Posted by: distributorcap | December 27, 2007

The house of cards that is Pakistan

This is not good. You could have seen something like this miles away. Former Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan was assassinated at a rally in Rawalpindi. This changes everything. There is NO bigger powder keg than Pakistan, a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism that is the home of 160,000,000 who loathe Americans.

Pakistan has nukes
Pakistan just lifted emergency rule
Pakistan is where a lot of Al Qaeda have taken refuge and where the population helps them
Pakistan is Asshole-in-Chief’s lynchpin for ‘security’ in the Middle East
Pakistan’s leader – Pervez Musharraf is Bush’s boy

This has all the markings of an inside job. If this at all ties back to Bush’s BFF Musharraf — all bets are off.

And more important there is an real eeriness about this and should fill us with dread.

When the Taliban and Northern Alliance were at war in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda assassinated Ahmed Shah Massoud (the leader of the Northern Alliance) two days before 9/11 with alleged assistance from the ISI (the ISI is Pakistan’s security military police). The timing in retrospect was clear; get Massoud out of the way before 9/11 so he could not assist the American’s with their inevitable retaliation.

I know exactly what the Douchebag-in-Chief will say – “there are still terrorists in the world and we need to stop them from derailing democracy.”

i leave you with this:


(and we worried about Iraq and Iran)

Note to Condi: This is what is known as shit hitting the fan.
Note to America: Last day 1/20/09 —- be very wary


  1. The Bush junta has aligned itself with Pervez Musharraf, despite the vast unpopularity of Musharraf with the majority of Pakistanis.American foreign policy never gets it right. Never.When the Iranians threw the evil Shah of Iran out of office in the 1950’s, what did the USA do? We assisted in deposing the democratically elected president of Iran and helped reinstall the Shah against the wishes of the Iranian people.This laid the foundation for the Islamic revolution of 1979.If the radical, anti-American Islamics assassinate Musharaff and get control of Pak’s nukes, you’d better hope those nuclear warheads aren’t pointed and fired at American cities and American-friendly cities in Europe like London.U.S. foreign policy is in turmoil and both Bush and Cheney can be blamed.

  2. christopherthis is SO bad and you are SO right — bush hung his hat with musharraf — who could be guilty by association if this was an inside job (and since she was being guarded by the ISI in the most secure city in Pakistan…)if we though Iraq spinning out of control was bad — this is a country of 160,000,000 people who HATE us.

  3. Christopher nailed it. Bush, like his dad & Regan in South & Central America, like Ford in Timor… their forign policy always stiffs the population in favor of their fuckin globalization efforts for their cronies. Sooner or later, the “have nots” will blow the top of any stability and something like this may be all it takes. With them come the radicals (like al Qaeda)that would just love to get their hands on some nukes. This is some scary stuff.

  4. Riots have begun in Lahore. This is going to get very bloody.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one with the “eerie” feeling that things are about to hit the fan.

  6. This is bad….very bad, as you say. Of course, Georgie boy is busy vacationing at the ranch, where he usually is when there is a disaster. What are the chances of him cutting his vacation short to reassure the American people? I have to wonder if he’s already made a call to Musharraf to tell him, “heckuvajob”?

  7. ME — if terry schiavo was in pakistan — he would be on his way to washingtonhe is scheduled to ‘speak’ (if the brush is cleared away) at 11am

  8. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.I’m sure this’ll all get blamed on the Dems for not properly funding Orwell’s neverending war on something-or-other and they’ll march right along with the next set of drumbeats.

  9. Dude where the fuck did my comment go!

  10. Personally, I blame Al Gore.

  11. I have to wonder of the Democratic candidate for President will fall to the same fate as Bhutto if it looks like they will win the presidential election? I’ll bet Bush is getting pissed off..first Musharaff steals the martial law thing and starts locking up his adversaries, and now this! Bush will either have to come up with a new game plan or use the re-cycled winning strategies of Musharaff.

  12. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.ROFLMAO! Randal, good one.

  13. Yeah, I got a nasty feeling in the pit of my belly when I heard about this. Not so good, indeed.

  14. U.S. Troops to Head to PakistanBeginning early next year, U.S. Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence in Pakistan, as part of an effort to train and support indigenous counter-insurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units, according to defense officials involved with the planning.These Pakistan-centric operations will mark a shift for the U.S. military and for U.S. Pakistan relations. In the aftermath of Sept. 11, the U.S. used Pakistani bases to stage movements into Afghanistan. Yet once the U.S. deposed the Taliban government and established its main operating base at Bagram, north of Kabul, U.S. forces left Pakistan almost entirely. Since then, Pakistan has restricted U.S. involvement in cross-border military operations as well as paramilitary operations on its soil.But the Pentagon has been frustrated by the inability of Pakistani national forces to control the borders or the frontier area. And Pakistan’s political instability has heightened U.S. concern about Islamic extremists there.According to Pentagon sources, reaching a different agreement with Pakistan became a priority for the new head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Adm. Eric T. Olson. Olson visited Pakistan in August, November and again this month, meeting with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Gen. Tariq Majid and Lt. Gen. Muhammad Masood Aslam, commander of the military and paramilitary troops in northwest Pakistan. Olson also visited the headquarters of the Frontier Corps, a separate paramilitary force recruited from Pakistan’s border tribes.Now, a new agreement, reported when it was still being negotiated last month, has been finalized. And the first U.S. personnel could be on the ground in Pakistan by early in the new year, according to Pentagon sources.

  15. Deep shit, very deep shit indeed.It’s all been said, that is all I will say.

  16. DCap, it is indeed a domino effect. In fact, it looks like the whole region is blowing up into chaos as Turkey has been launching airstrikes against the Kurds in Northern Iraq.Looks like Bushco got his perpetual war after all; one that is sure to continue long after he leaves office voluntarily or otherwise.

  17. We’re all wary about 1-20-09.

  18. I officially withhold judgment about this act until I can get more concrete information, particularly that which isn’t tainted by spin.I’m just saying that I don’t feel like I know enough about the situation to make an informed judgment.

  19. With each passing day W remains in office, the world becomes more dangerous. One thing that may temper things a bit is that the Indians are surely keeping a close eye on things. And the Chinese would prefer that things quiet down in their part of the world. Yeah, this may be our best hope.

  20. If it makes you feel better, everyone hates us and they have been hating us for along time now. I figure it is about two billion people that hate Americans. The rest are Americans and haven’t learned to hate other Americans yet.Everyone loves America, but everyone hates Americans. Of course, I am group large groups of people together, but I figure my margin of error is a million people give or take. If you feel this opinion is wrong then prove me otherwise.

  21. A lot of what’s been passing through my mind has already been said here. Glad to know I’m not crazy (or we all are!)Well founded fears, my friends. Gawd Forbid things get a little crazy in Pakistan and some “fringe element” pops off a Nuke.Then, well hell, I GUARANTEE THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION IN THIS COUNTRY IN 2008.That will sure come as a surprise, hmmmmmm?

  22. Christopher hit it, and so did the rest of yas; I think I bookmarked an article about two-three weeks ago about US troops in Pakistan from MSNBC, then duh me, I thought, no way, this can’t happen, so I deleted it.Let’s see, Mushariff got the fighter planes from us at a cut rate, the tanks from the Russians, he’s been playing all sides, including with the radical extremists. Inside job? No shit, and for sure.Well guys, according to the Mayans we’ve got until December 21, 2012.Maybe they miscalculated a hair or two.God bless everyone, say prayers, fast.

  23. I agree, this is a very ominous development. Everyone has said it all.

  24. everyone is worried..or most sane people are…and we all know that this is indeed ominous….very…..

  25. I have nothing “funny” to comment on this one. This is very scary indeed.

  26. Shithook! Now they’re saying she wasn’t killed by a bullet, but a bump on the head. Yeah, that’s why she was bleeding out, I guess…I didn’t know about the Ahmed Shah Massoud assassination.Is there ANYTHING this administration hasn’t fucked up?Okay, I’m going to START sniffing glue.

  27. So this is what they meant by Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

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