Posted by: distributorcap | January 21, 2008

It’s all in the design

Charles Eames (1907-78) was one of the pioneers of industrial and mid-century design. His originals today bring big-bucks in auctions and are highly prized by collectors of mid-century furniture. Along with his wife Ray, the Eameses are best known for their chairs:

Eames used wood, fiberglass, wire and all sorts of materials that changed the face of functional furniture.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why this chair had trouble selling.



  1. That’s awesome.

  2. Holy crap!

  3. Probably because once you got in, you would never want to get out.

  4. Muah!

  5. The wood and fiberglass chairs are beautiful and the shapes are very pleasing but they look uncomfortable and not very inviting. High-end, designer stuff often suffers from this contradiction.In our home, we have big, comfortable leather furniture than you can spend hours on watch a baseball game or a movie and everything is dog-friendly.The purple chair on the bottom? Is it a mouth or a pussy? Maybe both?

  6. Oh my! (blush)

  7. Oh my…..does it come with a foot stool in the shape of a penis?

  8. ME–no, it’s for lesbians, so it comes with a … okay, okay, I won’t go there.I was never an Eames fan; I like more traditional (and comfortable) furniture designs. (I actually design and build furniture myself.)That pink “lips” chair (whichever lips you want to go with) is freaking me out.

  9. I’ve always been fond of “Pink”.

  10. jen — some designer has a sense of humorFIA – i wonder if there is one in the James Dobson householdmorse — i guess that is one way to look at itrandal — maybe you can get one on ebaychristopher – all those high design and concept chair are uncomfortable — but they look greatPOP — you think fred would hide in it?ME — a foot stool or maybe some throw pillowsdg — i could sure use a good esk chair, this bridge chair i have is killing memath — i wont even go there8-)

  11. LOL!I kind of like Christopher’s idea – comfy chairs that are dog-friendly. Of course our dog thinks any chair is hers so she even gets up on the antique love seat that is NOT comfortable.I can appreciate the Eames chairs and other modern decor intellectually but I’m stuck in the late Victorian era myself. And we do have comfy leather couches in our family room.

  12. LOL! That bottom chair looks Purrrfect!

  13. DCap- the Dobson household is full of these. They just crawl into them from time to time.

  14. Bwahahahaha! Funny post, funny comments!

  15. Since I’m arriving so late, I guess everyone’s “moved on” by now.Damn, I’ve always had bad timing…

  16. I have not one clever thing to say. I’m laughing too hard at the post and the comments.Okay, not clever, gross….do you have to stuff it with cotton once a month? Just wondering about the maintenance on that pink chair.

  17. I was hoping for a series of similar chairs in different colors and textures.They’re all so different and yet, based on the same basic design structure. *grins*

  18. Frank Lloyd Wright made stiff, upright purposely uncomfortable chairs believing that it is bad to sit for too long.My grandfather was in the trades and actually had friends who contracted on Wright’s homes. Turns out Wright was a total bastard who felt that he was above paying his bills (apparently everyone else should suffer for his art too), and Wright’s homes are also notoriously mechanically bad.Was this supposed to be about Eames?Good thing I didn’t go off on a va-jay-jay tangent.

  19. maui – my george has completely taken over the Eames chair i bought for show…… double towel on it of coursetom — purrfect unless you are james dobson or tony perkins — then i would guess they might be imperfectsuzi — and you thought all designers were so boring! hehehehedick — timing is everything, especially with chairs shaped like anatomydcup — you have to use a sheep for that monthly operationck — can you imagine a hotel with those chair in the lobby?jess — charles eames deserves a more dignified post — like one about pillows shaped as a buttocks

  20. The pictured furniture probably failed to sell because it was a c&*nt of a thing to get out of…..or was it that when you sat in it properly, you felt like a dick. Or a tongue.

  21. If I could find my car keys, I could drive out.Regards,Tengrain

  22. Re: the labia chair…Now THAT’s what I call an *easy* chair.Does the little clitoris pillow vibrate, perchance?

  23. Ha ha…How many times must I tell you to stay out of the gift shop at The Museum of Sex. It only leads to no good with you… Sheesh.

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