Posted by: distributorcap | October 7, 2007

Puking Pumpkin Award – Michelle Malkin for being a screaming, shrill and heartless skank

I have renamed “Profiles in Douchebaggery” to the “Puking Pumpkin Award” – what do you’ll think? Sort of like Keith’s worst person in the world, but only Keith can’t get to everyone. Plus he can’t use certain words to describe these people’s behavior.

Today’s grand prize — this may seem like a redundant post since there isn’t one person who will read this that won’t agree – goes to Michelle Malkin, for being America’s most disgusting, hypocritical, shrill, (excuse my french) twat. If there ever was a case for deportation, Michelle is ground zero. Her parents were Filipino immigrants who were here on work visas when she was born (so technically Michelle is not illegal nor is she the anchor baby she rails about all time). But this doesn’t stop Michelle from screaming about immigration, illegal immigration and other assorted fun things.

Look at the books she has written (I wouldnt read one, and wouldnt expect anyone here to read one)

Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces

In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror (she actually has the fucking gall to defend the Japanese internment camps during WWII – people who were thrown into camps for nothing else other than being Japanese, what’s next Michelle? – that you will agree there was a Holocaust, but since those pesky Jews weren’t following Germany’s Nuremberg laws…)

When asked about being dropped from a newspaper because of her lunatic ravings and being called the Asian Ann Coulter, Michelle said “I’m not Asian, I’m American, for goodness’ sake. I would take the comparison to Ann Coulter as somewhat of a compliment. I have a lot of respect for Ann Coulter.”

Yes Michelle, the Adam’s Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

But my favorite think about this heartless skank is that she will criticize and scream against the “left” about some of the very things she endorses or talks about on her blog.

In 2006, she went on and on about the New York Times publishing pictures of Don Rumsfeld’s summer house in Maryland. “there is a concerted, organized effort to dig up and publicize the private home information of prominent conservatives in the media and blogosphere to intimidate them.” She of course FAILED to mention that Rumsfeld had given his permission to print them and that the Secret Service also said it was OK.

Back in April 2006, Students Against War (SAW), a campus group at UC-Santa Cruz, protested against military recruiters on campus, and sent out a press release containing the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of their press team for reporters. Malkin included these contact details in a blog post criticising SAW and UCSC. SAW politely asked her to remove the contact details; Malkin refused, writing in her blog “I am leaving it up. If you are contacting them, I do not condone death threats or foul language. As for SAW, my message is this: You are responsible for your individual actions. Other individuals are responsible for theirs. Grow up and take responsibility.” After Malkin’s post, the three SAW contacts received abusive emails and phone calls, including death threats. People opposed to Malkin published her private home address, phone number, photos of her neighborhood and maps to her house on several websites. Malkin has stated that this forced her to remove one of her children from school and move her family. Too fucking bad Michelle – what ye reap ye shall sow.

Last month, Al Capone’s favorite investigative reporter Gerado Rivera said “Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life,” he says. “She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in NY. I’d spit on her if I saw her.” He later apologized – any respect gained by Rivera was back to the Al Capone level.

She talks about Chris Matthews “sliming the military” and “mocking grieving families” without nary a mention of Rush and the phony soldiers or Ann and the 9/11 widows.

Then this poor excuse for human wrote a column about Sally Field and the Emmy in Jewish World Review (JWR is a ultra-conservative online magazine with idiot columnists like Mona Charen and Jonah Goldberg — I completely disavow anything from this side of the tribe and it so embarrassing that there are people like Praeger and Goldberg).

“Like actress Sally Field, I am a mom. Unlike Sally Field, I do not live in La-La Land. We breathe a different brand of oxygen. We hold diametrically opposed worldviews. We have nothing in common but stretch marks…..

There would be “no god-damned wars,” Silly Sally, because we’d all be conquered chattel if Field Diplomacy “ruled the world.”

Motherhood and peace-making are not synonymous. Motherhood requires ferocity, the will and resolve to protect one’s own children at all costs, and a life-long commitment to sacrifice for a family’s betterment and survival. Conflict avoidance is incompatible with good mothering.”

Yes Michelle, we know you breathe some combination of methane and fart gas and you don’t live in La La Land, you live in Bushworld. And to think they took Britney’s kids away but let Michelle keep hers.

If you have the stomach, there is plenty more to digest and puke out at Michelle Malkin is an Idiot


  1. Yes Michelle, the Adam’s Apple doesn’t fall far from the treeROFLMAAAAAAAAO!I have heard, although I can’t prove this, but I have heard that Miss Malkin’s columns are actually penned by her husband, Jesse Malkin.If true, then bitch is a fraud.

  2. Thanks for summarizing all of Malkin’s shrill and despicable behavior so that I don’t have to dig for it myself. I wish I was a more active blogger in 2006, because I would have posted her address on The Needs of the Few.

  3. “I have renamed “Profiles in Douchebaggery” to the “Puking Pumpkin Award” – what do you’ll think?”Rather cruel to innocent pumpkins, but I’m sure they can handle it.Michelle is a good example of what happens when an Abortion Doctor doesn’t pay close attention to his work, and “get it all.”

  4. Hey, I’m visiting here from Mary Ellen’s. I LOVE the Puking Pumpkin Awards!

  5. The important thing is she’s pretty. Pretty!!She’s just another oxygen thief, as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Yeah, she’s pretty like hot vomit,

  7. If the idea is a common sense one then she is against it. Hateful bitch.

  8. Puking Pumpkin- this is good. Very good. Very seriously good. She is so freaking vile. And shrill doesn’t cover it, does it?Why I say, why? Pointless Pompous Puking Pumpkins.Please help they shake me. Where the F did you find that one?!

  9. Ripley, she’s not that pretty.

  10. Let me tell you, being close by to UCSC and Santa Cruz, Malkkkin’s behavior was well publicized over here. The death threats (left on voice mail) actually implicated Malkkkin, too. One of the mouth breathers mentioned her several times.When she disingeniously absolved herself of any involvement in the uproar, and later when the person who left obscene and threatening messages was arraigned is when bloggers fought back and released her personal information.I had the info, but I did not pass it on. I thought long and hard about it, but then decided that it would be lowering myself to her level.Regards,Tengrain

  11. D-CAP:You know I like to be contrary. I have defended Jack Kingston here and have admitted to my lust for Ann Coulter as well. I do, however, have my standards. Michelle Malkin is vile.Christopher, above, finally answered the question that has been plaguing me for years — how does somebody who looks like her name should be HU FLUNG DUNG, get a nice Russian-Jewish name like Michelle Malkin? Now, I know.I’d like to fuck Ann Coulter. I’d just like Michelle Malkin to die slowly.

  12. Beautiful. Pure art, D-cap (except the photos of Malkin, which are like pics of excrement, only uglier).

  13. If you put a blonde wig on Malkin, you’d have Coulter.

  14. Posting on Malkin is like Lays potato chips. You can’t stop with just one.

  15. What a vile, ugly, piss-poor excuse of a woman. I need to go and scrub this ick off with a wire brush now…

  16. DCap -The funny thing about neo-cons, especially of the Michelle Malkin variety is that they have no concept or frame of reference to history. As a child of illegal Filipino immigrants, I have no doubt she’s filled with stories of hatred for the Japanese and being a devoutly Catholic country (even more so than Ireland, if you can believe that), we have before us a perfect storm of lunacy and delusion.Yet, what she chooses to ignore is the fact that before and after the WW2, American imperialists (among them Generalissimo Douglas MacArthur) treated the locals with utter contempt. What she also fails to mention is that it got so bad that in the 1980s, the Filipino government grew a pair and kicked the US Navy out of Subic Bay. Kicked us out!It’s women like this that give me politics fatigue. I’m so glad that you have the stamina to write about this shit because I’m with Geraldo on this one (OMFG! she has me agreeing with Geraldo!!!!!), all she deserves is to be spat upon. And let’s hope I don’t spot her in NYC, because I will do it.

  17. I loved it DCNY, except I’d like to make one correction.Malkin is not a “twat.” She’s a fucking cunt.

  18. Hi you guys, I’ve been busy so I almost MISSED this one. Anyway, I don’t mean to sound rascist (uh-oh) but out here, generally speaking, the Filippinos are just about all on a consumerism trip, and I mean BIG TIME. They have to have the newest SUV, or BMW or Mercedes and only keep it for about two years until the next one comes out, they wear tons of gawdy gold and diamonds galore, they have to have the largest and newest house in the newest development with the most expensive furniture, tv’s, you name it. It is just spend spend spend like there is no tomorrow and it is the weirdest fawking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I swear to you this is true, it seems as if their whole lifes worth is determined by consumerism and insecurity. Plus, they don’t like to assimilate, they stay in their own neighborhoods, Rancho Penasquitos, Otay Mesa, etc. Now, I am sure that there are exceptions to the rule, but I’ve never met them, and that is really sad. Plus, the women are crappy drivers, on a mission to buy buy buy at the most expensive malls in town, and god forbid if you are in their way on the freeway whilst they chatter on their cell phones. And, out here, they mostly all vote GOP. They are horrible to the Mex-Americans and other ‘minority’ groups, just horrible. I think they are just really messed up as a culture, probably stemming from the austere lifestyles of their grandparents. And this Malkin, well, she needs to be…I don’t know, what can you DO with someone like her? It’s HOPELESS. And, she would be the first one, if she returned to her homeland and took a position in public office, to turn into another corrupt lieing stealing piece of shit dictator with 500 fawking pairs of shoes all of which need to be rammed up her ass.See you guys later.

  19. Thanks, Spartacus for clearing up the ethnicity question. Filipina. Ya listo.If that’s the case, I have a couple of questions for her having seen a very upsetting documentary about SMOKY MOUNTAIN. What does rat meat and dog shit taste like?

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