Posted by: distributorcap | August 17, 2007

Mark Williams, another right wing idiot – How did i sit through this?

I promised myself I would boycott Hardball after Chris Matthews said that (and i paraphrase) Barack Obama’s name – Barack HUSSEIN Obama gave him insight to the Islamic community. Yes his name alone is enough…..

But alas I didnt boycott — I left it on as background noise. And man, there was sure some noise last night. The discussion centered around the White House writing the Patraeus report.

I never heard of Mark Williams before last night. He is a radio talk show host in Sacramento and a columnist for the Sacramento Union newspaper. If i am not mistaken I believe Rush did time at KFBK in Sacramento (gee thanks Sacramento for 2 blowhards)

Mark Williams is insane. Apparently he is known for ‘tussling’ with people and reporters.

Watch the video – he goes off on the Democrats — blaming them for the debacle in Iraq, calls Nancy Pelosi – Nancy Botox and just profilgates lie after lie after lie. While Matthews tries to call him on his shit, Mark just keeps rambling on. He does make an ass of himself, but again — what the f*** is Matthews thinking by putting someone like him on? You don’t get a good argument about the Patraeus report – no matter what you believe. All you hear is how Democrats are bad, the troops hate the Democrats and that Nancy Pelosi uses botox (i could go on about Laura….)

watch the video…it speaks for itself. Another Malkkkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity to add to the list


  1. i am seriously offended by anyone on Hardball who manages to make Matthews look responsible and/or objective.

  2. LOL! I KNEW this would happen! I just mentioned on another blog that I saw Chris Matthews make some remarks about Cheney and how he was wrong on every aspect of this war. I then said that he will probably come back the next day and blame the Democrats for everything because he’s going to catch hell from his bosses for not following lock step with the Bush regime. If you think watching this guy on tv is bad–could you imagine sitting across from him? The guy spits like a camel everytime he gets over excited. You could see spit flying everywhere and sometimes is just lays on his chin like a drooling toddler. It’s disgusting! BTW-I left something for you on my blog, distributorcap.

  3. How long before we hear that this dude likes little boys, oxycontin or both?

  4. little boys, oxycontin and he has already done jenna bush. multiple times. which is why he reverted to….

  5. Mark Williams is insane. Apparently he is known for ‘tussling’ with people and reporters.Don’t know the guy but he sounds sort of like a Michael Savage…with a veneer of legitimacy.

  6. I gave up watching Hardball because I can’t stand Tweety anymore.

  7. Thanks for reminding me why I almost never turn the TV on.

  8. HA! I’d never heard of that fat turd before I watched this either. He really is laughable and yes, he did make a complete ass of himself. Make them think the U.S. military is 10 feet tall? Well, let me tell you, they see what is happening. They know how well the liberation/occupation is going. You know what I’m saying. I’ll bet that boy got his ass kicked a lot in high school.I have to admit that I haven’t watched old tweety bird since the last election theft. Its just not good for my blood pressure.For the first time, I’ll have to disagree with my buddy Kvatch up there. That guy doesn’t touch the despicable piece of slime that calls itself Michael Savage. Just my opinion you understand… 😉

  9. Chris Matthews invited him on. That says it all.It’s against my religion to watch (or even listen to) Chris Matthews.

  10. DCap – you and I have to make a pact before we both go absolutely insane and start voting for Republicans. Turn off Hardball.I’ll start watching Spongebob again, if I have to.

  11. I had seen him before all right. He was brought on some news show-(maybe on CNN?) because him and some other nutso had formed a march to counter Cindy Sheehan’s march. He also spoke like the idiot he is about the Katrina debacle. (Look at Media Matters and do a search for him) He’s a turd-he shouts down people, interrupting, and yes, I guess he could be thought of like a more eloquent Michael Savage-if there is such a thing!

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