Posted by: distributorcap | November 30, 2007

Hillary has….Babs, Obama has Oprah, and Dr. M has…..

well somebody had to win a real life celebrity endorsement…..

Our own Dr Moneky von Monkerstein gets a star of morning television to endorse his candidacy.

Is Diane Sawyer going to endorse Dr. Zaius???


  1. That endorsement is likely to swing the his whole candidacy into complete overdrive! (Whatever that means.)

  2. dc, you apparently missed the segment where Matt Lauer was riding an iSplotchy like a toy choo-choo.

  3. Are you sure? I thought that was Dennis Kucinich.Ka-ZING!

  4. That’s it, I am going to write in Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein in as my choice for president next year. After that endorsement, how could I not? And DCap…lovely to finally meet you in the flesh.

  5. Honestly, I’ve heard that Sean Hannity was going to consider the whole iSplotchy angle and come out (ahem) as a Democrat as a result.

  6. It wasn’t her back I was on, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink.

  7. Wow, that’s some serious celebrity clout. Still no Sandra Lou, though.

  8. Wait until the exlcusive Bawbwa Wawa interview airs; Dr Monkey will be a national sensation!

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