Posted by: distributorcap | December 29, 2007

Condi – There are NO Mulligans in Pakistan

Has there ever been a more apropos picture…

Condi was one of the cadre of neocons who (I am sure with orders from Commandant Bushcheney) persuaded Benazir Bhutto to return to Pakistan last October. Yes, Bhutto is her own person and decided to return knowing all the risks that would accompany her — and that her life was now on the line. But rest assured Condi and George did not have Bhutto’s safety top-of-mind, only saving their own hemorrhoid filled asses. The $10 billion we have give Musharref to hunt down Al Qaeda, secure the nukes, and protect Bhutto (and others) — safely tucked away in the Cayman Islands.

from Juan Cole

The NYT reported that US Secretary of State Condi Rice tried to fix Musharraf’s subsequent dwindling legitimacy by arranging for Benazir to return to Pakistan to run for prime minister, with Musharraf agreeing to resign from the military and become a civilian president. When the supreme court seemed likely to interfere with his remaining president, he arrested the justices, dismissed them, and replaced them with more pliant jurists. This move threatened to scuttle the Rice Plan, since Benazir now faced the prospect of serving a dictator as his grand vizier, rather than being a proper prime minister.

With Benazir’s assassination, the Rice Plan is in tatters and Bush administration policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan is tottering.

Actually the Bush/Cheney plan of “world domination” is in tatters. Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and saw a man he could work with…though Putin might disagree. His lapdogs of Howard in Australia and Blair in Britain are gone. South of the Border? well maybe the washroom attendant at South of the Border in Dillon, SC is on his side. And he can always try to give Angela Merkel another neck massage. He does have Sarkozy, but that is France, a country Cheney has professed to hate. And the perceived recent “success” in Iraq is just that – perceived.

Has there EVER been a more ineffective, unproductive, useless and incompetent Secretary of State than Co-oppolleezzaa Riiccee? If making very bad situations even worse (and practically unsolvable) is something to call a success – then Condi should be pictured on a box of SuccessTM rice.

I wonder if Condi has put dibs on Benazir’s shoes?


  1. You’re exactly right, Condi is a totally ineffective moron who was chosen for one reason, and that is that she was willing to be a puppet for George. Just look how long it took her to make a statement about Bhutto’s assassination. Everyone and their brother were on record with their comments, but Condi was no where to be seen, unless you were shopping for shoes somewhere. The only words uttered from her mouth for the first 24 hours after Bhutto’s death were probably, “Does that come in a larger size?” You could surmise she was either shopping for shoes or in bed with George Bush when she said that.I heard that “the U.S.” wants to be a part of an investigation into Bhutto’s death. I can imagine what they will say….”Yup, al Qaeda did it and Musharraf knew nothing about it, let’s move on.”

  2. DC, it would not surprise me if Condi and the rest of the Bush/GOP Reich hoped/planned for just such an incident as a reason to play the fear card.

  3. You’re spot on, and all they have left is blowing shit up. I expect a lot of that next year.

  4. This dumb cluck is to foreign policy what Harriet Miers is to law.

  5. I wonder if Condi has put dibs on Benazir’s shoes?You are a very warped individual, and I like that in a person.

  6. Da shoes..yes, she would think of that..bravo!

  7. Jesus, you’re right. She makes Al Haig look competent by comparison. The whole neo-con worldview is in tatters, isn’t it? Yet, they cling to it all with childlike faith.

  8. I’ve never once heard of any effective policy decision she’s made or, for that matter, ANYTHING she’s done other than resort to window dressing and going through the motions. And this includes conservative news-sources who would surely have reported anything substantial she did well before now, no matter how stupid it might have been in reality. That, in and of itself, ought to tell you something

  9. Sorry dcap- this is off topic and I’m not sure if anyone else hit you with this, but you’ve been tagged. Happy New Year!

  10. sadly….Condi prefers Stillettos….About Bhutto…I saw Gail Sheehy on an interview show this weekend and she was working with Bhutto on her book this fall, and she said that when she went to visit her in the Fall in Pakistan that she had NO protection, only one woman that was her bodyguard, no one else…( and that was after the first attempt)really good post….I hate Condasleeza….and her Incredibility gap…

  11. DC, this is brilliant and funny and terrifying all at the same time. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it!Kudos, Brother.

  12. ME – condi is the perfect puppet. she does have the book smarts, just doesnt have ANYTHING else, not one iota of savviness — that is why Chimpy uses her. remember he was the C student, she was the A student. Chimpy is the king of users.TC — you my friend are not the only thinking that.RG — i hate to be tin foil hat, but i dont expect ’08 to be the year of Peace eitherC – Condi and Harriet sitting in a tree… what is it with these bizarro women and Bush (throw in Karen Hughes and Margaret Spellings)Py – thanks. you are pretty good yourself. Where was this bitch for 2 days? It is just like KatrinaDusty – yep. Condi knows here Manolo BlahnicksJY — the problem is when you see your world in tatters, you start doing some strange things. Desparate times calls for desparate measures — watch Bushco get even worse next yearCK – Donald Trump (of all people) said it — “Condi has NEVER closed a deal, never!”ME — always it 8-)Engima – and this is surprising. does anyone really think Musharraf wanted her around? he must have been so pissed Condi and Chimpy brought her back to Pakistan.CR — thanks — i dont know how i do it either 😎 Must be the NYC water supply or the fact that Bush HATES this city and never comes here unless forced.

  13. Oh, and PS, I love Failure Rice! Comes out WRONG every time!

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