Posted by: distributorcap | September 17, 2007

Blinded by the Light

No, not the 1973 Bruce Springsteen song, taken to #1 by Manfred Mann in 1977. Blinded by the Light is famous for having lyrics that have been “mis-heard.”

The original words from the Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ album are:
“Blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night.”

Manfred Mann changed the lyrics to
“Blinded by the light, revved uplike a deuce, another runner in the night.”

which everyone really knows is:
“Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night.”

My point. Alan Greenspan is a douche blinded by the republican light.

Let’s even skip the fact that his book is another one of those post-I-really-know-what-is-going-on-but-decided-to-wait-till-AFTER-I-leave-to-admit-it books.

So Alan goes on 60 Minutes and basically acts and talks someone wrapped like a douche. He talks about how Nixon had the foulest mouth and was the biggest racist around. He talks about how he really didnt get along with King Bush I. Most notedly he talks about how well he got along with Bill Clinton, how a lot of the policies implemented worked and worked well. He talks about how he thought Clinton was the smartest of all the presidents he worked with. He then talks about how irresponsible the current King George II administration is with out of control spending, the war for oil, unpaid for tax cuts (which he backtracks so convenietly on the Today Show this morning) and generally poo-poohs the Scumbag-in-Charge. He then talks about how smart Hillary Clinton is and that she is definitely qualified to be president.

(Of course Alan on the Today Show BLAMES everyone else other than himself, mostly the global economy for the credit disaster currently taking hold, that he really never endorsed the misguided Bush tax cuts, and that he used a lot of doublespeak to not really say anything but appear that he was. Eastasia is always at war with Oceania)

Then then kicker. After trashing ALL the republican presidents, calling them drunken sailors and complimenting the ONE Democratic president he worked for, Lesley Stahl asks Alan — so “would you vote for Hillary?” whereby Alan responds “I tend to vote republican.” That’s right Alan — you clearly state the republicans have misled the public, screwed up the budget, turned surpluses into deficits, have been negligent when it comes fiscal responsibility and are lousy leaders. But of course — you will still vote for them, because loyalty trumps intelligence for the GOP.

Aren’t we glad this “god of fiscal policy” ran the Fed for all those years and encouraged everyone to run out and get an ARM. Fucking inmates running the Fed asylum too.

“Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night.” Also another member of the tribe (like Lieberman) we can SO do without.


  1. He’s not just any douche, he’s SUPER DOUCHE! (Vinegar and water flavored for Andrea’s pleasure!)

  2. Yup….party before country, that’s the Republican way. It’s the classic theme for Republicans, they muck everything up and leave the mess for someone else to clean up. I certainly won’t buy that asshole’s book.

  3. It amazes me that there are so few that are actually willing to do the right thing.

  4. Greenspan did sweet fuck-all. And we know exactly how CLINTON felt about GREENSPAN: “Is THIS what my presidency’s about? Making the fucking bond markets happy?”The no-less-monetarist guys who preceded and followed Greenspan, Voelcker and Bernanke, have done all the heavy lifting. Greenspan was just an equity market rip-off enabler, a Bush enabler, a housing market bubble enabler, and not real, real bright besides.I’m 55/45 pro-monetary neutrality so all the cards are on the table. Voelcker bit the bullet and RISKED THE REAGAN PRESIDENCY AND COST REAGEN CONGRESSIONAL CONTROL TO BRING DOWN INFLATION. Bernanke has had the devil of a job because since he’s taken the helm, all he’s had is a Hobson’s Choice given to him by Bush (fiscally) and Greenspan (monetarily). Raise rates and he runs the risk of crushing the housing market. Lower rates into a spot oil price of $80/bbl and he risks stag-or-recess-FLATION, and beggaring the USD even more. He’s done the best he can so far, with no glory, no fanfare, but plenty of catcalls from all sides.So, let the douche-bag squirt. We who know, know. The central banker is a Middle Linebacker not a Quarterback. And no ghost-written book and talk-show circuit tour can ever change that.

  5. D-Cap it is “racked up like a douche another rumor in the night” Jeez.I watched only a little part of the 60 Minutes piece. When they said he was a protege of Ayn Rand I flipped the channel. Rand was the biggest freaking moron of the last century and how she got famous being so famously clueless or so unable to write a decent paragraph is beyond me.Oh, and it looks like the prime rate is going to drop tomorrow. Good for spenders bad for savers. But who in the hell saves anything anymore?

  6. On 60 Minutes, he said he was not aware of the the extent of the dishonest lending practices in the sub-prime market. Bull. Greenspan was hawking ARMs on TV advising consumers to get into them.

  7. So would Hillary be Greenspan’s “silicone sister” to his “manager mister” who tells her “she’s got what it takes”? I was just curious since you’re quoting Springsteen, and all. Because now that she’s come out with her health plan, she’s turning us on to something strong. You know — that song with the funky break.

  8. OK, OK…i dig…no one wants to discuss macroeconomics…fair enoughHas George W Bush not been “THE HAZARD FROM HARVARD/ALL SKUNKED ON BEER/PLAYING BACKYARD BOMBADIER”?

  9. It’s so wrong.It just really is.So. Fucking.Wrong.

  10. If Greenspan would only get his head out of his ass he might finally realize just how full of shit he is.

  11. (I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeting).At least we still have Mc Donald’s and the “Bedazzler.”Cheeseburgers and shiny things?God bless America!

  12. Oh, I thought it was “wrapped up like a douche, you know the roamer in the night.” Whatevah.Greenspan’s just another one of these “oh, I WANTED to tell the truth, really I did! So I’m doing it NOW, after I’m out of there!” That’s just bullshit. He’s just another liar, another ostrich with his head in the sand, another republican.

  13. i hear douching is really bad for the overall health of the vagina. like with greenspan, sometimes it is best to just let the twat sit and drip.

  14. Wow. I think Greenspan one card shy of a full deck. Old age perhaps?

  15. Funny– it’s like how all the guys on death row find Jesus after they kill a family of four and are convicted and sentenced to death.

  16. Good bust, johnny yen, but I think Jesus also told them to KILL the family of four. At least the guys on death row have that infinitesimal bit of consistency Greenspan lacks.Listen to Johnny Cash’s song “The Mercy Seat” about electrocution and Jesus (in a good way). Johnny was radical but Jesus was never a joke to him. He always drew strength from the teachings. Your morning sermon about Jesus from an atheist Jew!

  17. Kelso- That’s not a Johnny Cash song. That’s a Nick Cave song.Shame on you!

  18. I always thought it was: “wrapped up like a douche with a roller in the night” and it never made sense. Well, obviously….

  19. … it’s bothered me for years…

  20. Btw, Mary Ellen’s profile pic… hahahahahah. I love it.. haha

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