Posted by: distributorcap | August 31, 2007

Tony Snow: Only the Little People Make Under $168,000

I will start be saying I find Tony Snow, whom the MSM like Tweety say is one “the good guys” and a great person, is one of the most loathsome characters in the entire Bush World of Evil.

Snow is a fucking asshole. He has spent the past year or so defending and spinning and justifying the actions of a bunch of Nazi henchmen — but alas his term will end on Sept 14. While I really don’t wish illness on anyone, Tony’s lies and incredible dismissive attitude towards America made me sick

Tony — you do your hero proud

I find it odd that this incredibly arrogant mouthpiece is leaving smack in the middle of the Patraeus pack of lies. Hate him as I do, Tony is slick and can spin with the best of them — It is hard to believe that Dana Perino, Ice Queen supreme, will able to even come close to pulling off the same amount of oil and dismissiveness as Tony could. Rats scurrying off the Titanic? Nah

It is all about the Bush/Republican mantra – Money

Tony says he is leaving because he isn’t making enough money.
Money makes the world go around

Watching him give his “resignation” speech was a total study in Bushamerica. Frankly it was stunning — in the midst of the Katrina anniversary, Tony was basically complaining he didn’t make enough money — $168,000 of enough money. And that at his previous job he made more. He also said he had “fun” and “it was a blast” — yep lying to America, defending an administration that is shredding the Consitution — yep that is fun — only that fun isn’t paying enough

Talk about a disconnect. Over 98% of America would LOVE to be making $168,000, including me. To belittle a salary that would make millions of people very happy is so incredulous and so-Leona Helmsley.
(who doesnt want to be that dog!)

so a big FUCK YOU to Tony Snow — go off and make more money — it doesnt absolve you of your criminal behavior towards the American public. Just makes you a wealthier piece of shit.

Tweety may say you are a “good guy.” Personally I think you stink and you still remind me of…


  1. Kudos, distributorcap. Couldn’t have said it better myself. He’s an evil man with a smile….the worse kind. At least Cheney doesn’t even try to hide it. Sure, Cheney doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think about him, but Snow smiles as he sticks the knife in. Just a different form of pure evil.

  2. I second Pissed in NYC’s comment. From the very beginning of his tenure, it was apparent that the White House Press corp was just too respectful of Snow because of his big media resume, which made his job all the easier. Only Helen Thomas consistantly pressed him, and his discomfort was always noticable. During Scott McClellan’s turn as White House spokesman, I had begun to feel a little pity for him as he clearly struggled to justify lie after lie, but with Snow it was clear that lying was just second nature to him.

  3. Don’t hold back, distributorcap, let us know how you really feel. ;-)I had the pleasure of missing his farewell speech, I just can’t stand the sight of the man, so I avoid him at all costs. You perfectly described Dana-the ice queen. If I ever walked into a room with Dana Perino and Lynn Cheney, I think my head would explode.

  4. Hell yes, you’re right! He’s extremely arrogant and dismissive. I’m sure he’s better than all of us combined and to find out, all we’d have to do is ask him.I think he relished in being a front man asshole and that just makes him all the more putrid. Piss right on him.And to think Scottie McClelland used to disgust me.Thanks for getting me fired up buddy. I feel better now. HA!

  5. I’m neutral on Tony Snow sorry to say. Just another Republican flack, nicer than Fleisher, more together than Perino.But that’s not the purpose of this comment. I’ve already extented the invitation to FAIRLANE, but I’d really appreciate it either or both of you deputized for me at Kelso’s Nuts while in on hiatus.The vibe of both you really suit my style very well alone and in tandem or alternating.Consider it, please.Thanks, D-CAP

  6. Isn’t that something? You would think a guy suffering from cancer would humble himself, instead he got worse. But, good. One more knife in captin dumb ass’s back.

  7. Yeah, I don’t wish Snow any worse luck than he has had already with his health, but when $168,000 isn’t enough to make ends meet, you just want to tell these people to STFU!What, when you were making more money, you couldn’t SAVE any of that money? Do you use $100 bills instead of mesquite chips in your barbecue pit?I know inflation is a bitch, but anyone who opens their yap like this, and I’ve heard similar comments from actors and athletes as well, I have zero sympathy for them and I always will.

  8. DCap -As I was reading your post, I got this song in my head by Sublime. It’s called Date Rape may wonder what this has to do with Tony Snow and the present administration, but aside from the resemblance that TS has with the date raper in this video, I found myself hopeful that the type of justice the song speaks to is served to this present administration.

  9. PIN – i so loathe when the Tweetys of the world talk about how “nice” Tony is — if he was so nice he wouldnt lie with such arrogance everytime he opened his mouth.Morse — Tony was a big fat blowhard liar when he was on Fox News — his transition to this position was as easy as losing all that money.ME — can you imagine a party with Dana, Ann Coulter, Melanie Morgan, Laura Ingraham, Lynne Cheney, Michelle Malkin and Laura Bush — Chuck — good pernt — he RELISHED being a front man for the worst president in history — and that was so obviousKN— thanks! that was a nice compliment —- i will get in touchPhil — you would think if you were ill, or very ill — you would want to try and do some good for your family and the world — if Tony thinks this is doing good, then he truly is not a well man. Matty — there are millions of families suffering from the ravages of cancer, alzheimers, AIDs, diabetes and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases who dont make nearly the money Tony does — but Tony complains about that – and on national tv — it really was a moment that some poor soul in a red state should look at carefullySpart — justice for this administration — puhleeze

  10. I realize I was easier on Snow than I should have been. Guess I’m too compassionate, having survived menegitis with all my parts in perfect order.Truth is they all talk off the same page by Goebbels. Snow wasn’t pissy like Fleisher or a bonehead like Perino. I didn’t mean I LIKED HIM. He did the same dissembling and evasion that Fleisher, Perino and that sweet, tender child McLellan did.At least Republican prez flacks of old Ziegler, Nessen and Fitzwater had senses of humor.

  11. Kelso- your appearance here warms my heart.Otherwise, I find myself hatin’ on that asshole Snow.DCap you nailed it.

  12. Snow said he took out a LOAN to help pay his way for the White House job. A LOAN! And the loan ran out so it’s time to quit. He’s sick all right and he also thinks the American public is stupid.

  13. Wow – I’m going backward in the posts and this makes the brush with PeeWee/Morgan Fairchild pale in comparison. (No pun intended)Snow really does epitomize all that’s wrong with the monied Republicans. Great post.

  14. kelso — go as easy or hard as you like — Snow is still an assholeZooey — i KNOW a loan, who friggin takes out a loan to take a job. My gut says he, as always, is lyingDcup—- there is nothing redeeming about snow and those repubs — the gall to say $168,000 isnt enough, knowing full well we all KNOW he has the best health care possible. what a tool

  15. Feh! How dare you compare that foul monster to the fine gentleman that is Herman Munster.

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