Posted by: distributorcap | October 9, 2007


Back in 1983, a very young distributorcap found his inner Jewislamocathodox — by visting Greece, Egypt and Israel.

Yes it was hot, and yes I had dark hair, and yes i was skinny – it was 24 years ago.

at the wailing wall….I did leave a note in the wall, but you probably wouldnt want to know what i wrote…..i hope Yahweh got a laugh
israel - evan at western wall

at the Dome of the Rock. I hope Mohammed appreciated the fact I had to dodge the hassidic police who told me because I was Jewish I couldn’t go up to the temple mount and “walk on the holy of holies.” I guess you can see I didn’t listen.
israel - evan at dome of the rock

those Catholics sure know how to build a monestary — Jesus was a master at bathrobe design
greece santorini evan monk

I knew sitting in a Greek Orthodox church would get me blessed
greece evan temple

Look Lawrence of Arabia at the Giza Pyramids…those ships of the desert — they stink, they are uncomfortable to sit on and they slobber – probably a lot like Larry of Idaho
Egypt - evan seated on camel


  1. You are busy posting this – which is feckin’ great by the way, but you should get your tuchass to BG’s salon one Monday.This is great. I never saw these “holy” photos.Next stop- Midnight at the Oasis.please.

  2. Fabulous photos. So, did any of them win? I was raised a catholic and an 9 years went on a fmily trip to Italy (getting back to our roots). We stayed in Rome for 7 days (during a maids strike no less…mother won’t forget that one). Naturally we went ot the Vatican. I had my doubts before going there, but after my visit I knew I was an atheist. Something seemed wrong that our local church was always asking for money for the missions in Brazil when the Vatican museum was loaded with priceless art work. Yeah, even a 9-year old could see that.

  3. I wanna know what that note said.

  4. Quite the religious suck up aren’t you? When are you going to visit a Baptist church and meet Ted Haggard?

  5. Religious suck up… Now THAT’S funny.I had to return to see you in your monastery garb. Did your note at the wall say “gai kochen affen yam”?

  6. Great pictures and I too want to know what the note said. Fess up! 🙂

  7. I have to say, that last picture on the camel is quite a turn on….a little “Lawrence in Arabia” look goin’ for ya. But I’m not sure if Lawrence had to have a guy leading his camel for him…I would love to take a trip to the Middle East, but thanks to George, it’s not that safe anymore.

  8. i kissed the Blarney Stone once. Does that count??

  9. lol DC. I think I’m the only Jew who’s never been to Israel. I promised my grandmother I’d get there before she died 15 years ago. Ill get there eventually.

  10. Holy man!

  11. what a cool photo album…and so interesting that you went to all of these religous spots…and took photos…hmm, the note is so intriging…

  12. I realize your pants are are the way up, but that shot inside the Greek Orthodox church could be called “taking a dump for Jesus”.Oh, I’m goin’ to hell for that one. (The joke, not the dump.)

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