Posted by: distributorcap | March 20, 2008

15 Minutes and counting…..

I have been quite vocal in my refusal to read the New York Times since their inane and asinine decision to hire neocon, liar and mis-statement maker Bill Kristol. I haven’t purchased the paper since 1/1/08, and have only read few articles on-line or ones that were forwarded to me. Like this one:

So You Want to Be a Blogging Star?
New York Times 3/20/08
by Paul Boutin

I won’t publish the whole article. Here is the link NY Times-Blogging Star
(it is full of simplistic statements and the obvious, but it is quite informative nonetheless)

The Basics:
1. Don’t expect to get rich
2. Write about what you want to write, in your own voice
3. Fit blogging into the holes in your schedule
4. Just post it already!
5. Keep a regular rhythym
6. Join the community, such as it is
7. Plug yourself

1. I have no such aspersions
2. I hope I am doing that
3. What holes?
4. I do – and plenty of you (thankfully!) have pointed out errors, typos, et al — and please keep doing that
5. I do – the venting has been therapeutic, and I hope at times I make people smile and think.
6. I have – and I thank every person that has read this blog.
7. OK – buy distributor caps. Keep the economy strong.


  1. Dear distributorcap,I am a Republican and therefore don’t want to share, thus I don’t want to buy caps that distribute. What can I do to help stimulate the economy? Make molotov cocktails and send them to Iraq? Engage in perverted sex acts – you know, exchanging money for services? Buy guns and duct tape? Thank you for your help.Sincerely,George in Washington, D.C.P.S. Keep posting sir, thou art the man.

  2. DCap,I saw this article on My Yahoo feed and thought about writing something about it. Beaten to the punch again, damn it. The way I see it, blogging is the last medium we have as Americans — indeed as people — to allow our voices to be heard in an unedited, unfiltered and unsold manner. Like you, I have no visions of grandeur about this whole blogging thing. But it does have it’s benefits. For one, I get to exercise and sharpen my writing chops. More importantly, I’ve been given an opportunity — a gift — in that it exposed me to people like you who challenge me with their thoughts and words.I agree with RG (George in DC???). Keep it up, man. As we say here in NY, you are the shit…the real deal…all that and a bag of chips.

  3. What???? I can be a STAR????”I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for being there for me when I thought I could never write another post. I’d like to thank my mom….my dad, for raising me to know that I can reach to the sky and be all that I can be, a “Blogging Star!”Sheesh….and I didn’t even know you can make money doing this! How did I miss that?

  4. I already am one thanks.

  5. You are a star, so f*ck Bill Keller and Bill Kristol and the rest of them over there.That does not really go with my intentions in my post today. Damn.This is really great- and amazingly they actually wrote that crap.I like your replies.

  6. What if you start blogging and you’re already unspeakably rich? Like Mark Cuban and I?

  7. Money is the root of all evil and if that’s the case, I don’t have many roots or much evil.

  8. Why didn’t the NY Times list you, DCap? And I wouldn’t call Glenn Reynolds a blogger. He’s more of a clearing house.

  9. Yeah, what spartacus said and then some.

  10. Do wires come with the distributor caps or are the extra? I really could use a new set of wires.

  11. You’ve convinced me. I’m off to buy some distributor caps.

  12. I think we all do this don’t we? You do well.

  13. bill kristol! what next, the WSJ hiring Bill Maher?!

  14. you people are WAY too kind…….. for i am just a humble soul, trudging along the pathway to auto-shoprandal – i have tons of duct tape — i bought a 12 pack from a store that had a sign “we have duct tape”spart — sometimes i feel like a subway token — not worth much and not in circulation anymore. and THANKS…ME — you are so ready for your close upab — you surely are a star in my heaven (did i actually say that — blame it on the very tasty three buck chuck)FIA — they actually left the NYT at my door by accident (instead of the sales mgr) that is why i read it — normally they just leave Daily Variety and The Post — both of which are completely uselessgm — if i was rich as mark cuban i wouldnt buy a basketball team — i would by a country and declare war on bush and lose on purpose to get halliburton to rebuild it — i would call mu country “the blogger that roared”ck — i have lots of gray roots. well then again it is all graymorse — bill keller is still pissed at me for finding mistakes in Shortz’ puzzles, hence he hasnt responded to my letter lib — and then some to you as well op — there are no free lunches or wires….dcup – i know a guy who sells them off the truck on 19th street — good deal — one size fits all cars and braswyld — you do awfully well too my friend

  15. Blog on, superstar!

  16. Damned holes!

  17. You are a star m’dear on my brotha! ;)ps..if you actually end up making moolah off this blogging gig..I expect you to share it with us little people!

  18. Plug yourself? He can’t say that to me!

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