Posted by: distributorcap | October 25, 2007

Stuff the New York Sun where the sun don’t shine

Unless you live here in the Wet Apple (it has been raining a lot the past few days — i wish this rain would travel 3000 miles west), you might not know The New York Sun . The New York Sun is a piece of drek right wing rag that is best used to pick up dogshit on the street. The publisher is Seth Lipsky (what is with all these right wing members of the tribe like Kristol, Perle, Libby) who is — to put it mildly — deranged.

The New York Sun must have a crack (or on crack) circulation department — as they drop this load of feces at my apartment door every morning with me never having asked to have this crap delivered. What makes it more fun is that I get a bill every month, which I promptly fill with monopoly money (once I used a flyer from a porno movie club) and send back to Seth and his accounts receivable department. You’d thing they catch on! – NOPE… I still get the rag.

It is a relatively thin newspaper and it does not have a lot of ads. It claims a circulation of about 50,000 “of New York’s most informed and upscale readers”. I claim I have a cure for Alzheimer’s….

So while I don’t read the paper, I do scan it. Hey it’s free. I do read the real estate section, which is mostly non-partisan, and pretty well written. The arts section is SO fracking elitist and snobby, even the A-list snobs wouldnt read it. But the best part is their complete devotion and ass-licking of George Bush.

Like today’s:

Tropical Gulag

New York Sun Editorial
October 25, 2007

President Bush spoke yesterday of freedom in Cuba, and for all the negativism these days about Mr. Bush and his administration, his words reminded us of why we are among his admirers. He spoke directly about the nature of the Communist regime there. “In Cuba it is illegal to change jobs, to change houses, to travel abroad, and to read books or magazines without the express approval of the state. It is against the law for more than three Cubans to meet without permission,” Mr. Bush said. “They’ve jailed and beaten journalists, raided their homes, and seized their paper, ink and fax machines. One Cuban journalist asked foreigners who visited him for one thing: a pen. Another uses shoe polish as a typewriter ribbon.”

Said Mr. Bush, “The socialist paradise is a tropical gulag.” He called on Congress to increase funding for Cuban democracy efforts and to “show our support and solidarity for fundamental change in Cuba by maintaining our embargo on the dictatorship until it changes.” He said “The operative word in our future dealings with Cuba is not ‘stability.’ The operative word is ‘freedom.'”

I can go so many places on this one. First we have been SO successful in Iraqi democracy-building, lets take on Cuba too! Second, Castro, for all his complete horribleness, is no dummy George, he has survived 10 American presidents — and you can’t even eat a pretzel without falling. Third — no money for kids, plenty of money for more regime change. I could go on….but the object of this post is not Cuba.

or this headline regarding Charles Rangel’s tax plan

Taxes Would Rise for 1.7 Million Under Rangel Plan Due Today

I would say this is “tad” misleading as the New York Sun does not mention until paragraph FIVE that a majority of the tax increase is on people who make over $250,000 and that — are your ready — 91,000,000 people could see tax relief. What Rangel is trying to do is help families that are now caught in the alternative minimum tax web. The AMT is a nasty, nasty tax provision enacted in 1969 (yes, 1969) to ensure that the 155 (yes 155) wealthiest Americans did not avoid income taxes through loopholes or other deductions. The AMT was not passed with ANY inflation adjustments — so by 2007 millions of “1969 wealthy Americans” are now paying much higher taxes. In reality it is killing the middle class — especially in high tax states like New York and California. (if you fall into AMT all your deductions for home mortgage and other assorted things are eliminated and you basically get one big deduction —- you always end up paying more under AMT).

Nevertheless Seth has deemed it a tax increase for his “upscale” readers and makes his point…..that like Fox, fair and balanced means a blonde kid on a seesaw.

I could go on by you get my point. If you have the stomach, venture on over to New York Sun for some yuks. Better yet, don’t — just drink some hemlock or watch a George Bush speech.


  1. So I click there, and the first thing I see is Bush half-hugging some lady. Dude never follows through on anything unless he’s golfing. “Now watch this drive.”

  2. I think I have a few seconds before my Drano coctail kicks in and think I have just enough time to say what a good write up this is and that I will be using monopoly money to pay for some solicitous bills or better yet, a donation to the Republican Party soon. Gotta…gooo

  3. Maybe Murdoch should buy them. He doesn’t mind the $25-50 million in losses that the NY Post incurs every fucking year, so shouldering the million or two of losses that rag generates wouldn’t even be felt. The NY Sun is just another distributor of rightwing welfare to those wingers who can sort of write.

  4. You think slappz writes for this rag? Thank goodness it’s not circulated out here. But we do get alot if it’s better-known cousin — The New York Post. Nice work here DCap. This one opened my eyes a bit.

  5. Dcap-You had me laughing so hard while reading this I thought I woke up my dog. Now she’s pissed at me. The fair and balanced, blonde kid on a seesaw…hilarious!I love the idea of the monopoly money. I think I’ll start doing that the next time I get mail from Judy Biggert asking for donations to her campaign. Maybe I’ll clip a bunch of coupons for Tampons and Depends and send those, too.

  6. You aid the terrorists every time you point out bad right wing “journalism.” You’ve been warned.

  7. Never heard of it.Sounds like the dead tree version of FOX Noise: winger, whacko and W-wuvin.’

  8. This is one worthless fishwrapper. I always have this vision of a lone lunatic writing all the crap and then some other media savvy type doing the real estate section.At least – and it is not much, every now and then the Post will have a front cover photo and ridiculous headline to laugh at.The Sun is humorless.

  9. randal – that poor woman probably lost everything, and now she has bush cooties.freida — i have a better story than monopoly money — next post.PINY — for all his evilness and disgusting behavior, murdoch is smart — and i loathe him for all of that — his new BFF is hillary…big surprise…. Spart — the Post is at least funny at times, has a few writers that dont take themselves seriously and has page 6. I never read the post, everME — as i told frieda, i have a better monopoly money story. glad i can make you smile, bad that i woke the dog. George the cat hates when i wake himDr M — i can only imagine what files are sitting in Langley on all of usChristopher — if you have a dog i can send you some issues — makes a helluva pooper scooperFIA — can you believe they distribute that rag in my ‘hood — one of the most overly democratic district in the city — 90% of all registered voters are registered D… (i think Brooklyn has few that are like 104%, u know the dead still vote)

  10. I got an idea. Stick pubic hair in with the next bill.

  11. Or Mets World Series Tickets

  12. Too much. Almost 4,000 dead in Iraq (and who knows how many Iraqis), millions of people in financial trouble due to the mortgage crisis, oil at $90 a barrel, drought and fire in California (and New Orleans still in ruins 2 years after Katrina), and Cuba’s our big problem! Unreal.

  13. I don’t have anything to add on this post, D.C., but I would just like to say how stunningly handsome you look in that suit on your sidebar. And of course that million dollar smile of yours….Forgive me if I’m out of line here, but then again that’s never stopped me before, if you know what I mean.*wink*

  14. I’ve seen the New York Sun occasionally. It’s sad they took that old newspaper title and reincarnated it into this right wing rag. Wasn’t that the paper that had the “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial?The Post too for that matter – started by Alexander Hamilton no less – how low it has fallen.

  15. THE SUN occasionally has an piece in the sports section by Allen Barra. That’s about the only good thing I can say about it. I don’t read any of it any more, no SUN, POST, nor TISSUE OF LIES. I read LA PRENSA.Any members of the tribe who throw in with Bush are not part of my conversation. I consider them Christianists and pay them no mind whatsoever

  16. You think you have problems, check this out: (I enjoyed every minute)TEXTIt’s all true, and now they are calling me a lesbian, which I’m not,and WTF difference would it make if I were or not? But it was you DC and all of you guys that gave me the courage to do that and I LOVE YOU ALL !!! And I LOVE the puking pumpkin !!heeheeheeSee ya laters,Maggie

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