Posted by: distributorcap | December 14, 2007

I’ve Written A Letter to Congress…

The address is way down below
I’ve written “Dear Congress, we miss you”
And wish you were with us to love
Instead of a stamp I put dogshit
The postman says that’s best to do
I’ve written a letter to Congress
Saying “I loathe you”

Source: Whatever Happened to Baby Nancy? (1962)

Dear Congresswoman Maloney: (D-NY, 14th Dist)

I do not know where to begin in stating with how incredibly angry and disappointed I am at Congress and especially with you.

With all the problems going on in this country — from mortgage issues to health care, from FISA to waterboarding, from an illegal war in Iraq to sabre-rattling at Iran, from global warming to $100 oil, and from the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush administration, our wonderful Congress (including yourself) found the time, desire and need to vote on a bill about the importance of Christmas! You must make Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rudolph and Frosty feel very good! (and a whole lot of merchants on 5th Avenue).

Yes, you spent hours discussing the nuances and wording of a bill that is in essence useless. Any sane and rational person could see this was a complete waste of time. So, the bill makes it to the floor (thank you Nancy Pelosi!) and, Congresswoman Maloney, when you could have semi-redeemed yourself by voting no – you had the gall to vote for the bill!

Can I ask? — are you nuts????????

First as a Jewish person I am highly insulted that our allegedly “separated from religion” Congress stooped to this level — this is a real slap in the face to all non-Christians. You know there are quite a few of us non-Christians out here, especially in your district – MANHATTAN in NEW YORK CITY! I would venture to guess the 14th Congressional district is probably over one-third Jewish.

Second don’t you and your cohorts have anything better to do than worry about Christmas? Don’t you have shopping to do? Immoral wars to fund? Deciding if waterboarding is like swimming? (talk to Senator Bond of Missouri)?

Third — is there any chance that you can please stop cow-towing to the religious right and lunatics like Bill O’Reilly. They are not America, they are just radio. I do not understand the incredible fear our 535 Congresspeople have from the like of O’Reilly, Rush and Sean Hannity. They are just three votes. We are thousands. Latest polls show our fearless leader is anywhere from 24-28% in approval rating. I would bet Bush’s approval in NY-14 is somewhere around 5% (and that is optimistic).

Fourth — can you PLEASE PUT IMPEACHMENT back on the table. What have YOU got to lose — the 14th District is probably around 90% Democratic — I do not think you have much to fear electorally in 2008.

The nation put the Democrats back in power last year to do something — and guess what — you really have done NOTHING!. You bluster on and on about Bush, and then your fearless leader Nancy Pelosi caves and basically gives him what he whatever he wants. (I keep hearing “No more blank checks, Mr. President — guess what, she keeps writing one). Then throw a little spin on, try to make the cave-in look palatable and what you end up with is more lipstick on Bush that pig. It is no wonder even your own base (like me) is disgusted and fed-up. Are you afraid of the 24% of the country that still likes this nincompoop? Does Dick Cheney have some pictures of Congresspeople? (he probably had some of Larry Craig).

And now Christmas. I ask, when is the Easter Bunny resolution coming up for a vote?

Can I remind you of the 1st amendment to the Constitution (or does Congress also think it is toilet paper like George Bush does)

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

That amendment seems pretty clear to me.

I guess you and the 371 other governmental ‘leaders’ thought since it was a slow day on the hill – you would pass the time by honoring Christmas. After all, only the little people pay taxes, have no health care, may lose their homes, or watch their children be sent to fight in the Middle East abyss. But for the big people in Congress, it is the life of Riley — with so very few things to worry about, I guess taking the time to honor Christmas really is in the nation’s best interest.

By the way — Christmas is not even Jesus’ birthday. Historians believe that his day of birth is probably in September. December 25 was picked by the Romans. If you read your history you will discover what happened to the Roman Empire (and it wasn’t pretty). Looking at Congress’ performance over the past year, I can only guess that our representatives want to follow in that same path.

And finally, if you decide to follow up with a letter or email to me — please make sure it is about this topic and not about how hard you are working for America. Based on your vote this week, I already know that.


PS — this is the EXACT letter I sent to my rep, Carolyn Maloney. Without the song or blog handle


  1. Good for you. My douchebag Congressman was one of the sponsors of the bill.

  2. Hey, at least Xmas is safe from harm now!Great letter, dcap.

  3. Great letter. I wonder what kind of response you’ll get–form letter or sincere reply?

  4. Nicely done, DC. Let us know if you get any sort of reply.

  5. Excellent letter, dcap!Speaking of impeachment, I have a post about Robert Wexler’s new website to get hearings on the impeachment of Cheney. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll link to the post. If any of you can pass it on, that would be great. Robert Wexler is turning to the internet for help because he has been denied by the main stream media to get this out. Here’s the post. Thanks!

  6. Everytime I write, the response if I get one has nothign to do with what I wrote about.I ahve actually gotten good at writing mine, it is like a blog with less interaction ofn the other side.Good luck with yours.

  7. heehee, it must be letter writing day, I sent one to the SD county Board Of Supervisors this morning, but yours is really good, it kicks butt.

  8. Great letter, DCap. No doubt you will get some generic “thanks for writing” bullshit response, if that. I didn’t check to see how my congressman voted (Jerrold Nadler), because I didn’t want to get angry. That said, my district has the highest percentage of jewish Americans in the country, so I am going to assume he didn’t vote. Yeah, I can’t make myself look anymore.

  9. Bravo, sir, bravo!Regards,Tengrain

  10. Fantastic letter, DCap. I only hope it does some good! The ridiculous stuff they waste time on when “Rome” is burning is amazing.

  11. I don’t see evidence of any such War on Christmas. I see what I’ve always seen—a consumer orgy. The true War on Christmas, if there is even such a thing is that every year, more and more people confuse the fact that a holiday supposedly based on peace, love, and goodwill towards one’s fellow being with maximum material acquisition. That’s an offense that is the domain of no side of the line and one committed by the right and the left equally.

  12. Well said. As a Christian person, I could not agree more.

  13. DCap, I’m sure Petey King voted for this one. But then again, I’m sure Dave Mejias would have voted for this crap, too, had he beaten King in 2006. Mejias is known for ridiculous unenforceable legislation like charging homeowners with a crime if a minor is found drunk in or after leaving that home. We such wonderful choices here on LI.

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