Posted by: distributorcap | August 21, 2007

George is a trooper

sorry it took a day to post this — it was crazy yesterday between work and going back and forth to the Animal Medical Center to get George

well George made it through the surgery — probably better than most of us would have. Turns out he had Feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORL) — on almost all of his teeth. These are usually very painful “cavities” that just appear and develop over time — the vet assured me i was not a bad dad, that they dont know why this happens. Most cats (up to 75%) get these — and it is common, just not on all teeth.

The best remedy was to extract all his teeth — so my guy is now official part of the dentuware generation without dentures. The vet (and this was a great vet — what a nice gentle guy and spent a lot of time with me) assured me he will be a lot better once the healing process was complete. No more pain when he eats.

I brought him home and i could see he was distressed and exhausted. He was walking like he was drunk. It was the anaesthesia wearing off. He has to wear a Fentanyl patch (for transdermal drug absorption) on his rear leg to manage the pain for a few days — boy he doesnt like that — but it beats the pain.

He also ate like a king last night — a whole can of food — he usually doesnt get 1/2 way through one. But he is obviously not used to his new mouth as he made a complete mess all over his face and the floor. So I wipe and hold him — and he seems like he will be fine — but i think he is a bit mad at me

thanks for ALL your well wishes — i meant a lot — and George thanks you too. He looks tired and worn — but a few days of rest and eating like a king will do him wonders.

I feel much better now!


  1. Glad to hear both of you made it through.

  2. Thank goodness he is ok and it sounds like all will be well.At least he won’t have to leave his chompers in a tiny plastic cup on the side of his kitty bed! Sorry, bad joke.I know this is hard, but having seen George and hearing that he ate that much food is great, great news.He will adjust and you are the best kitty dad ever.

  3. let’s hear it for curious George and his human. I’ve never seen a toothless cat.

  4. Now that he doesn’t have teeth you can run him on the GOP ticket. Glad to hear he’s well. My pup cat just recently moved on to greener pastures so I’m sentimental about the cat these days.

  5. Oh! I’m so glad he’s ok! I hate putting any of my animals under anesthesia, it can be so tricky. He’ll get used to his lack of choppers soon. I imagine he’ll have a hard time holding his tongue in his mouth, though. ;-)I was going to tell you to be sure he doesn’t try and chew off that Fentanyl patch, but then I teeth, not a problem!My dog had to wear one of those patches after she shattered her elbow when she was only 12 weeks old. Three surgeries and $10,000 later…she’s almost good as new (a little limping).

  6. thanks to all of you for your well wishes….he is eating up a storm as i type, making a mess and yes having trouble keeping his tongue for running — this cat is a big liberal……vomits everytime bush gets on the air…

  7. The Pussies for Peace paused in their work against the Occupation of Iraq to hold a candlelight vigil on behalf of George. I informed them this morning of his successful surgery outcome and they sent up a little cheer of meows and purrs.Now they want to know if you need them to hold a fundraiser so that he George can be fitted for dentures.Because a toothless pussy? Well, they’ve had enough of those jokes.(I’m glad all went well.)

  8. Oh leave it to Dcup to come up with the “vagina dentata” joke!

  9. hahahahahaha

  10. Bless his little heart. I bet once the pain goes away and he gets used to his new way of eating, he’s gonna put on weight like crazy. I can’t imagine how miserable he must have been with all that denture pain and being hungry but unable to eat much due to the pain. This little cat’s life is about to improve so much. I bet if he could talk he would thank you from the bottom of his heart for helping him feel so much better.Please give him a gentle pat on the head from Fred the Cat and me. Oh and Fred the Cat suggests some cosmic catnip for george when he’s feeling better.

  11. The only other blogger I’ve ever seen go to the ‘dentata’ jokes is the Rude Pundit.Nice company fran and D!DistCap: been there with you. You have my sympathy. On a brighter note, not sure why but I suddenly envision you handing off copious amounts of canned cat food to republicans in er, on-line at Trader Joes.

  12. As if I could even be in the same element as Rude Pundit! Dumb vagine luck I say.Oh and great recall for the TJ’s story. I can’t go in there now without thinking of that and laughing out loud.Given that this is NYC and that I have a blue tooth earpiece, no one even bothers noticing my cackling to my own jokes any more.

  13. I can’t touch Rude Pundit – a girl can aspire,of course.Vaginas, boobs….gotta work with the material I’ve got.But what would George think of this girls’ locker room talk?

  14. He may turn into a real porker once he is better.

  15. Get well, soon, George!

  16. again thanks to you alltonite i will spoil him even more with people food — and i have to take off the Fentanyl Patch

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