Posted by: distributorcap | September 1, 2007

Pee Wee’s Play-Hotel Room

One of the “perks” of working at CBS was the annual trek to the CBS Affiliate Convention at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Here is where the CBS station executives from all over the country (like WISH in Indianapolis, KDKA in Pittsburgh, KOTV in Oklahoma City etc.) would gather to kaffee klatch, hear talks about how great it was to be a CBS affiliate, watch all the new fall shows, and have dinner with the stars. This was the late 80s pre-500 channel cable universe days, so the networks still had considerable power and influence over programming and news.

I would invariably have to sit through such drek as The Wizard, Kay O’ Brien: Surgeon, Mama Malone, and Everything’s Relative. Every now and then you would get a Northern Exposure, but it was few and far between. I did get to eat at some trendy Hollywood places like The Ivy and Spago.

But the true highlight was the grand finale dinner, where the stars would be paraded out, join the tables and have dinner with you. Everyone wanted to be at Diane Sawyer’s, Burt Reynolds or Angela Lansbury’s table. Some of the stars would actually stay for dinner, most came over, said “hi” and left as fast as they could. One year I had Pam Dawber at the table — she stayed and was quite charming. Another year I had Nicolette Sheridan – she didn’t even bother to come by and say hi. The best was one year watching the usher hold up a very drunk Jane Wyman at the table next to me (I guess if I was married to Ronald Reagan at some time I would drink all the time too).

Before the parade of stars, all the employees were assigned various tasks to make sure these ego-heads didn’t wander off or get too drunk. The boss grabbed me and said — go up to room whatever and bring down Paul Reubens before the parade starts. I being a young and naive D-Cap had no idea who Paul Reubens was — I assumed some minor actor in another one of our crummy cop shows.

Up to the room, knocked on the door. Voice yells c’mon on in, its open. I enter — voice from behind a door says “sit down and have a drink, I will be a few minutes.” Sitting on the table was an open bottle of scotch, some wine and a whole spread of food. I sat down and waited. A few minutes later, to my surprise, out pops Pee Wee Herman, in his white make-up, wearing only gym shorts and smoking a cigarette. The Playhouse clown bubble was burst. Pee Wee Herman drank Jack Daniels and smoked Marlboros.

I already began feeling this was surreal fantasy when the slighty toasted Pee Wee asked me to let his date in when she showed up, since he had to finish getting dressed. He goes back into the bathroom. (Mind you this was all PRE-Tampa movie theatre arrest). Few minutes later the phone rings, Pee Wee yells for me to get it. Front desk saying his guest is on the way up, which I yell back to tell him. Few minutes later there is a knock on the door, Pee Wee yells to get the door and that I should entertain his date and offer her a drink.

D-Cap opens the door — and who is his date — none other than Morgan Fairchild. Now I knew this was a complete fantasy.

So yours truly escorted Pee Wee Herman and Morgan Fairchild to the parade of stars. Neither sat at my table, and I was never invited on Pee Wee’s Playhouse.




  1. Hey Kuts—-Who was that guy blocked out in the middle?The tie looks familiar…..Good times indeed. Several stories myself..Stay well, my friend

  2. I was just thinking “does Ged know about this?” I am roaring with laughter! It was followed by the thought “is that Ged that he scraped the face off of? (it is a tad violent!) Wow, look at you with your little boychik black hair and good bone structure. PeeWee Herman AND Morgan Fairchild. It’s a fucking CBS jackpot if you ask me.Oh man, did I work at the wrong company in those years. While you were hobnobbing with the rich and famous, I was sitting on a dais at the Pensylvania Broadcasters Association making small talk(very small indeed) with Arlen Specter.

  3. Who was that guy blocked out in the middle?Jon Lovitz would be my first guess.

  4. Isn’t that the other woman from 3’s Company behind PeeWee in photo number one?And what exactly is your facial expression implying?Curious minds want to know.NB: This may be a first… someone confusing GY with Jon Lovitz.

  5. Sorry one last thought and I will stop hogging the comments. I hope Matty Boy sees this.Not unlike the many photos in which Jeri and Fred Thompson are each looking in a slightly different direction, I notice the same phenomenon with you. Matty and I had discussed this in a comment somewhere or another at some point.As it is said…Just sayin’!

  6. Distributorcap, you have led a charmed life. That’s for sure.

  7. DCap – So tell us, how did you finally let Morgan Fairchild down easily that night?After seeing you in the hotel when she was there for Paul, I’m sure she started scheming for a switch.

  8. Fran, the Lovitz remark is a reference to his Pathological Liar character.”And my wife uhhhh… Morgan Fairchild! Yeah, that’s it!”Who’s GY? Why am I so clueless?

  9. Great, great story.Thanks for sharing.

  10. ged — nice of you to stop by — we should have lunch soon. torn off face was to protect the innocent — i will give you a hint that you will know — shake n’ bake…..plenty of CBS-LA storiesFIA– trust me — it looks most glamorous that it was — try sitting through endless crappy tv — no not lovitz, tho a good guessPIN — i wish i did — it was a lot more fun back then, now it is just dull and simple. no morgan, no peewee.DCup —- Morgan couldnt wait to get out of there — it was quite obvious she didnt want to be with peewee for the entire dinner — she vamoosed awfully fast.splotch — i am running out of celebrity encounters. does david dinkins at the us open one year count?

  11. I used to love watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse with my kids. There were so many jokes in that show that they didn’t get and they had no idea why I was laughing so hard.I had an old Pee Wee Herman lunch box stashed away in storage and my granddaughter found it when she was in first grade and wanted it. She’s in second grade now and insists on using it again this year, even though I bought her a brand new Tinker Bell lunch box. She’s a kid who really marches to the beat of a different drummer, that’s for sure!

  12. Off topic…When are you going to give us an update on George? Any pictures to share since his surgery?

  13. Wow – that’s quite a brush with fame.I once came home to Barbara Eden drinking martini’s in my condo. Does that count?Regards,Tengrain

  14. Tengrain: Of course it does. If you tell us why was she in your condo.

  15. Who’d a thunk it? What a combo!

  16. Tengrain- what I must know is this… was she in her Jeanie outfit?????And this- is/was your condo bottle shaped? Images are forming in my twisted brain right now, that is all I am saying.

  17. What a tale! And check out those gorgeous pearly whites on that young hunky D-Cap!FranUIs–THAT’s who that is! I kept wondering what Toni Basil was doing back there.

  18. Color me impressed. That’s one chick I’d love to bang.

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