Posted by: distributorcap | October 7, 2007

George W. Bush, (phallic) Symbol of Amerika

there is something very phallic about George W. Bush — not in a good way, just in being a dick way.

First – just the name – Bush. And his nephew’s name — Pierce Bush. You do the math

Second – My psychologist friend Leslie once told me the reason guys picked their nose was “due to sexual frustration and to act out another form of masturbation.”

of course getting lunch for Laura is another reason……. tho in this case I would have to give 1 point to the sexual frustration of shtupping a xanax-filled boyfriend-manslaughter.

Third – We all know what he does with that finger…….we just don’t want to think about it.

Fourth – OK — it is not phallic, but this IS the Bush family…..

and it is probably what he finds with that finger

Fifth — some things are very hard to find in a Bush..

but be careful, showing the world that Bush is missing something…

gets you sent to Iraq

Sixth – Bush is famous for using his hands in conversation to describe people like, well like Condi

even tho Mark Foley thought he was talking about Larry Craig

Seventh – Bush the exhibitionist….

green is the new flesh for the Decider

because according to condi sucking on something green is hazardous to your appearance

but when you down to brass tacks, Ninth – Bush is really just a dick

not a good choice in ties if I do say so


  1. This post was particularly good. One of your best.Thanks a lot!

  2. You know, DCap, we’re not going to get anywhere if you keep holding back.

  3. Oh brilliant, fucking brilliant. You amaze me.He is such a dick. He gives dick a bad name!

  4. I think W is such a dick to make up for the fact that he has an infantile penis. As I’ve heard somewhere (www.mockpaperscissors, of course), he’s hung like a wasp.

  5. OMG, You have us roaring again…so fawking funny, brilliant.Boy, I needed this after two days of drywall and paint. THANKS !

  6. How did you get a picture of Ann Coulter’s dildo, Dcap?

  7. lol..Imagine?

  8. Too much! It’s like death by tickling.

  9. Excellent post, dcap!Maybe Bush is digging for some left over crack from his morning snort.In that last picture you can really see the resemblance to his father. No?

  10. When I got to the last picture I yelped.

  11. I yelped too, man! That’s too much for a girl on the other team to handle (ew)! Great post as usual, D-Cap. And how DID you get that pic of Man Coulter’s tool?

  12. Very well done, DC, but for a Bush illustration, would it have not been more appropriate to use a limp one? 😉

  13. You need bigger balls than that to wear that tie. Hilarious.

  14. DCap-Okay. I admit it. I pick my nose. I’ve been splotching boogers for as long as I can remember. But anyone that knows me knows that I’ll always own up to being a dick when I act like one. Honestly, in my NYC parlance Bush is really a pussy. No, I take that back because the women posting here may take offense at me using their most powerful girlie part as synonym for cowardice.The fact is, this booger picking dick has fucked up at everything he’s done and quit before he could take the heat. He fucked up an oil company, a baseball team, the state of Texas, and now the USA. But he won’t quit on the US because he’s changed. He loves his wife, doesn’t do blow or alcohol and attends church. Christ I wish he would go back to being a alcoholic, cocaine snorting coward and quitter. The sooner the better.

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