Posted by: distributorcap | October 4, 2007

Let’s Party like it’s 1991…

You remember the republican savior … Fred Thompson … Mr. Law & Order the one with the “excellent conservative credentials” according the that old shriveled hag Kate O’Beirne

well Fred is working hard in Iowa to get that all important cold war vote…

Radio Iowa’s Kay Henderson interviewed former Sen. Fred Thompson today, here is a transcript of that interview:

Henderson: “How, as president, would you deal with Iran?”

Thompson: “I think we need to understand first of all the threat that Iran poses to us. They have been killing our people for some time either directly or indirectly through terrorist organizations. They are convinced that their god tells them that they should be rulers of the Muslim world and they should kill us off and (dropped words) and millions of innocent people will have to die in the process so be it, including their own people. This is a different kind of threat and enemy with a different face as far as their ideology is concerned than we’ve ever faced before. It’s religious in its origin but it’s twisted and warped so it presents a threat to us especially in Iraq. They want to take over Iraq. They’re doing everything they can to try to drive us out of there. We’re seeing some success with some minor economic sanctions right now. I think the best way to describe it as probably aggravating the Iranians more than anything. It’s not really hurting them. I’m afraid that the Soviet Union & China are not ever going to do anything that’s going to hurt them that badly but we need to ratchet those up if at all possible.

Let’s see, if I can recall in MY old age — the Soviet Union went Chapter 7 in 1991, while the Chimp’s dad was president — hey Fred! didn’t your idol Ronald Reagan get credit for ending the cold war. Or are you just trying to emulate Ronnie in every way, even living in the Time Tunnel?

This just after Freddie couldn’t remember the details of the Terry Schiavo case, told a crowd in Iowa that while he was shepherding John Roberts through the nomination process that “Even though the other party controlled the Judiciary Committee, we got some votes there. For a good, sound, what I would call conservative justice.” (Hey Fred — The nomination was in 2005 when your party controlled the Senate…well before the 2006 election) and finally that he didn’t know lethal injection procedures in his home state of Tennessee had recently been ruled unconstitutional. (Thompson is staunchly pro-death penalty.)

Right Said Fred, too sexy for the Oval Office


  1. I saw that too. I guess Fred is still in his Nixon-mole mindset, as he never seems to get his head above ground. And the “Time Tunnel” was just an awesome show.

  2. Take a deep breath….you can smell the old man smell all the way here.

  3. DCap -Since he’s already spewing shit from his mouth, why not paint him orange, so that he’ll look like the pumpkin in your Coulter post.

  4. Imagine, if it’s even possible, the depth of stupidity in Wingdingville.This douche is the man who is going to save the GOP?Is it possible he’s even more vapid than Bush?Please tell me that’s beyond possibility.If he lives through the campaign, Thompson may very well be our next President.I hope everyone has a passport.

  5. “It’s religious in its origin but it’s twisted and warped so it presents a threat to us especially in Iraq.”LOL! And this crusade of Bush’s isn’t?This may give you a bit of a pause. I don’t think this is good news for the “guys in the white hats.”

  6. I gush with pride that he tells people he’s from TN. Oh wait, no I don’t. I vomit and then cuss his stupid old ass.

  7. My god, he’s old and stupid. I don’t think he has a chance–he puts people to sleep.

  8. That would put him in line with Bob Dole’s comment regarding the BROOKLYN Dodgers.

  9. Just remember, you have to apply to emigrate to Canada.And we’re keeping the Monarchy.

  10. Special isn’t he?I’m tellin’ ya, though, all you need to get the vote of some of my neighbors is a southern accent and shit for brains.He’s a shoe in!

  11. On a scale of 1 to 10, Thompson is an idiot. He also thinks we can defeat Hezbollah in Afghanistan

  12. Fairlane, If that happens, for sure get passports, you guys can come down here, but also get molotov cocktails.See you guys later.

  13. great post…about that Time Tunnel- can we send him back…and maybe he will get lost in there…sigh….( he is scary…there is days I look at him and pray that someone gave him his meds…)

  14. I wonder if Fred Thompson bought his drugs from the same dealer who sold to Bush? The brain damage seems similar.

  15. I like how he refers to the Iranians in this way…”They are convinced that their god tells them”.Um, Fred. Monotheistic religions, well its like this old man… All 3 monotheistic religions actually share one god. So if you are the (hahahahaah)Christian you profess to be, that would be yourgod too!

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