Posted by: distributorcap | April 6, 2008

Before and after

It took over a year to get the final piece in (the main construction was done March of 2007) — but the kitchen is finally finished. This is New York — space is at a premium — so do not expect a lot to work with, or anything fancy — but I actually have a decent sized kitchen for Manhattan – 70 square feet. I can actually fit 4 people in there. I will say I am very pleased the way it turned out. So if you need a good contractor.

BEFORE – it truly was a dump

AFTER – a little elbow grease never hurt

and a few pictures…


  1. I looks nice, bro. Small NY apartments can be super depressing. Looks like you’ve done well with the renovations.Enjoy.This is kind of a goodbye, buddy. Don’t know if you caught the fireworks on Jonestown yesterday or not but my life is too stressful to deal with psychos at a spot I used to consider a safe haven for all ideas. I’ve agreed more than I’ve disagreed with Johnny Wingnut!As I explained on my blog to SuziRiot, yesterday made me feel too vulnerable to psychos on the blogosphere, so this time I’m REALLY quitting. You need the Progressive Traditionalist way more than you need me. I suppose if you asked Fairlane whom he rather have as a regular commenter, he go PROG/TRAD over ME 60/40 and I can’t say I’d blame him.Prog/Trad is pithy and smart. I’m boring and kind of a bonehead. And in a weird way as I explained to SuziRiot, I root harder for Jonestown’s success than I do for my own.As I understand the unwiding of the contretemnps, The Progressive Traditionalist went on tilt because I’m wealthy. It’s true. I am, and I’m not goint to be poor anytime soon, nor is he going to be rich, so there ain’t room for the both of us.I think he’s a better blogger than I am and I know he’s a better person, so I’m making the Solomonic decision of not only abandoning commenting on Jonestown but also leaving the blogosphere entirely.I actually think his critique of me had some merit. I am boring.If I can’t comment on Jonestown freely, than there really isn’t any point to any of this for me.You’ve been a good friend. I’m sorry we didn’t meet when I still lived in the city. I’ll stay in touch via email.Keep kicking ass, buddy.

  2. very nice 🙂

  3. Lookin good, DC!!! Excellent job.

  4. Nice! We’re old DIYers ourselves so I really empathize with what you’ve been through. I discovered you through Zooey & Me (Cat in the Bag) and like your site. You do fun stuff. Looking forward to checking it out more.

  5. 70 sq feet? Damn, the space shuttle has more kitchen space than that;)Great job on the project though. I LOVE the gas oven/range. We just bought a new one too and I love it! After we helped our neighbors install flooring yesterday, Debbie told Alexis that the two of us could always become contractors. You can’t PAY me enough to go through that for other people:)Very nice work!

  6. I can see you have much more space, and that is always welcome in a kitchen.Can I tell you, “You Rock!” I got my schwag and you tha bomb D-Cap!

  7. It looks impressive.

  8. DCap,Are those Jadeite 50’s canisters I see on the counter???You and I should talk! I’ve been collecting Fireking Jadeite for 10 years. I’m totally addicted to the stuff!Oh well, and your new kitchen looks just swell. Love the wood and the floors.

  9. Having actually been in that kitchen I can attest to its tiny size but beautiful new cabinets and appliances and efficiency, for such a small space.Now I want to see the bathroom? That was undone when I was there. And that Container Store closet? I have built so many of those now, I could probably work there. Ugh. ElfaIam!

  10. Ohh, very nice remodeling job.Is there a Mrs. D-Cap?Just curious…

  11. Hooray!!!!!!!!Congrats!:D

  12. Nice job on the kitchen bro. Love the stainless steel appliances. Can’t wait for the invite to the next NY blogger meet up. I can’t think of a better place to hold it. 😉

  13. i am soooo jealous! you have more counter space than i do! i wish i could redo the whole thing, but i am not handy and will be at the mercy of contractors. i just went through that with my bathroom. it was started in august, and was finally finished a few weeks ago (insert contractor horror story here). it does look lovely now, but he screwed up the electrical system (don’t ask).good luck with the new kitchen, dcAp! may you cook and enjoy many, many meals in it.

  14. That looks fabulous! I love your cabinets! The whole thing is really well done.Enjoy!

  15. Oh that’s nice, very nice. Did you sleep on the floor afterwards?I think I would have. Hmmm….v-e-r-y-n-i-c-e !!!Heh Kelso, how about a loan so I can do my kitchen like that? Just kidding, sorry you’re bummed.

  16. What a gorgeous job! Would you believe, in the apt. complex the hubster and I just moved into, the UPGRADED version of our apt. looks like your kitchen! The same cabinets and finish, and the stainless steel appliances. Just thought you’d get a kick outta that. 🙂

  17. AND countertops! (forgot to mention) I’ll send you a link in email so you can see for yourself.

  18. Sorry about the three posts in a row, but the email link thingy doesn’t provide your email address. If you want to email me at dgoddess AT sbcglobal DOT net and I’ll give you the link that shows pictures of the upgraded apts.

  19. Good job, DC. The before version reminds me of the kitchen in a NYC apartment I used to have. Wish I still did. It was rent controlled. $35/month.

  20. Very nice dc!

  21. Kelso — I left you a comment on your blog….Nunya, dick – thanksRalph — thanks for coming by……zoey is one cute cat (but not as cute as my george!)Chris – 70 sf is gigantic for NYFreida – for you anything, even a new kitchenWyld – thanksChris – I had the real stuff – but it was “broken” in my move 2 years ago – don’t ask – this the fake stuff. McKee makes some nice milk glass. What do you have?Fia – the bathroom is done, needs to be painted, and my container store closet – don’t ask how disappointed I am with thatKz – no mrs dcap, just me and george the 9 lb wonder catIse — no fair, you have seen itSpart — HA! The kitchen is bigger than the rest of the placeNonnie – this is the most counter space I have ever had – I already have cooked many a meal – and baked a cakeDc – thanks — I never want to go through it again thoMarjorie – I should sleep on it – Candace — will email for the linkTomcat — so you had to aggravate me with that rent — Phil – thanks — not bad for a NY kitchen

  22. Congratulations. Great rework (but I couldn’t get the videos to work…I use a MAC, guess that’s it).

  23. D-Cap– a 9 lb. cat?Oh my. My two big boys are 20 and 16 pounds and your little God-kitten Jake is now about two pounds.

  24. Hmm… Where is your underpantsitorum?

  25. It looks great but to me it looks tiny. I know, I know, NYC apartments are all small, but still.

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