Posted by: distributorcap | April 8, 2008

Pass the buck…

I watched a good portion of the Petraeus/Crocker testimony. Three words

It was sickening.

I hate to be cliche — but talk about moving the goalposts and changing the rules in the middle of the game. They talked about all the wonderful gains and how things have gotten so much better, that violence is down, that many of the benchmarks have been met — but kept saying we can’t leave, we can’t reduce our troop levels and the Iraqis need us. So like so many times before — it is never enough. We always have to be patient, victory is around the corner, we have really made a difference.

I am sure Cheney’s office faxed off a few choice words for Petraeus to say — including the word fragile — which was said at least 30x. Fragile peace, fragile government, fragile truce, fragile gains — what does Petraeus expect — We are the bull in their china shop!

It was nauseating. I refused to listen to McCain — the man asshole is completely deslusional. But I do give him credit for not going off point — his insanity is consistent. He mixed up Shi’a and Sunni again! He said we “stared defeat in the face” and the surge has pulled us away from that outcome. Give me a break. Again it is Margaret Dumont getting pummeled with grapefruits at the end of Duck Soup.

Face it, we have been lied to for seven years, and we are continuing to be lied to. The reality is we are staying now so Bush can dump this whole mess on the next President. There is NO SUCH THING as victory — what is there to win — what is the prize?? Oil? Military Bases? More American Blood? And with Iraq virtually dropping off the MSM radar (hey get with the plan — didn’t you know that Obama’s and Hillary’s bowling skills are so much more important than Iraq) this debacle will go on and on and on like the next episode of As The Stomach Turns.

The scumbags in the Administration (yes that includes you Condi, Gates, Dickwad Cheney and Mukasey) keep saying we can’t leave because there will be a bloodbath, a spreading civil war. Meanwhile the longer we stay the longer the bloodbath against American troops, the American soul, the American economy and the American population continues unabated. So our guys and our soul dies a little each day just so a) Bush doesn’t have to admit defeat b) Bush’s folly doesn’t collapse into total chaos and c) Halliburton makes its millions. Guess what — it is total chaos – and no matter WHEN we leave it will collapse. Period.

Then there is this ‘executive agreement’ between the US and Iraq that Crocker talked about — one the Administration wants to impose on the nation — will tie us to Iraq for a trillion years (or until the oil runs out). Guess what — Crocker isn’t calling this a treaty. This of course means the Congress won’t vote on it – score another point for the bad guys.

And while Webb, Biden, Clinton, Obama, Levin and others try to put on a good show, the fact is Bush is winning this one – his minions of lemmings (McCain, Lieberman, Cornyn etc) follow lock stock and goose step behind Il Duce without even pretending to think there is a problem over there. And as long as we are spending blood, money and what is left of the American spirit in an abyss, the chances of our country ever recovering and prospering again becomes a more distant dream.

After spending nearly $1,000,000,000,000 (yes that is trillion) dollars on a investment that has only brought grief, destruction, death and blood — you would think the American population would have had enough. We haven’t. This whole disaster will be old news by tomorrow, after all there are American Idols to be voted off.

What we really have is Lucy yanking the football every time Charlie Brown goes to kick it. The goals set by Bush CAN NOT BE MET! They will never be met. In other words, we will be there for as long, long time. There is no light in this Bush tunnel.

On final point on today’s travels through the magical land of Brigadoon. Petraeus, who is a military man, and Crocker who is a diplomat (tho in both cases, I will say I stretching the meaning of those words) are up on Capitol Hill — not explaining the military and political situation in Iraq (which is what they are there to allegedly to do) but justifying the policy of the Bush Administration. Isn’t that the job of Bush and Cheney? These two chickenhawks, who were not even brave enough to fight in Vietnam, who have sent thousands of soldiers to their death in the Middle East for nothing — have realized that they can’t even defend the undefendable. So like everything Bush does in his pathetic life – he passes the buck.

George Bush, you are NO Harry Truman



As they [Petraeus, Crocker] spoke, firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al Sadr threatened to unleash his Mahdi Army militia against U.S. and Iraqi forces. Once again, it was Iran that stepped into the political vacuum and urged a halt to militia attacks into the heavily fortified Green Zone, where U.S. and Iraqi officials, including Petraeus and Crocker, have their offices.

The Iranian foreign ministry called for “restraint and prudence of various Iraqi groups,” an implicit rebuke of Sadr, who is living and studying in Iran.


  1. I thought it, you said it. Thank you.I had the “pleasure” of catching a lot of the bullshit as radio background noise at work today, but was too busy to sit and digest it.But from what I heard, I deduced that Crocker was a particularly fetid fawning asshole, dodging questions by puking pablum until the Dems seemed on the verge of tears of frustration.My thanks go out to those who traveled to D.C. and interrupted the proceedings with protests, even if they were invisible here in Radio Land.

  2. You made a wonderful effort..whereas I just said fuck it and tuned it out. I got tired of the Congress critters grandstanding their g-d asses off.I am sure my post about it is pretty worthless but I just want to say..thanks for paying attention DCap 🙂

  3. I was listening to the same NPR station as CR was. It was a disgrace. I did listen to McCain, it was awful.The whole thing was as you said “fragile” – complete bullshit.It is such a disgrace. Horrifying.

  4. I only heard a few snippets. Enough for me. More of the same. Until the election, we are told. But will it end then? Even if Obama is president? I just don’t know.

  5. thank you for blogging it…and paying attention as Dusty said….sooooooo tired of the LIES and Propaganda….there were some golden moments….but FEW….and everyone is too damn polite…..I have SOME Questions…and let me tell you – they are NOT polite….at all…Clinton – not a good show- McCain- cheerleading….and Obama did have good questions- but had to wait until after 5pm to hear his seven minutes…..and same with Webb… susposedly we learned the main thing- that Crock and Betrayus explained- that an Agreement can be signed by Bush and will keep infinite numbers there- and that Congress/Senate will be Notified…WHAT THE?????( Keith O. covered it pretty well)thanks again…..

  6. I knew they’d spew that shit. Damn liars.

  7. Well, mi brother, the solution to my dilemma came pretty quickly and it was the right one. I signed on at HELL and now I don’t have to worry about Petraeus and Crock Of Shit, because I know someone over there will take care of it better than I can, while I focus on Part III of my criminal injustice series.I know it’s the deep end of the pool over there so people who can’t bring game don’t like to comment because they’re scared but you do bring game every time, so please come by my new locale and weigh in. move was too long in coming anyway. I needed a spot where my shit by comparison was not “controversial,” nor “boring” nor “egg-headed” nor “too much.”

  8. I listened to maybe 15 minutes and I felt my blood pressure rise, so I turned it off.Unless something extraordinary happened later that I missed, it sounded exactly like the same bullshit we heard from those military fucktards 7 months ago when they crawled to the Senate.Bottomline: they want MORE time and MORE money. Tell me again, with the American people paying $3.55 a gallon for gasoline, home foreclosures are at a historic high, food prices are climbing and the cost of healthcare is siphoning more and more from our budgets, tell me again why I should give a shit about “rebaathification?”Sorry, I don’t care if the “new Iraq” sinks or swims — period. Iraq has nothing to do with me and mine. I want the troops home, ASAP and this hideous chapter in our history to be over.

  9. I refused to listen to even a second of it because I knew I’d end up hearing what the biggest chunks of bullshit were and who said them.To me it’s all pretty simple. If Bush’s war resulted in Americans paying 99 cents for a gallon of gas, we’d all be complacent and ignore the nastiness of it all.The so-called war on terror is ridiculous at face value. Terror is not an enemy, it’s a concept.How can you fight a war on a concept?Victory at any cost is difficult when one cannot define what victory would look like.We have no clear allies and no clear enemies in Iraq. We are paying Iraqi men $10 a day not to kill our troops. WTF?If Bush wanted to fix things, he should transfer the troops in Iraq to Afghanistan, seek out Osama bin Laden, kill him and say we won.But then Halliburton couldn’t make the extra billions they’ll be making in Iraq, so it won’t happen.As for all the talk of things being “fragile,” give me a break. America is more fragile than it’s ever been, thanks to the dry drunk policies of Bush and his sycophants.

  10. I just want to know what happened to all those corners we were turning. They must have collectively morphed into a line.

  11. Thanks for continuing to do this.

  12. Nice post.How dare Iran interfere in the affairs of another nation. That’s our job!

  13. I didn’t watch it because I already knew the final outcome. By reading your post, I can see I was correct.

  14. fra-gil-le…must be italian.

  15. my head hurts from it all. I too want to know whether we will get out of there even when/if a dem president takes over. (note my jackass-stubborn refusal to give up on Hillary and just say “Obama”)

  16. Randal, ‘all those corners’ are common when one is lost in a maze.I’m sure they’ve been around many of them several times.

  17. exactly–we will never be able to leave for one reason or another. in the meantime our country is flushed down the toilet. fuckers, stupid ugly fuckers…

  18. Dude, Some estimates are that this isThe Three Trillion Dollar War: Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard Economist Linda Bilmes on the True Cost of the US Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

  19. What can I say, you guys have said it all.This is bad you guys, really really bad.Jesus Christ will someone please kick Bush in the fucking head?Thanks.

  20. You’re right about that football! I listened to some of it, but had to turn off Graham. He was suck a suck-up and a hack.

  21. I love the Lucy/Charlie football analogy-its fitting isn’t it? Too bad!

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