Posted by: distributorcap | December 28, 2007

Mike Huckabee – a man’s man

Back in 1960, Burt Lancaster won an Oscar® for Elmer Gantry. For those who have not seen the movie (and Lancaster is quite good). It also stars Jean Simmons and Shirley Jones (yes Mrs. Partridge plays a hooker)

from IMDB:

Elmer Gantry is a fast talking, hard drinking traveling salesman who always has a risqué story and a hip flask to entertain cronies and customers alike. He is immediately taken with Sister Sharon Falconer, a lay preacher whose hellfire and damnation revivalism has attracted quite a following. Gantry uses his own quick wit and knowledge of the bible to become an indispensable part of Sister Sharon’s roadshow but soon finds that his past catches up with him in the form of Lulu Bains, now a prostitute. While Gantry seeks and eventually gets forgiveness from Sharon, tragedy strikes when she finally manages to get out of her revivalist tent and opens a permanent church.

Sounds a lot like Mike Huckapoo doesn’t it? Huckapoo’s plays the aw shucks, nice-guy snake-oil salesman to the hilt. And for some reason, the camera (and media) loves it. Flavor of the month? perhaps. What makes this more dangerous than usual is this the aw-shucks, nice-guy snake-oil salesman (and complete phony) is actually pretty savvy and is using his Elmer Gantry-traits to jostle his way to the front.

So now Huckapoo has to prove he is a ‘real man’ — and a comic on top of that. Watch Mike make fun of the pheasants this ‘real man’ has shot dead.

Shooting pheasants is such a laugh riot, I couldn’t contain myself. And the fact that these pheasants didn’t support you, well they deserve to be shot of course! Where’s Cheney when you really need him? (and special thanks to Pissed off Patricia at Morning Martini for pointing out that while Huckapoo acts like Elmer Gantry, he really looks like Elmer Fudd).

This was also a dig at both Mittens Romeney, Ken-doll supreme – who claimed he hunted all the time, and John Kerry. Yes Mike, you are a man’s man. And Romney is really just the Breck girl you accused John Edwards of being. What a buffoon

Yesterday, when asked about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Huckapoo said that “what impact does it have on whether or not there’s going to be martial law continuing in Pakistan.” — Um, Huck, martial law was lifted a few weeks ago. This is the same Mike who had never heard of the NIE (regarding Iran and nukes) the day after it was released. This is the same Mike the fundies want leading the country.

But silly me — how fast I forget — a majority of the Republicans who support Huckapoo care only about gays, abortion and guns. As long as he is sufficiently opposed to the first two, and for more of the latter, they could care less if he thought Bhutto was a cab driver in New York or captain of the Starship Enterprise.


  1. Huckabee scares the hell out of me because he is so good at what he does which is exactly what you said. He knows jack shit about anything other than preachin’The pheasant killing film was disgusting to me in so many ways. There in his Elmer Fudd getup all manly and all with his dead birds and a joke to boot. What the fu*k is there not to love? If you like cartoon characters and feel they make good presidents. Huck’s your man.

  2. We are fucked. Plain and simple.Great Elmer Gantry tie in. You are the best of the best.

  3. HuckaBible is a dangerous, religious extremist. His rigid, radical views suggest a less sophisticated Adolph Hitler.While men like HuckaBible aren’t unique (in fact, they’re a dime-a-dozen), what is unique are the economic conditions in pre-WWII Germany and those that exist in the USA today.I think, and I believe, were it not for the grave economic conditions sweeping across America (high food and energy costs, rising debt and healthcare inequity), HuckaBible wouldn’t have a platform to exploit and a base of supporters to draw upon.As I’ve said before, my great fear is HuckaBible and Hillary become the nominees and large numbers of people on the left sit out the election in protest, thus handing the presidency to HuckaBible.If this happens, we may look back at the Bush/Cheney nightmare longingly.

  4. you three are all right!….this is one dangerous dude — i was just listening to him chime in on his ‘tax’ policy on Scarborough (why oy why am i even watching that complete shithead!) — he wants to help the poor, not make the rich poorer — gee, what a great man.FU Huckapoo — if the Foo Shits, wear it

  5. This, despite the outward “fool-act,” is no fool. There are a LOT of Second Amendment one-issue voters (my brother happens to be one of them) who will vote accordingly, and to them, Hillary is the face of Fascism Incarnate.Go figure. We look at the combination of Corporacrats and Theocrats and see fascism, but many, MANY others are being sold the opposite perspective.Great post, man.

  6. Regarding this story of Huckapoo and his big big gun. Check out what he did when he shot those birds…he needs a lesson in “How to handle a gun 101″Here’s the story.

  7. Just in case anyone can’t access it…here’s the link that you can copy and paste.

  8. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.The American people, through a combination of innate idiocy (single-issue voting, for starters) and the application of that idiocy in electing pro-corporates for decades, have allowed the insatiable vultures to come home to roost waiting for the body to die just a little bit more to get some of that tangy, rotting flesh.We pretty much are fucked. Even if someone who doesn’t seem to be inherently evil or completely beholden to corporates were to win, he or she would never get to be sworn in. Get used to a fucking lunatic in the White House for another four years, whether it’s Bush or someone else.

  9. The gun thing with these candidates is embarrassing and quite ridiculous.Even the Dems get swept up in it.Remember when blabbermouth, John Kerry, donned a rifle fer sum huntin’? I wanted to scream, “Dude, you have to stop it. You’re a Yale Bonesman.”These politicians are so phony.

  10. When did the ability to kill small animals become a requirement for becoming president? When Kerry did his hunting gig, I wrote his campaign a blistering letter about it. I don’t give a shit about Huck so I won’t bother writing to his group

  11. Funny, the last ‘mans man’ i knew about was a metro. (mark my words, there will be toe tappage….the mans got an elephant grave yard in his closet.)

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