Posted by: distributorcap | February 19, 2008

Like there is no tomorrow…

eating that is…

If you have never been on a cruise and you decide to go on one…..make sure you starve yourself for about 3 weeks prior to leaving. It is 24 hours of a non-stop food orgy. And as you walk around you can see for yourself that many, many people partake in the gastronomic activities.

There is a buffet for each meal. There are at least 4 main dining rooms. There are 2 specialty restaurants. There is pizza, burgers, knockwurst, hot dogs and fries available all day. There is ice cream ONLY to 1130pm. There is a midnight “something or other” — one night was tacky valentine cakes, one night was fruit sculptures. There is an offshore bbq one day. There is room service. You only pay extra for beer, wine, alcohol and soda.

There is lox, bagels, cream cheese, onions, lobster tails, lobster rolls, shrimp cocktails, giant shrimp, pineapple, souffles, omelettes, cereal, hash browns, french fries, baked potatoes, baked alaska, alaskan king crab, crab salad, cobb salad, waldorf salad, nicoise salad, fettucine alfredo, penna al vodka, everything al vodka. There is a cuisine from every land. Including New York.

And surprisingly the food was good. It was very good, as a matter of fact most dinners were excellent.

The waiters were “French” one night, “Italian” another night, they sang happy birthday, they ran for butter, they brought extra wine.

And when you go ashore — guess what — in between the tourist schlock stores, jewelry stores, liquor stores and perfume stores there are more restaurants. Including a Burger King smack in the middle of St. Maarten.

But watching some people pile on the bacon, sausage, fried eggs, rolls, butter, jam, fruit, pancakes until the plate was as tall as Mt Everest was a sight to behold. And some people should not have been piling on the food.

One woman tripped and her plate of macaroni and cheese and 13 other side dishes landed right on another woman’s bathing suit. The ONE time I did not have the camera

Weight when i left — 168 lbs. Weight when i returned — 166 lbs. Call it self control.


  1. Welcome home friend.

  2. good for you in being able to exercise self control. and welcome home!

  3. I just gained five pounds looking at the pictures of the food. Sigh…I’d kill for the lobster and cheesecake.

  4. Oh me too, and the shrimp. I could eat shrimp until I popped.WELCOME HOME !!!

  5. So, how much did they charge for high colonics? Because that has to be a money maker.

  6. OMG that post made me hungry ! glad u are back safe and sound…

  7. Hey you’re back (Marjorie told me). I missed you, DC. This makes my day. (c:

  8. Welcome back my friend. Glad you made it safely. I went on just one cruise, but it was as you say – a glutton’s paradise. The ship also had an excellent exercise facility. But all the people I saw in there, didn’t really need it. The ones that did? Still eating, I presume.:)

  9. It has been said the little shop in the ship has items in extra large for those people who eat themselves out of their own clothes sizes.Sounds like you had fun!

  10. dr m – thanks! it is good to be homelib — thanks — after 2 days of over eating i decided i didnt want to look like 1/2 the shipME — the lobster was great. luckily i am a not a dessert eater.marj — thanks, back to macaroni and cheese and tuna sandwiches — with no one cooking for mepiny — the gym was packed on monday and tue, by wed it was empty.proud — thanks — watch those caloriesdick — thanks, missed you guys too future — they would pike the food on and hit the gym for 5 minutes. by wed they wouldnt even bother with the gymell — what they say is true — and i did have fun

  11. Aw, the glories of lobster tails!In a perfect world, I would eat them every day with a small loaf of Sourdough bread and fresh sweet cream butter.One of the great things about Vegas is the buffet at Rio. For a nominal $24 (at least the last time we were there), is the endless buffet of lobster. Since I don’t have a clue how to prepare it, such a place is like nirvana for me.I can’t believe you only gained 2 lbs.? You are very lucky. I probably would’ve gained 10 lbs. before I got to the dessert table.

  12. My experience on a cruise is that’s about all there is to do, eat. We went on a short one a few years ago and that was it for me. I wish I had gotten hooked on them because the people that do seem to really really enjoy them.Mostly, I’m just glad you are home safe and sound and that you had a good time.

  13. You lost weight on a cruise.Oh…Glad you are back!!! I can only tell you that the one cruise that I went on was a Disney cruise. The food was plentiful and not so good. And you might recall it was my then-employer who had the not-so-bright-idea to hold a sales meeting on a cruise ship.

  14. chris — i love lobster, i hate the work — that is why the tails being served are the best. and i didnt gain weight — i lost 2 lbs! — for spending 2 hours in the gym every day during the rain — and to work off the bread and endless foodPOP – while i had a good time, the activities on ship are limited — and i am not one to sit still — and i am such not the shopper. thanks for the welcome back, i hope you are Mr POP and fred are doing ok. was thinking of youFran — i know about your company’s cruise. if they could do something wrong, they will! glad i am back. it was 70 degrees in NY yesterday.

  15. I loved the video, D-Cap. You have an adorable smile.The only cruise I’ve been on was on a gambling ship based in Padre Island, TX. The buffet was deplorable slop, but the slots were sufficiently loose.My companion was a non drinker/non gambler who had given me the trip for my birthday. She was obvious “doing it for me,” but her boredom overshadowed my gambling glee.By 10 p.m. I wanted to jump off the ship and swim home.

  16. Yes I know- I was a mere 25 miles upriver in the lovely Hudson village hamlet of Nyack yesterday… Karenzipdrive should only know that I wanted to jump off the Disney cruise I was on and swim anywhere! It was 3 days o’ hell.Maybe I will write a post on it at some point.

  17. Welcome home, pal! I’ve missed you!

  18. Heh, there would be claw marks on the wall as they dragged me away from that kind of grub.Too bad about the weather.

  19. I think you may be the one human being ever to have gone on a cruise and lost weight (aside from foodborne illness outbreak sufferers, that is.)Welcome back!

  20. ARGH! You had to remind me. Here in Oregon, lox come with keys!! 😦

  21. No freaking way you weigh less than when you way!My sis told me the same thing you did..its all about da food. My biggest weakness..sigh.

  22. LOL! Funny you should post the Oliver viddie. My daughter’s high school is putting on a production of that musical next month. Now, when that number is played, I’m going to have this mental image of you somehow losing two pounds on food-orgy cruise. You’re not bulemic, are you?

  23. Self control my ass. You made yourself puke.

  24. ‘Weight when i left — 168 lbs. Weight when i returned — 166 lbs.’Man, you’re tough…I had to hit the onboard gym every day for 45 minutes and swim for a hour just to keep from going all pufferfishical.;>)

  25. Glad you returned safely you lightweight you.

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