Posted by: distributorcap | August 13, 2007

Brown 25

One of my closest friends from High School drives up to New York today from Maryland to show her daughter NYU and Columbia (smart kid). I being the amiable New Yorker say — why don’t I take you guys to lunch. and I being the incredibly cheap New Yorker say — lets go to my company’s cafeteria. Since I only had 30 minutes and I was gonna spend the entire lunch giving them explicit subway instructions (I offered to pay for the cab, they wanted to experience the real NY — I said cabs are real NY, now that they have monitors in them that play commercials for every store you should hit in NY, and they take credit cards).

So we are waiting on line (remember this is NY, on-line, NOT in-line) for the self-serve frozen yogurt. It is the same yogurt they serve at Bloomingdale’s (hey its a classy cafeteria) which was rated best frozen yogurt in New York. I like the plain — a little tart, a little sweet, a lot good

What the sign said was chocolate. However the machine must have been on the blink. Because when I saw the output from the yogurt machine all I could do was harken back to a 1974 movie we both saw together…….bear with it……

I know you all let out a collective ewwwwwwww……but we are all adults. If the Groove Tube thought this was art, who am I to criticize — But more important, now you know where I learned my fart jokes from…


  1. No fair- you know that’s where I work!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!Is this the same movie that had the Catholic school girls in trouble sketch? Forgive me, please. By the time I got around to seeing this movie, I was pretending to be Sean Penn from Fast Times going to the midnight showing of anything at the Forest Hills movie theater bombed beyond recognition.How I miss those days.And yes…ewwwwwww is the right word.

  3. As soon as I finish writing this comment I have to walk my dog. He’s in the business of producing brown-25 on a daily basis. And yes, that clip was gag producing at seven in the morning.

  4. heheheh, i saw the groove tube in the theater! eiw!

  5. Mmmmmmmm… brown-25, it’s great in the morning on a bagel. I heard you can get it now in powder form for your milk. Yummmm.

  6. fran — so they have yogurt machines downtown too???? we should have eaten there instead of all those sushi placesspart — i so miss those days too — Nixon was president and life was so simple 8-). i dont remember the catholic girl sketch — but i remember chevy chase and laraine newman in the movie POP — make sure you use the NY Post or NY sun to wipe your dog’s brown 25 up.Notsoccer — Verona Theatre – Verona, NJ. it was a DOUBLE FEATURE with Young FrankensteinME — be carful of chinese Brown 25

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