Posted by: distributorcap | January 8, 2008

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Important things are happening in the world that are not related to Hillary or Rudy.

Rightwing/Idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to The View today, bringing future Nazi Youth member son Taylor Thomas. Hasselbeck, (who at 30 should be put out to pasture already), had been on maternity leave from the New York-based daytime talk show after giving birth to Rosemary’s Baby back in October. Her absence made for two of the less offensive months on the ABC daytime talkfest. The moronic co-host’s first day back at The View will include “a big ticket item giveaway” for the studio audience. The picture below will tell you what that/those big ticket item(s) potentially is/are — (you know, those boobs were definitely not that big on Survivor). Co-hosts of The View also include Baba Wawa, Joy Behar, Oda Mae Brown and the ultimate believer (like Mike Huckapoo) that world is 2,000 years old and flat-Sherri Shepherd.

On the other side of the dial, Idiot/Annoying pop-psychologist Dr Phil, canceled his show on Britney Spears. He apparently went to see Ms. Unbalanced (insane, but a huge ratings grabber) in the hospital and wanted to give a “very informative, hard-hitting and completely necessary” show on why Ms Spears is acting the way she is. Well today there was no show. Dr. Phil (whom we all remember as Oprah’s disciple) said he canceled it

because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family, I have made the decision not to move forward with the taping at this particular time.

Yea right Phil, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck invited Rosie O’Donnell to her baptism.


  1. Ugh, Dr. Phil just annoys the living daylights out of me. My mom watches his show all the time and she tells me about all the stories and how the miraculous Dr.Phil fixes everything. I’m not into all the Brittney Spears stuff, but I think using her problems for show ratings and making it sound like he’s doing it as some kind of concern over her mental health is about as low as you can get. If he was a lawyer,they’d call him an ambulance chaser…in his case he’s just a bottom feeder.

  2. DCap: Thanks for making me happier than ever that I got rid of the tv. What drek.

  3. Why do I want to call her Elizabeth Hassel”rack”?(Okay that was bad. Sorry about that.)

  4. Ewww, Hasselback disgusts me more than that odious idiot Sherry Shepard. Shepard is ignoart, Hassleback is willfully so.

  5. I think people need to write letters of complaint to the APA about Phil McGraw.He’s a doctor and yet, he frequently features his wife, Robin McGraw, on his show as a co-equal to dispense advice to the fucked-up straight people who are stupid enough to undress before an audience.Robin McGraw is a former Dallas, TX housewife and not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. She really has no business sitting along side her husband and doling out advice to people.Phil McGraw is reckless and irresponsible and he sells people down the drain for ratings. He should have his license pulled.

  6. Dr. Phil is an unethical quack who only made it big because he kissed Oprah’s ass for a while. Christopher nailed it on this one–pull his license.And cut Hasselbeck some slack, at least on the boobs–she’s probably breast-feeding and can’t help the giant dairy-jugs (as my little sister calls hers).

  7. Dr. Phil’s a great kisser. Also, he looks really hot in a thong.

  8. Not that I stay on the latest Britney news..but didn’t she tell Dr Philly to get the fuck out?

  9. “You don’t get many of those to the pound…” etc, etc

  10. My husband was laughing, the news was all afroth about Dr. Phil being tossed out on his ass from Spears’ room. The utter pompous gall of such a bloated ego blowhard ‘doctor’, to make Spears’ meltdown even worse. Struggling in the door with camera crew right behind? Or on call? Or hiding? Wired for sound? WTF?No real doctor would have ever pulled such a stunt.Let the idiot woman go insane out of the spotlight, please. Are you listening, mainstream media idiot ‘reporters’? Stop thinking we are interested.

  11. “Dr” Phil is such a shill!it really ought to be illegal [it certainly _is_ unethical] what he’s one can [or should] diagnose and do pop-psychology in a public forum.he gives the rest of us a bad name — and leaves the taste of manure in my mouth. :6

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