Posted by: distributorcap | September 24, 2007

Speaking of Bush

Not that Bush…or that Bush…Bushnell

This was a long day – first I had to get up at 415a to shave and shower since they were turning the water off in the building at 5am to install a new heater. That was a treat. I was totally clean and ready to go at 5AM. Off to the subway and my favorite — The F train. The F train is barrel of fun at 5AM. I would bet all the oil Halliburton controls that I was the only person on that F train that actually did shower.

Then the blue police wooden horses were out in full force as many of the streets were closed all over town for the opening of the UN General Assembly. Motorcades galore. Commander Douchebag was in town (which always sucks, thank god he hates New York and rarely shows his ugly mug here) — but the real big macha in town, the one getting all the publicity and police escorts was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – who spoke at Columbia University (which fortunately for traffic is way way uptown). I can do a whole blog on Iran…but I had better things to blog about today (no not Britney’s bodyguard on the People Magazine Today Show or that, according to the New York Post, that bastion of accurate and enlightening journalism, Marcia Brady had a crush on Jan (not Alice?).

So after packing up some boxes (I am moving to a new office 50 feet away — and I still have to pack boxes so the facilities people can move them. I am not allowed to move anything other than the computer.), I peaked out my window and saw quite a bit of action going on…

They were filming the new Sex and the City movie. And standing right in front of Christie’s Auction was SJP, Kim Cattral, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. I just happened to have my camera (Dr Monkey thank you for telling us to always carry it around!) – and no I do not have Parkinson’s, I just cant hold the camera study and lean out of the 6th floor window at the same time. But I did manage to take a few stills and shoot my own movie Window and the City

One thing about movies — making them is boring — this take of the girls greeting each other was shot at least 20x. No wonder SJP is so thin.


  1. OMG STFU!The vision I have of you hanging out the window is too funny. Imagine- working in an office building with windows that actually open.Iran Schmiran. I posted my funny about it today and you posted this.So it goes.Great post man.

  2. And you hated Blair Witch Project? I don’t believe it, you’re a budding film making superstar!

  3. Hey I’m impressed too that you have a window that actually opens. Must be a perk of management. The only way I could open the nearest window is by throwing my computer through it.

  4. when you work in a building that was built in 1931 you get some of the oddities of office life — windows that open, ceilings that leak, and mice that have found a cozy home — yes i have seen mice wandering around the halls of this multi-BILLION dollar company.

  5. And you think that we don’t have them where I am?Our building is the original John Wannamaker department store on Broadway.It is about 100 years old.John Wannamaker was an early supporter of worker rights.That was then.There’s a 3 blind mice joke out there for you but I am not touching it.

  6. “The Big Apple.” I mean no offense to your city, but I’ve thanked my lucky stars long before 9/11, I don’t live there.:) I know it’s the city that never sleeps, and you can get anything in it…..but no thanks, just the same.I’ve always wanted to ask an NYC resident this: Are the rats as big, and as bountiful, as Letterman and Leno makes them out to be?

  7. Future: No. I grew up in the core of the apple and I don’t think I’ve seen 15 rats. Most about the size of a 12 oz beer can. Quite a few mice. And 10,000s of roaches and waterbugs.But it’s Candace Bushnell and Sex And The City I wish to comment — ok, rant a little — about. Jewgirl and I have had this argument before and we have just agreed to disagree.The only plus to the show I can think of is that a college friend — Willie Garson — has an on-going role. He’s a good guy. And was a brilliant card counter at Blackjack.That political contributions site — Newsmeat? — revealed that Ms. Bushnell has only given to Republicans. Fair enough. It’s not my place to tell her what to do with her money. That’s not really the problem but it is sort of the problem.You know full well that despite my left-wing political views, I am the capitalist’s capitalist. Even today, I posted some very arcane shit about non-dellverable forward contracts on a FREDERICK SCHWARTZ post and argued that neither the borrowers nor the lenders were innocent parties in this Sub Prime Structured Bond thing. I would also be a lie to say that I haven’t made a few coins in my day. I own a wonderful loft there free and clear. I had horses at AQU, BEL and had a winner last summer on getaway day at SARATOGA. and lived well. I played big stakes poker in the clubs and was VIP’d at all the joints on 27th and 10th. So, why the hell did that show always make me feel like I was about one step away from having to take my meals at the men’s shelter?I hung around with some absolutely beserker women and had the opportunity to play cash NLHE against some of the best women players in the world in the privates. By comparison, the characters of that show including the real oversexed one were Mary and her little lamb. Yet, I found that show emasculating to some degree. And rather frightening. And I thanked my lucky stars that I had a home in the demimonde and never had to deal with the straight-world standards of male behavior that show represented. I knew women who ran girls, sold Oxys, would rather do a crossword puzzle than have anything but the most perverse variants of sex imaginable, or could set me in for 8K pre-flop and I’d have to think about it hard holding QQ or AKs. But those women on that show scared me profoundly.At rock bottom I suppose it had something to do with stuff I referred to over BAC’s site with regard to having grown up in NYC. My childhood image of NYC has always stayed with me and the NYC of Sex And The City and Giuliani and New 42nd Street always shook me up a little. Guess I never could deal with the fact that Lindsay wasn’t mayor and the Beacon game room closed and that sort of thing.The Sex And The City girls struck me as part of the barbarian horde who invaded my city and brought their suburban bullshit with them and changed the vibe, and it was like all about getting married and relationships and buying stuff and shit like that.And I never went in for any of that media party stuff. I either hung out with money managers or night people as an adult. So, I didn’t ID with their scene at all. When my ex watched it, I used to mimic the show kind of snidely. I’d put on Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice (hard for me–i have a baritone but i gave it the good ol college try) and say “meanwhile across town, Charlotte was getting some therapy of a different kind” ta-dum!I thought the writing was superbly unfunny. Jewgirl could not have a more opposite viewpoint than mine. She thought it was very feminist and empowering. I’ll never shake her off that. And she’ll never shake me off my loathing of the program. I think her point of view is healthier and mine represents some fairly deep neuroses, though.

  8. Having never lived in a big city this all seems like fantasy to me.

  9. Thats tha longest I have ever watched Sex and the City. Oddly, that’s also the first time I have ever enjoyed it as well.

  10. Hello MM: I’m having a frosty can of Balboa beer for breakfast myself but I assure you NONE of this is fantasy. My lifestyle had been very much the way I set it forth here. And while slightly denatured for TV, Sex And The City really captured what Manhattan in the early aughts is like. It is very hard to find a non-white person in Manhattan south of 125th Street and North of K-Town. The Park Slopization of Brooklyn is having the same effect there as well, leaving pretty much Ft. Greene, Clinton Hill, Flatbush, B-S, and maybe Prospect Heights and maybe Greenpoint as places having not experienced Black and Latin flight. The beaches have a nice Russian flavor, and Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst have always had a — let’s say — strange vibe.Queens is a nice mixed bag but a pain in the ass to get around in and although the Borinqueno culture I grew up with is gone to a large extent, the Domenican scene in the Bronx is fairly lively. I won’t continue in THAT vein because I’ll just start up an argument about gamecocks again.And as for Staten Island, that’s Selma, Alabama.Manhattan is pretty great after 1am, though. But you won’t see ANY of that kind of thing on Sex And The City, because as Chris Rock noted anyone at an ATM at 3am is not up to any good at all. And Sex And The City was nothing if not GOOD (in the Calvinist sense). The marriage derby, who can collect the most possessions, etc., kind of set the tone. But I’ve left all that 5000 miles behind me so I’ll stop being cranky.

  11. Kelso – Everyone has their own version of Manhattan and from my perspective on the corner of 6th Street and Ave. D (and please don’t fucking call it Alphabet City!!!!), I have to say S&TC are so far from what is reality in that great town.They always take cabs, never buses or subways. They always dress like their on call for a fabulous party. They whine and bitch like no New Yorker I’ve met. And while I know Willie Garson’s a friend, even the gay guys on that show are played much too fabulously to be real. It makes me wish they would just shoot the movie in Toronto.My idea of Sex and The City would be four people living in different sections of NYC who happen to be friends. But they don’t live in some nice, comfortable walk up on Thompson Street. One is the projects over in by the East River and one lives on Livonia Avenue in East Flatbush. The other is an Irish whiteboy from Woodside who’s madly in love with the Latina who happens to live on City Island in the Bronx. (They met over a conversation about the plane noise coming from LaGuardia Airport.

  12. I love Sex in the City! I didn’t get hooked on it when it first started, just too busy to watch tv, but then picked up some re-runs and became a total fan. Man…it must be a blast to live in New York. I’m glad you didn’t fall out of the window, we would have missed the great video you were making. 😉

  13. Living in upstate New York, I miss out on everything. Too bad they couldn’t come up with a spin-off: “Sex In The Adirondacks”, but I guess it’s not quite the same.Sucks to be me.

  14. I love the song!

  15. ME, when he said Sex in the City, I think he was referring to the TV show. ;-)I feel really sorry for New York. You’re going to have to fumigate the whole city to get rid of the stink after Bush leaves.

  16. Spartacus:Willie is not at all like the character he plays. He’s gay in real life but not a “minstrel” doofus. He’s a intense guy, somewhat reserved. Comes from like Elizabeth, NJ. Very, very street. Super old-school Hungarian Jewish family. Tremendous natural gambling ability. Great concentration and completely fearless. Blackjack was his best game but he was a real good gin and cribbage player.And that’s another fucked up thing about the show. How they portray the NYC gay scene is a disgrace. In the gambling and club world it’s way more diverse and — imagine this! — gay and straight men hang out as friends.Your bend in the river has always been Loisaida as far as I’m concerned. Think I first heard “Alphabet City” around the time they started taking down the black-on-yellow street signs and put up the traditional suburban sparkle on green. And I was deep into my 20s then.

  17. TC-Ohhhhh…….my mistake.;-)

  18. Too funny Tom. HA!HA! Put one on you there Mary Ellen! 🙂

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