Posted by: distributorcap | October 19, 2007

It’s A Wonderful Life

George Bush and his lemmings in Congress have given the poor and middle class children of America a early Christmas present. No S-CHIP, no help with health insurance. (put plenty of money for the abyss in Iraq). The Republican mantra continues — in the womb we care deeply, but the nano-second you are past that cervix, you are on your own — except if we need you to kill innocent Iraqis.

“Daddy, teacher says every time you say George Bush’s name another kid in America dies or gets sick, as well as tens or hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

That’s right Zuzu.”

(as a note, Donna Reed, everybody’s mom, went on to be a huge Anti-Vietnam war activist in the 1960s. Jimmy Stewart, the actor everybody wanted to have a beer with, was a major hawk on the Vietnam War and was active in promoting a number of right-wing political causes. Stewart also strongly supported blacklisting in Hollywood during the late 1940s and was allegedly a spy for panty-loving queen J. Edgar Hoover. Sounds familiar.)


  1. One of my favorite films is Hitchcock’s Vertigo.It is, for me, a perfect movie and one I return to again and again.But, as I grow increasingly political and intolerant of rightwing lunacy, it becomes more difficult to enjoy Vertigo (also Rear Window) and not be distracted by the knowledge of who Jimmy Stewart was in real life.Is this a character flaw on my part? Maybe. I’m only human and I’m trying to keep it real and honest.

  2. This is disgusting. Yet, thousands of idiots vote for this facist administration, when its most of them they’re actualy stepping on.By the way DC, not to blog whore, but go check out my post on Edwards, and tell me what you think. Maybe you know something I don’t.

  3. DCap-Yet another brilliant analogy for the delusional womb that our present leadership lives in. Personally, I would have chosen “The Boy In The Plastic Bubble”, but yours works better.

  4. christopher — not a character flaw at all — reality. some people love to think actors are really what you see on the screen — they aint. I also feel the same way about Charlton Heston (everytime The Ten Commandments comes on i cringe at the thought of that lunatic playing Moses).Stewart was a really bad guy. Ask Jane Fonda, she doesnt have much nice to say about him — and the fact that Henry and James were good friends at one time.That is why i can’t watch The Philadelphia Story too.Phil — will doSpart — thanks so much. The Bubble movie will get treatment down the road.

  5. Say it ain’t so Dcap!!! Jimmy Stewart? Awwww crap! I really liked him…I’ve seen every one of his movies! It was bad enough to read that he was a war hawk, but spying on his fellow actors? I think I’m going to be sick….I’ll never watch “It’s a Wonderful Life again”. Merry Christmas to me. 😦

  6. ME — yep….he was a major right wing/commie-hater that allegedly spied on his fellow actors for HUAC. he was not the aw-shucks guy you saw on the big screen. and like you, i actually like “Its A Wonderful Life” (it makes me cry every time) — but since i found out about Stewart I have never been able to watch him the same way == like Heston and Clint Eastwood also

  7. Thanks for giving me a reason to finally hate Jimmy Stewart. And for loving Donna Reed more than I should.

  8. I had a similar jolt when I found out Lindbergh thought the nazis had a really nice orderly way of doing things. Yay Donna Reed! Boooooo Jimmy Stewart. I never liked him all that much anyhow.Hey, D-Cap–I named you a “blogging star” on my birding blog ( Hope you don’t mind, but your blog is awesome!

  9. Having watched Vertigo and Rear Window a zillion times, I think the characters have been imprinted hard enough on my brain to where I concentrate on the film on not on the fact that Jimmy Stewart was such a jackass in real life. But it gets more difficult all the time when you see the paranoid wingnut mindset running everything these days.

  10. Fuck Jimmy Stewart!And Ron Silver, Chuck Norris, that idiot chick with glasses from MTV, Brittney Spears, and Curt Schilling.

  11. Curt Schilling is a Bush-licking, Cheeto-loving, fat dope, who looks like a human-pig hybrid.

  12. People love icons and images not reality.Hence Reagan, Chimpy for awhile, others… Jimmy Stewart.Get some reality into your lives. Not you all. Those who aren’t reading this need to hear that.

  13. Ok…what about Jack Lemmon? He wasn’t a right wing commie, was he? Please tell me no….please! I’m a freak when it comes to old movies. I’ve had a crush on just about every actor from the 40’s and early 50’s…ok, I found out that some of them were gay, but nonetheless. I can’t think of many actors today that I really like. I like Johnny Depp and Edward Norton (not so much because of the way they look, but I think they have the ability to “be” their character).

  14. ME — according to (the best site to find out where people lean)Jack Lemmon (who died in 2001) only contributed to democratic candidatesand considering he gave to George McGovern — he has to be somewhat on the leftand Edward Norton — big contributor to democratic candidates. Depp didnt show up as a contributor

  15. Thanks, dcap, I feel better now.

  16. I did not know that Jimmy Stewart was such a douche bag. Thanks for the info. Really. I always thought Donna Reed was one of the most beautiful actresses ever. Nice to know she had a fine mine and good heart too.

  17. Hey distributorcap-So I’m reading about “Murderers Row” on Wikipedia…Then I go over to Jonestown and read your post.That’s a bit beyond synchronicity, isn’t it. Kinda shocked me temporarily. 🙂

  18. dr M — i never thought Jimmy Stewart was that great and i used to LOVE to stay home from school with the fake stomach ache and watch “The Donna Reed Show”Dugz — hugs and a thanksRandal — that is the beauty of movies. i can still watch the terminator knowing what an ass arnold really isfair — you mean Kennedy from MTV. Also Clint Eastwood, Patricia Heaton, Drew Carey, Kelsey Grammar, Sonny Bono (I know dead, but we are stuck with the equally awful Mary Bono), Bo Derek, Heather Locklear and Robert Duvall (a big Giuliani guy)Christopher — one more reason to hate baseball, almost all of the players are republican.FIA — you said it!MER — answered above and glad i made it a bit betterPINY – a lot of actors in the 40s and 50s who we thought we so great — were not so great, like Charlton Heston (Reagan was a TERRIBLE actor that made one good movie, Kings Row — where his legs were chopped off, we should have been so lucky)Chuck — great minds think alike 😎

  19. ok i got slappzed with a trollfirst of all where did i ever say i hated Stewart? i said he was a bad guy that supported bad causes and did bad things…didnt say i hated him.second if he spied on his fellow actors that would make him a fucking asshole shitheadthird — anyone who supported HUAC (and he did) is a fucking asshole shitheadfourth — what party is irrelevant in supporting the wasteful vietnam war — both are guilty of that debacle. dems probably a bit more, but both are guilty. his support of that war makes him a pretty bad guy in my eyes. same with Lyndon Johnson.fifth – hitler acted on his convictons — so i guess that makes him admirable in your eyes.

  20. It looks as if a piece of shit-turd has crapped on your blog.What a stinker it left too.Ugh. Where’s the Glade?

  21. i know…..must be one of Tom Delay’s bugsi will just delete when he appears….he just wants to banter…and i have no time or patience to banter with someone for the sake of it

  22. But I still love Robert Mitchum, and Jimmy Cagney and William Holden, Brando…maybe Holden sold out, I don’t know, he ended up living in Rancho Santa Fe. Bob Hope was a great hoofer, but a stauch GOP, as well as Bing Crosby.And what’s his name, the die hard guy, he’s a republican. Too bad about Eastwood. I think John Boy Walton is a Democrat though. Mel Gibson just got really weird on all of us, what’s up with him?TEXTAnd I think De Niro is OKAY. I used to think Leonardo DiCaprio was a punk, but now I like him, and Sean Penn is outasight.That’s all from Hedda Hopper.

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