Posted by: distributorcap | December 1, 2007

when the NY Post doesn’t like what you do…….with UPDATES…

before i write about how great a time we had at Morse’s deep in the heart of Brooklyn

I held my nose today and picked up the New York Post at the newstand because I saw a story that I couldn’t believe they would write. When the New York Post, which we ALL know is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Rudy-loving Faux Noise Channel (Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity have a major boners for Rudy) then you know some serious shit (love that aliteration) is about to hit the fan…

The New York PostTalking Points Memo


December 1, 2007 — Rudy Giuliani’s secret relationship with Judith Nathan forced taxpayers to pick up the hotel tab for a mayoral aide assigned to work one summer weekend in Southampton, according to city documents.

Records show that Manny Papir, a longtime advance man for Giuliani, billed the city $331.16 for a Friday-night stay at the Southampton Inn on Aug. 20, 1999.

At the time, Giuliani was visiting Nathan at her condo in the Long Island village. She would later become his third wife.

“If you’re a mayoral aide and you go out of town with the mayor, you’ve got to stay somewhere,” explained one of Giuliani’s current aides.

Taxpayers also paid the motel bills of Giuliani’s security detail when they were stationed in the Hamptons and when the cops traveled in Pennsylvania, Nathan’s home state.

The records show two charges for gas – $22.72 and $17 – on April 8, 2000, in Tannersville, Pa., located about a half-hour outside Nathan’s hometown of Hazleton.

It isn’t clear if the security detail was guarding both Nathan and Giuliani, or if she was alone at the time.

As The Post first reported in 2001, Nathan began receiving police protection, not long after her relationship with Giuliani became public.

The out-of-town credit-card expenses of cops on Giuliani’s security detail were paid from the accounts of obscure mayoral agencies, which were later reimbursed by the NYPD. Mayor Bloomberg has since ended that practice.

gee, I am SO glad that my tax dollars went for Rudy to pork his once-and-future queen. Or is it Judi the King and Rudy the Queen — I constantly mix that up. Either way they are both complete and total corrupt douchebags. Didn’t New York go through this once with Alan Hevesi?

Will the MSM finally start singing that ZZ Top song already and make this story have some

She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.
She never begs, she knows how to coose them.
She’s holdin’ leg wonderin’ how to feel them.
Would you get behind them if you could only find them?
She’s my baby, she’s my baby,
yeah, it’s alright.

Notice how I used the online edition of the Post becuase I still won’t give the quarter for the piece of dog-doo-picking up paper it is


from Talking Points Memo

The Daily News has a story about a $400,000 prepayment to American Express from the Giuliani administration. It appears while there were some legitimate expenses run through this card, it looks like it was nothing more than a Judi Nathan slush fund. The Daily News asked top Giuliani advisor Anthony Carbonetti about the prepayment and were told that, “it’s fiscally responsible to anticipate predictable expenses and prepay them.”

In addition to the above expenses for romance, some of the other fiscally responsible payments included…

  1. NYPD detectives to drive Nathan around the city.
  2. NYPD detectives to drive Nathan’s friends and family around the city even when she wasn’t in the car.
  3. NYPD security detail for Nathan, personally approved by none other than Bernard Kerik.
  4. NYPD cops to walk Nathan’s dog.

So NOW my tax dollars got to pick up Judi’s dog’s shit. I hope they at least used the Post to pick up the poop.



  1. I never thought I’d say this, but here’s to the NY Post.

  2. I’m not sure I told you all this, but I once double-dated with the old Rudester. Yup, we decided to go out on such short notice, we had to “hire” our dates (if you catch my drift). The best part of it was, it didn’t cost either of us a dime! Rudy just charged it off on his “account”. Thanks New York!Of course, I wasn’t supposed to tell you about this, but I gave him my word I’d keep it a secret, and well, you know me. I figured since it happened, like, 7 years ago the statute of limitations would take effect….

  3. You know what’s really scary bout that whole thing?They didn’t put condoms on the list of expenses.

  4. What part of, this guy is slum, that his supporters do not get?Have they not learned a lesson from this type of person, when we all were saying Bush drove DUI and went AWOL in the Military and they see what this low was all about.So why keep falling for this type of person in the Republican party. Now, even the New York Post is letting people Know how much of a low life this guy really is!

  5. Angry Ballerina- I think that is because Rudy can’t possibly get it up and Judy really can’t be bothered with the f*cking anyway. What a bunch of horseshit this is.And from the Post no less!

  6. I have the feeling there are a whole lot of very pissed off New Yorkers right now. I just hope this doesn’t get buried if he’s the nominee for the GOP. I want to see this put in every debate and every tv ad until the election.

  7. Is Ru-Dee always in drag?WTF is up with that? Does Judy wear a strap-on and plow him?

  8. Of course, while this outrages us all it shocks none of us from NY and others of like minds.However, the rest of the (repub part) country is seemingly oblivious.Of course, Rudy’s greatest campaign asset is the ABH (anything but Hillary) credo.

  9. FranIam:You are right, as usual. The Post is not going to print anything like this about their main man without prior approval. Why would Giuliani ever give prior approval for something as damning as this? You got it. It’s not the fucking that worries him. It’s the absence of fucking. He sees how pathetic this looks. America’s Mayor has to MARRY a woman to continue to get some tail? If it don’t jell it ain’t aspic, and that don’t jell. If he really is that poor a swordsman as to resort to being a serial relationship adulterer, his weinerwald obviously no longer goes. I agree.I know a crew of serious cocksmen in the city. This is how you know the SERIOUS cocksmen: they no longer have any interest in sex. The guys I’m talking about have had more sex with more women and pretty and famous ones, too, that Giuliani couldn’t even imagine. And now, if each of them has two menaages-a-trois per summer, that’s a lot. It’s just not interesting anymore. Despite a Hamptons summer house full of club-girls and starlets, they get out there, order a long-weekend’s worth of prepared food, close all the shades and blinds, and play cards for 72 straight hours with each other, while the ladies tap their feet and eventualy get bored and go to the beach.In a twisted way, I get it. None of these guys is over 45. Such are the wages of being a real playboy. Giuliani is life-and-death to convince us and himself that he actually managed to penetrate Judi Nathan.This guy thinks he can beat Hillary Clinton heads-up?

  10. I’m still reeling over the low gas prices from 2000. Sheesh.Anyway, do you think Rudy pissed off Murdoch, or is this really some “yeah, our guy’s just like Bill Clinton, dems, so you can vote for him!” I don’t understand how the holier-than-thou Pat Robertson can still endorse this fucker. It’s all too bizarre to wrap my brain around. Let’s hope Kerik gets the slammer, because that’ll really show what kind of crooked asshole Rudy is. Of course, given the MSM’s blindness to this–if a repub steals in the forest, does it make any sound in the MSM?

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