Posted by: distributorcap | January 23, 2008

The Umbrella Man in the Grassy Knoll

I will save the Kennedy post for another time…..(and I have one)

Here is my grassy knoll/conspiracy theory for the day. Not the Arlen Spector “magic bullet” theory. Call it the umbrella man on the grassy knoll in Dealy Plaza.

That umbrella man (see above arrow) was standing in sunny Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963 for some ominous reason — and likewise, the 2008 GOP is fielding this slate of ridiculous Presidential candidates for some ominous reason. There is method to their madness.

The failures and incompetence of George W. Bush are monumental. Someone should call the Guinness Book of World Records. There has never have been a leader (or person) so awful, so stupid, so evil and so arrogant in the annals of recorded history. At least Mussolini made the trains run on time. Bush does NOTHING right (unless he spanks his puny monkey with his right hand!).

Let’s take a quick look at some of George W. Chimpy’s “triumphs”

  1. Katrina
  2. The booming economy
  3. Iraq
  4. Global Warming
  5. The Justice Department
  6. Spying on Americans
  7. Sub prime mortgage
  8. The most polarized electorate ever
  9. More uninsured people

that’s enough

No person — no matter how qualified, how determined, how competent or how connected is going to be able to fix the mess left behind by this total piece of shit. He and his lemmings are purposely making sure that when they walk out, the next guy inherits a monster. The GOP knows this, the Dems know this and in all honesty, the nation knows this. It is the 900-pound elephant in the room.

(elephant shit anyway – I would bet big money that elephants HATE being the symbol of a party of roaches and leeches).

Knowing this is the case, the GOP, never a party that doesn’t plan for the future, has decided it is worth losing the 2008 election, believing the Democratic winner will be so overwhelmed and so trashed by the (willing to comply) media — it will allow the GOP to waltz back into the White House in 2012 as saviors. Don’t put it past the ‘elders’ of the party. Call it the sacrificial lamb syndrome— any of the leading GOP candidates would make an excellent sacrificial lamb. McCain, well he is old. Rudy, well he is nasty and hated. Mitt, well he is a Mormon. Huckapoo, well he is a religious lunatic. None of them would make a particularly attractive Republican candidate, and for sure NONE of them would make a good president.

The GOP plan — lose at all costs in ’08 – and then blame Hillary/Obama/Edwards and march back in as heroes in 2012 for at least the next 8 years. Instead concentrate on keeping at least 41 seats (including Liebershit) in the Senate (even if they cannot win back the House) — ensure more gridlock — and make the Democrats look like a bunch of losers.

Just my two cents. Also watch the 2012 campaign start on January 21, 2009. Or rather maybe it has already started. Gotta love America.


  1. Sadly, I think you nailed it. The pugs are already thinking about 2010 and 2012. That said, here’s one for the Kennedy conspiracy theories: My friend John’s father was a democratic congressman from Texas in the 50’s and early 60’s. He was in the second car behind Kennedy in Dallas. He told John that he didn’t care what they said, there were shots that came from the grassy knoll. The Warren Commission never interviewed him, a four or five term congressman, a known quantity, who was in the second car behind Kennedy. Tell me that’s not strange.

  2. Without an heir apparent, the Repubs really don’t know what to do, do they?I love that elephant poo picture!

  3. I have no doubt that Kennedy was shot by one of our own. Personally, I always suspected Lyndon B. Johnson. I don’t know why, I just didn’t trust the guy. Regarding the Republicans, I think they are so inept and so wrapped up in their power that the country never did matter to them. If they could figure out a way to steal the upcoming election, they’ll do it. I also think if Obama is President, Lieberman will be in his Cabinet. I’m not sure in what capacity but he will have some sort of leadership position, mark my words. I also heard a disturbing story that although Reid and Pelosi were posing for photo-ops with the Prez today and declaring they will get a bi-partisan stimulus package out, Reid had said that he will have to wait for Congress to get one and pass it and then the Senate will look at it and decide if they want to present their own. This may not be resolved until sometime in March or April and if they wait that long, it’s going to be too late for any economic upturn (if it isn’t already). So much for urgency, eh?Another great post, distributorcap! Are you on steroids this week? 😉

  4. DCap – Back away slowly from your keyboard, dude. It’s on fire. Nice post here. I thought I might add that my entry into this world came approximately 12 hours after the shots from the grassy knoll were fired.I mean seriously. Despite that Marines are the best trained marksman in the world, those shots could not have come from the cheap Italian rifle found in the book repository. Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t do it. This was a coup d’etat.

  5. You are correct and I’m getting depressed.And spartacus is right about the JFK assasination.

  6. My feeling too. There must be some more sane repubs out there who could make a run for it but they know this isn’t the right time. Let a dem. win, trash them for not undoing all the crap bush has done, and then send the repubs to the rescue of the country. That’s gotta be the plan.

  7. DCap,Give me a shout out when you post on the JFK assassination. I have a couple of interesting analysis articles on the subject that appear to disprove the Warren Commission’s findings.About the election and the GOP, I am worried that the Borg Queen could win the nomination based solely on the delegate count.With her negatives running well above 50%, it makes it highly unlikely she will win the race for president against a McCain or a Romney.How do you like the idea of another Republican administration and all that goes along with it?

  8. Good call, DC. Ironically, who is the president that repubs like to blame for all our current woes? You get one guess. Yet, you’ll see. they’ll stick their fingers in their ears when, in 2012, we argue that 4 years wasn’t enough to clean up all Dubya’s shit.

  9. Exactement. They think long term – hell, look at long they waited to push hardcore for full on kingship – while Dems scramble to clean up the piles of shit in our backyard. Too bad America won’t wake up to realize this perpetual scam, or possibly scamola.

  10. I am hoping that this administration finally wrecks the entire repub party forever. I mean, only idiots believe anything BushCo says now. Hopefully those idiots will either wise up or die off before 2012. Besides, if their “lose it now to win it later” tactic actually works in 2012, then we deserve what we get!

  11. Minor correction: Mussolini didn’t make the trains run on time- they merely changed schedules as needed to perpetuate the lie. Franco used the same tactic.Shrub learned that part well.

  12. Another great post!Here’s the Bush Scandal List – it’s staggering. I’d love to see your Kennedy assassination post. I also believe that it was a coup d’etat.As to “umbrella man” – here in Dallas, and probably in other Southern climes, it is common for black people to carry umbrellas in the full sun to protect their skin. That may sound strange, since their skin contains more melatonin(sp?), but they have sense enough to protect themselves when the white people were walking around (back then) sans sunscreen. 🙂

  13. Sadly, I don’t have anything insightful to offer. You’re all so smart, and I’m, well………I’m amazed you all put up with me, really..

  14. What is clear is that the first four years of whomever is in office will be mop-up detail.Being hyper-critical Americans, we will very quickly grow impatient with whomever is in office for not addressing concerns quickly or efficiently enough.

  15. I dunno. Incumbents are notoriously tough to beat. Unless the next president really, really screws up, he or she should be there for the long haul. Look how bad GWB messed up and he still won a second term.

  16. Bush has had one successful program: No Millionaire Left Behind!

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