Posted by: distributorcap | December 31, 2007

To All My Friends….

real, cyber, imaginary, long-lost, newly-found, blogged, bribed, true-blue, old, close, distant, and whatever

May 2008 finally be the year we say goodbye to people that need to be pushed out the door and off the planet. So far my final post of 2007 I say….

PS – I love the help at Trader Joe’s. This morning when I went to buy a couple of bottles of wine, the cashier asked to see proof that I was over 21! My new BFF, even more than GWB!


  1. Right back at ya, DCap. One of the highlights of 2007 for me was meeting you and the other NY Bloggers. You’re one of my BFFs…and the Trader Joe’s help was right — you don’t look a day over 20.

  2. Thank you and Happy New Year to you. Not to piss on the Twisted Sister Parade, but you might enjoy this.

  3. Same to you, DCNY – you’ve been a shining star for me — one of the true highlights of my year.As for TJ’s… I had to fill out an insurance form at the doctor’s office recently, and the nurse who actually fills it out asked me my sex. It is to laugh.Regards,Tengrain

  4. Have a good 31st!

  5. Happy New Year to you, DC, and all here, and thanks for a magnificent vid!!May 2008 be the year the GOP disbanded!

  6. I wish I could believe in your elections, I really do Santa Dcap, but a great new year to you nonetheless, my friend.

  7. Back at cha’, Dude!The clock is ticking on the Bush junta and it’s almost over.

  8. Here’s to hoping the 8th year is less painful for our country than the last seven. Here’s a little kiss on your cheek, a big hug and a happy new year to all.

  9. Happy New Year, dcap and everyone else here! I got carded for buying wine at a store last year when I was with my older brother. He told the gal, “Do you know how friggin’ old this girl is?” and the lady behind the counter said, “Are you her dad?” I laughed all the way home! He swears to this day that I set him up. :-)Have the best New Year, dcap…oh, did I tell you I’m coming to dinner?

  10. Happy new year to you my friend!

  11. Happy New Year, DC! Let’s make it a good one.

  12. Happy New Year Dcap, and may it be the year some one puts a laxative in the DC water system, so we can get the shit out of that city!

  13. A Happy New Year to you and yours, DCap.

  14. Happy New Year, DCap! Let’s hope for a great 2008!

  15. Urrrgggggh! Happy New Year with a dash of kvetch! I left a comment last night, but alas… I come here today and bupkis from me.What I said was this- Happy 2008 to a great friend. We may have met thanks to the “Company Store” or should I say “Big Brother”, but that was just the springboard. After all, we had to meet somehow.You have been and continue to be a great friend in both real and blog life, which I find are blurring lately!And let’s not forget Mr. Fancy Schmancy Bloggerpants that while YOU urged me on to post at Kos (that short lived but lively time for me) and that led to this mishegos, that we share. However, it was me who told people to come visit here, when I was on vacation in July.Not that they would not have found you and your crazy, angry, ranty, funny brilliance anyway. But you know me, I love grabbing for and taking the credit for something I like to think I am responsible for!LOL. All the best to you in 2008. As of 5pm yesterday… I am unemployed for the first time in about 26 years. Oy. My love to you and to that cute furry and toothless cat of yours.Mwah. P.S. We will always have Szeczin!

  16. Happy New Year, DCap!All the best to you. And to the Good George.

  17. Happy New Year to you and yours, DCap!

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