Posted by: distributorcap | December 13, 2007

What writers strike….

when you have SO many idiot republicans, who need writers. You cannot make this shit up.

1. While the administration argues what is torture and not torture, the first family provides its own tape of animal torture — with poor Barney.

“I can’t think of a public figure that has had more transparent life than I have had”

oh Rudy — the check is in the mail
and I suppose you also tell Judy something about her mouth.


  1. Transparent Rudy? I am sure that Donna Hannover and your kids would agree… It was VERY transparent when you announced you were leaving them for Judy via a press conference. And all the time spent before, when you were “courting” Judy, (although many of us would simply think of that as the time you were schtupping Judy), well perhaps that was more opaque.Kit- where’s the Speedo man? Swimming is the way to go. Great aerobic exercise and not hard on the joints. Maybe it would be like swimming from somewhere in the North Atlantic. We can drop you off.Jenna and not-Jenna, Laura… I can’t really say what I am thinking. Barney and Mrs. Beasley just want to get the freak out of there.Who can blame them?

  2. Fran, you’re too kind. North Atlantic? I’m thinking somewhere a bit more arctic.

  3. I’m a huge dog person. Always had a dog growing up. I’ve had dogs my entire adult life too. For me, dogs rule.When I saw the Motherfucker from Midland hauling that poor Barney off Air Force One for a photo-op and then he promptly dropped the poor creature, I was ready to punch Bush in his face.These elites, be they Bush or Paris Hilton, don’t see dogs as a member of the family. Instead, the dog is an accessory – a “thing” to add to the effect.People like Bush shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog.

  4. Barney should’ve bitten him. Where his balls should be, if he had any.Really, is there anyone in politics right now that you DON’T want to tell, “Why don’t you just STFU?” I can’t think of a single person. Maybe Kucinich.I’m disgusted with the lot of them.

  5. I wonder if Barney is sitting on Jen’s lap to hide the bulging tummy? I heard rumors that she was pregnant…do they plan on hiding it until the kid is 12? These videos prove one thing…the dogs in that White House have more intelligence in their wet noses, than the occupants who live there. What a bunch of freakin’ morons!I saw Guiliani’s show during the debate, I couldn’t stop laughing. What an ass!

  6. Writers could not make that shit up, it’s too fantastical. You’ve been tagged by the way.

  7. That 1st vid was the most retarded thing I have seen in a very very very long time. I think I lost brain cells.

  8. Remind me never to go to any pool parties at Kit Bond’s house.

  9. Vick deserved his 23 months. As a dog lover and a repeat animal-rescuer, I wish he got longer.

  10. thanks to allds — -i think vick deserved 23 years!

  11. 23 years for Vick!!!!! Yay!

  12. dguzman: Remember when W “choked on a pretzel?” As I recall, he said that he passed out and when he woke up he saw both of the dogs staring at him. Not barking to get help, just staring. That’s better than peeing on him, don’t you think?


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