Posted by: distributorcap | March 15, 2008

Bush free day

Watching President Sociopath speak for 38 minutes yesterday fried my brain. I need a break from politics and economics today. So my friends you are forced to look at three pictures that fell out of a book I bought at the Strand Bookstore last week. (The Strand on 10th street is a one of the best used bookstores on the planet!)

Best caption to each picture wins a prize. You may caption any or all. Bush crime family captions are OK on Bush free day. Call this post a combination of Watertiger at Dependable Renegade and Dr. Monkerstein at Monkey Mucker and Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors

All decisions of the judge (me) are final. Winners or their family members cannot work for Distributorcap. I will send a very nice prize (will need snail mail of course). Ask FranIAm — I have cool swag.

As a caveat, I have no idea who any of these people are. If they happen to be your third cousin or next door neighbor, just let me know and I will be happy to send the picture.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3


  1. #1: Gerald’s cousins Gertie and Trixie coach him on how to disguise his boner while watching other men at the beach.#2. Little did my Oma and Tante Ursula know their prize shrub was actually deadly marihuana.#3. Back then, his young cousins had no idea that Denny would grow up to become the leading used car dealer in Camden, New Jersey.

  2. #1 – Being a superhero is not just about fighting crime#2 – Esther and Gladys practice the subtle art of not being seen#3 – Jebediah, in a bid to make his pants seem even longer, enlists his brothers Tonto and Neil to stand next to him, dressed in shorts. Tonto (middle) is actually a midget, in addition to being the eldest brother.

  3. #1 – ladies, if you want a little action, you gotta show a little skin.

  4. #1: Silly cousin Peter never could resist the lure of wearing ladies’ bathing suits.#2: John McCain’s younger sisters, circa 1938.#3: Jerry Lee Lewis on a date with his first fiancee, chaperoned by his brother/uncle Lester Bob.

  5. I can’t decide! Good thing DCap is left with the burden of choosing the winner.

  6. #1: (Blond on right) “That’s odd. I had only two legs when I first sat down here.#2: I dumped the old man’s Viagara out here on the grass, and look what happened!#3: (Little boy in the middle) I think I’ll take a dump right there behind Billy’s shoe.BTW, DCap, I tagged you…

  7. Watching President Sociopath speak for 38 minutes yesterday fried my brain.Be thankful that’s all it fried=.:) I have no captions to contribute, but look at the height of those trousers in #3! I winced just looking.:)

  8. 1) Sarah stifled a shriek as she realized the shaved legs before her were not her own.2)Escaping from the car and Maude’s restraining arm, Grandma Tillie declared her intent to pee on bush’s grave.3)Only little Timmy noticed that baby Lulu had been consumed by the rabid badger in the shrubbery.

  9. #3 “Hey, you were right Jimmy, your farts do smell like cotton candy!”

  10. #1 Aunt Tom spent Christmas at the beach getting tips on waxing.#2 Flo and Ethel getting ready to load some weed into the Studebaker.#3 “Howdy, Dude-y!”

  11. you guys are making this difficult

  12. I sense a lot of derivitave content from my competitors…’:[

  13. Picture #2:Edna: “Jeez, Marge, how long has it been since you trimmed your bush?”orMedical pioneers, Edna Johnson and Marge Kaczinski, opened their roadside glaucoma-treatment center in 1946.

  14. Picture #2:”Next year let’s try the hydroponic,we’ll get bigger buds.”Picture #1:Photo as displayed on “Kristen’s My Space” showing that indeed it does run in the family.sorry, I did em backwards and I’m blank on numero tres.This is weird though you guys, in Photo #2, the lady on the the left looks exactly like Mike’s grandmother Anna Frentzko and the lady on the right looks EXACTLY like my grandma Lena Husenstein, I swear to god !

  15. shit, I did that wrong, ok let me try again even though I never win anything (Ahha an attempt to solicite sympathy from the judges)Picture # 1:Photo as displayed on “Kristen’s My Space” of family members at the old Mustang Ranch, showing that indeed it does run in the family.Nevermind.

  16. 1) Mitt Romn’s grandparents enjoy a day at the beach.2) “Gertrude, I told you to get back in the car!” yelled Viola, who was tired of her daughter’s always trying to steal the spotlight.3) This was the day Eddie Haskell “lost” his baby brother who wouldn’t quit chasing that frog.

  17. 1- Romney’s (wa wa waaah)

  18. Photo #1: “Hey girls, watch-I am gonna try and look real handsome-like here…just pull down this strap,and…what!?” (girl to his left): “Would you hurry up and take the damn picture?!” “And you better have that $20 bucks you promised us!”

  19. It is true-The Man Has Cool sworn by FranIam!

  20. I don’t do captions well, but I love and adore old pictures. 😉

  21. you have ALL won — this is too difficult…..if you send me your snail mail address i promise to put the swag (NOT MADE IN CHINA) in the mailyou can send it to nyz5678@gmail.comand Edna and Marge (from Beckeye) — loved it

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