a lot of work. Notice the gray pants, dark jacket with white buttons — no Halston at this Studio 221. And my disco-lite partner — since I haven’t seen her since 1962, there is a good chance that getting stuck with me probably meant she ended up as a Republican. I do that to tiara-ed 5 year olds. But do notice my gentlemanly bow towards the end – very Prince Charles.


  1. That is so funny! That’s great.

  2. A little dude-ster you were. That clip is priceless. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. This explains a lot! Oh how you never, ever, ever cease to amaze me.

  4. That was the birth of cool.

  5. Ya know DCap…I wanted to say something snarky about this. I wanted to offer up some “guy-ish” comment like — there are plenty of good therapists out there who would gladly help you through this crisis OR posting shit like this gives us NYers a bad name. But, sadly, they all fall short. That’s because the last therapist I saw suggested line dancing in a school yard is the cure to all my ills and that NYers are born with a bad name and the life-long struggle to shed it.That said, I think the wrong guy to play Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. “Eh, Fugghedaboutit!”

  6. It finally occurred to me- what I really wanted to say…You do make me feel mighty real D-Cap!

  7. I love the kid in the plaid jacket! He looks like Drew Carey! LOL!!!”

  8. dr z. POP, fran — thanks — who knew my father’s bell and howell would be history making! just like Abraham Zapruder. Monk — cool as cool can be. who’d a thought Queens, NY would produce cool — me and Cyndi Lauperspart – watching that clip (and the others that i wont torture you with IS therapy of a kind)drew carey — big republican……kindergarten dances do that to you

  9. This is great! Way to cut-a-rug, DCap!BAC

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