Posted by: distributorcap | January 8, 2008

Tears on my pillow

There are WAY TOO many “Cry” songs to find one with the right lyrics for Hillary’s show of emotion yesterday. But let’s go with Smokey Robinson:

Now if there’s a smile on my face
It’s only there trying to fool the public
But when it comes down to fooling you
Now honey that’s quite a different subject

I know — I am supposed to be PC and not talk about women crying. So I will just go right to Edwin Muskie’s (alleged) tears and his 1972 campaign swan song – in New Hampshire. But i will softly mention Pat Schroeder’s lachrymose when she dropped her run for the Presidency in 1987.

Hillary’s toast and she knows it. In fact every single pundit, journalist, voter, campaign worker and dog knows it. It’s over. For her it was a dollar and a dream – but the dollar had George W. Bush’s picture on it, and the dream had Monica Lewinsky as her fairy godmother. Chuck Todd, whom I find is someone that says a lot without really saying anything of value, actually called it right — he said that her “expiration date on the milk cartoon just went past due.”

Let’s call it as it is — it is way too late to change your message (again), the image (again), people’s perception of you (again) and positions. Hillary you are actually quite smart – you should have known this MONTHS ago. You should have known your poll numbers were really just numbers taken off a dart board. You should have known that Mark Penn was just feeding you crap information to keep his job – the truth be damned. You should have known that the anointment by virtually all of the MSM was really the kiss of death. I hate to sound cliche – but if it is too good to be true….

And then in one cold winter night — the magic was gone, the emperor had no clothes, the water was thrown on Margaret Hamilton. Hillary, remember when most of comatose America woke up after Katrina in 2005 and realized that Bush was really a terrible president and a terrible person (tho many of knew that even before the 2000 election), it is time for your epiphany — you were never meant to be President.

Funny thing, when I saw the teary-eyed Hillary at a rally in New Hampshire yesterday — I did not think her tears were disingenuous — I thought they were real. Real in the sense she finally saw her entire campaign for President for what it was — a house of cards — a house that collapsed in one Iowa moment. And like with Monica, she was just the last to know (or the last to admit it). That is what those tears were about. Yes it was personal — those tears were about her, they were not about what she could do for this country.

There was one moment that did strike me — when she said (and I paraphrase) “I see what is happening and we have to reverse it.” That might be the first non-spin, non-triangulating, non-scripted thing she has ever said on the campaign. Then Hillary put your money where your mouth is – do something for this country and NOT for yourself. If this was really about the country you would admit defeat, and toss your support to Obama or Edwards right now, and then do whatever it takes to ensure another lunatic Republican doesn’t get into the White House. Then go back to the Senate and start working on real legislation (like SCHIP and getting out of Iraq, NOT flag burning) that could actually stop the train wreck you see coming. Hillary — that would rescue your precious ‘legacy’ more than any raw show of emotion and those tears of a clown.


  1. I agree: Hill’s dream of becoming president (promised to her by Bill, if she didn’t divorce him back in 1998) is evapoating before her eyes.A loss in Iowa and a presumptive loss today in New Hampshire, means that despite those promises and despite what the MSM (like CNN) wants, it’s all but over for Hill.She will no doubt drag her circus to South Carolina and Nevada, promising to fight on, between crying spells of course, but I can’t imagine why she would put herself through the humiliation of losing in all the states that participate in Super Tuesday.If Obama wins today in New Hampshire and I think he will, then we have ourselves a Democratic nominee. As the GOP spins out of control, the only question remaining is, how large will the Obama landslide be in November?It will be huge!

  2. Culinary Workers Union Local 226 –one of the fastest growing private sector local unions in the United States with approximately 60,000 members, will endorse Barack Obama for president today, From the Left has learned.Culinary 226 represents more members than any other union in Nevada.Culinary 226 members work at casinos along the Las Vegas Strip as well as in downtown Las Vegas and at food service outlets at McCarran International Airport and Valley Hospital, industrial laundries throughout the Las Vegas valley, as well as casinos in Reno. This is a huge endorsement for Barack Obama, as he prepares for a landslide victory in the New Hampshire primaries.

  3. This may be the best post – or one of the most meaningful, you’ve written.Thank you.

  4. As for her tears yesterday, I don’t doubt for a minute they were real. All the candidates are tired as hell right now, and being a female, I can tell you a real tired female often will cry. It’s like a stress relief.I think her biggest mistake was the people she hired to run her campaign. They totally screwed up in every way.Then day before yesterday when her husband said he couldn’t make her younger, or taller or male…he should have his assed kicked big time for saying that about her. He was basically saying he couldn’t make her a winnable candidate. Son of a bitch seemed to be turning against her. I’m a big time Bill Clinton fan, but that remark was so fu*king rude.Sorry to rant so early in the day, but this day has sucked for me and I’m stressed. No, I’m not going to cry, at least not yet.

  5. I won’t believe she’s really done until/unless she comes in 3rd (or worse) again today. Otherwise, I still think she has a chance to turn things around. Sheeple are fickle and stupid; you never know what the hell they’re gonna do until they’ve done it. So I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude. I’m not going to be so quick to bury her.

  6. Hillary and her husband are Republicans.She shouldn’t win on the Democratic ticket.I will say there is good news.After hearing about her tacit capitulation, I’ve decided to officially declare that I am running for Emperor.As Emperor, I promise to be biased toward those I like, and against those I do not. I promise to lie whenever necessary and/or whenever I feel like it. I will rule through fear, and brutality, and occasionally I’ll hand out Gummi Bears to small children.With me in power, there will no longer be any doubt about who I am or what my intentions are. It will be unnecessary to debate whether or not I’m a “Good Emperor” or a “Bad Emperor.”I promise to be the worst Emperor in history, and if anyone says otherwise they’ll be sent to Atlantis for reprogramming.It’s time somebody told the fucking truth, and I’m just that person.Vote for me…or sleep with the fishes. It’s your choice America. After all, this is a “Democracy.”

  7. The way she has been acting over the past couple of days – including playing the damned Rovian “fear card” should make her theme song “Tears of a Clown”. Because the more she falls by the wayside, the more she makes me either fearful of her laugh hysterically!

  8. She should have dumped Bill in ’98 when it would have stung him. If she had, and since there’s no way she stands a chance of becoming pres., she wouldn’t be a two-time loser.As she will be in November.

  9. dcap- why should she throw in the towel and admit defeat after only two primaries? I’m not a Hillary supporter, but I don’t think she should give up now. I also don’t think it’s too late for her to get another adviser for her campaign. It may work and may not, but even though she isn’t in first place, what you aren’t seeing on the news is the number of supporters cramming to get into her events in New Hampshire. My daughter lives there and said, yes, Obama is getting record crowds, but Hillary is getting a lot, too. Why should we all have to vote for the guy who is the current media darling, just because of one primary and one caucus? And if you want to get on somebody’s case about going back to Washington and doing something…tell that to Obama who has missed more than 80% of the votes since he’s been campaigning. He complained about Hillary’s yes vote on Kyle-Lieberman, even though he refused to leave the campaign trail in New Hampshire to vote against it. All talk and no action…Obama sucks just as bad, if not worse than Hillary. BTW, I also thought her tears were genuine and she was sincere about wanting to do more for the country. A Senator can only do much, she was hoping for more. What’s wrong with that? Ok…now you can all bash me for dissing Obama and standing up for Hillary..bring it on. 😉

  10. Why should we all have to vote for the guy who is the current media darling, just because of one primary and one caucus?Mary Ellen,No one is putting a gun to your head. This is America and you can vote or not vote in the primaries.In fact, in November you can even write in “David Duke” if his views are closer to your own.Just saying……..

  11. Mary Ellen, I wouldn’t bash you at all. I think you’re great!

  12. In fact, in November you can even write in “David Duke” if his views are closer to your own.Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Are you calling me a racist? For cryin’ out loud! Dick Small- Thanks for that much appreciated compliment, I’m a bit shaken by Christopher’s remark.

  13. DCap– I’m not ready to count her out either. I think Clinton and Obama have both sipped the Kool-aid, if you will, and have lots to be desired in terms of a truly progressing Democratic candidate. However, we’re both New Yorkers and we know that in 2000 she was counted out of the Senate race before she even entered the ring. Yet, she won ands in my opinion, beat a politically strong Guiliani and his replacement Rick Lazio by doing the grunt work of winning over Republican strong holds in the upstate region. Despite the New Hampshire polls there’s nothing to say she won’t pull off another “come-from-behind” victory. I’m not hopeful, nor am I crazy about the prospect, but I won’t count her out just yet.

  14. You’re welcome, M.E.!

  15. Ol’ SHill has the money to go the we can’t count her out even if the nimrods in the MSM are. As for her tears..crocodile at best..

  16. With her bankroll, it would take a big loss on Super Tuesday to knock Hillary out of the race. I’ll continue to support Edwards.

  17. tomcat- Edwards said he’s staying in until the end, I wonder if he’ll have enough money to make it? Do you think Hillary has enough of a bank roll now?

  18. I think her tears were real. As a female poster already noted, a feminine response to exhaustion is crying. Hell, I’ve cried before in similar straits. Had she shown this kind of authenticity sooner, she’d still be in first place. Though, as you put it, without a single vote being cast, the answer to the question of “who’s in first place?” was clearly a matter of smoke and mirrors. In acknowledging this, I think if she’d been more authentic before now, she’d have won Iowa, the nomination, and maybe even the Presidency.

  19. Excellent analysis my friend.

  20. Well I’m no Hillary fan, and I didn’t buy the tears but right now the race is too close to call in New Hampshire, and that is really scary.Now if she takes it I am going to have to eat crow. Damn, she is ahead right now by 4 points, unfreakinbelievable. What is WRONG with people?And when I get stressed and overly tired I don’t cry. I take a hot bath. Maybe there’s something wrong with ME.

  21. In fact, in November you can even write in “David Duke” if his views are closer to your own.Christopher, are you serious? Mary Ellen and I disagree on Hillary and Obama, but one thing I know for sure is that Mary Ellen is no racist!IMO, I think Sen. Clinton’s tears MAY have been genuine, but her body language didn’t mirror what she was actually saying during the time her tears were threatening to spill down her cheeks. If you look at the tape, you’ll see that she keeps covering at least half her face, which indicates prevarication. I’m disappointed that so many women apparently fell for that.Again, IMO, Obama is the real deal and the fact that he’s giving her such a run makes me happy. I’m not AGAINST Sen. Clinton, and in fact will vote for her if she’s the nominee, but I happen to believe that Obama is, by far, the better candidate. On the Kyle-Lieberman vote, he didn’t show because it wasn’t going to be a close vote, as I recall. However, on another bill (I think it was the healthcare for children one), he cancelled his appearance on The View that day to fly back to Washington so he could vote. So my point is that he was picking and choosing which votes were crucial enough (not in substance, but in whether they had a chance of passing or being defeated). Hope that makes sense – I’m only starting my second cup of joe.Boy, what an interesting year this is starting out to be!

  22. Christopher–I’m appalled. I never expected Obama supporters to play the race card. I thought we would leave that to the rethugs.I must say, the more I’ve heard lately — not from the man himself but from his _supporters_ — the more I’m prompted to take a second look — elsewhere!I’m not sure I want 4 or 8 years of name-calling every time someone disagrees with their darling.and to call Mary Ellen, of all people, a racist! fwiw, you do your candidate a great disservice with your games.

  23. Well said, TC.

  24. With any luck, I’ll be able to get the Mark Penn steam ahead of South Carolina the way I did before New Hampshire. I loved every second of the coverage, KNOWING that once Nashua and Manchester had left her 7 points in front, she was home. Penn’s internal polls had put the final total on 4%.I’ll certainly vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee. I’d certainly vote for Edwards if he’s the nominee. I’d consider voting for Romney or Thompson over Obama and if it’s Obama versus anyone else, I’m writing in Michael Vick.

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