Posted by: distributorcap | April 9, 2008

Because going Postal needs to be expanded!

from the files of “just when you think this country has reached the bottom of the barrel….”

Florida lawmakers pass “take your guns to work” law

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Reuters) – Most Florida residents would be allowed to take guns to work under a measure passed by Florida lawmakers on Wednesday.

The bill, allowing workers to keep guns in their cars for self-protection, was approved by the Florida Senate by a vote of 26-13. It now goes to Republican Gov. Charlie Crist to sign into law. Backed by the National Rifle Association and some labor unions, the so-called “take-your-guns-to-work” measure would prohibit business owners from banning guns kept locked in motor vehicles on their private property.

full article Florida Gun Laws

Are they nuts? Don’t answer that. With the rash of shootings in recent years at schools, factories, businesses etc. — to make it EASIER to bring a weapon to work (or even in the garage of the employer) is beyond insanity. I guess Charlton Heston is smiling from his great beyond.

Dozens of workplace shootings occur every year in the United States and studies have shown that job sites where guns are permitted are more likely to suffer workplace homicides than those where guns are prohibited.

So while in New York you get tossed out on your ass for wearing a T-Shirt that protests in the war, the same person in Florida can go back to his car and pretend he is Al Capone. Oh they did ban schools, nuclear plants and prisons. La-di-dah!

Only in America, land of opportunity
would a business owner fall dead from a gun nut from Florida.

(sung to Only In America by Jay and the Americans).

and btw…Oklahoma, Alaska, Kentucky, and Mississippi have similar laws, although in Oklahoma, an appellate court barred the state from enforcing the legislation on grounds that it was unconstitutional. Remind me not to piss off any waiters in those states.


  1. You know someone will get the day confused with “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”

  2. The very first law George W. Bush passed when he became governor of Texas allowed Texans to carry concealed weapons.The Texas Rangers freaked out.The Sheriff Organizations freaked out.The Police Departments freaked out.But Bush didn’t give a fuck, he just took the duffle bag full of cash the NRA gave him and hid it in some spider hole.No matter what those Gomer legislators in Florida do, Texas politicians will always find a way to it worse and with more malevolence.You may be able to take your gun to work and leave it in your locked car in Florida, but in Texas we can carry ours in our pockets right to our desks.

  3. On the other hand, I’m guessing some management types might be tempted to be a bit more even-handed when dealing with their underlings. Might explain the union involvement.

  4. Does that apply to government workers, also? Don’t they have metal detectors to keep you from bringing weapons into a government facility? Why do they get the benefit of safety but someone who works in a corporate office building or grocery store doesn’t? Driving in FL with all those 80+ year olds is scary enough, now they can carry guns, too? Yikes!

  5. What Pissed said.”Are you sure you want to let me go?””Well, now that I think about it, what I meant was, how’d you like a raise, and a company car?”I’m thinking this law could really help out the working class. Next year the law’s name will be changed to “Bring your gun to work. Get some really cool shit.”

  6. And people were sad because what’s his name kicked the bucket a few days ago?I have to tell you guys, this is scary.

  7. I’ve never fired a gun. Never held a gun. Don’t own guns. I have zero interest in guns. Guns are designed for one thing — to kill. No thanks.

  8. This might have a negative effect on certain customers of said businesses.

  9. What a boost to profit!”You will like fries with that, asshole!”

  10. Only in Florida…Jesus, whats gonna happen when it’s “take your kids to work day”???

  11. Hmmm… Only Dcap will really know where I am coming from here…So I picture an employer in the state of Florida. An employer where a lot of changes have occurred and not all of them good. An employer that has alienated many of its employees. An employer, from the look of the parking lot where there were no shortage right wing symbols including confederate flags and gun rights stickers, an employer who also has a vast number of South Asian workers who are hated by the aforementioned parking lot people.Oh the list goes on and on and on.If someone brings their gun to work there… well, it would not surprise me.

  12. Wow. Just wow. Like Christopher, I’ve never touched a gun and would never own one, yet somehow, I’m not feeling deprived of any rights on this issue. I guess this “right to bear arms” shit is the ONLY thing in the Constitution that these NRA-assholes recognize.

  13. Alaska makes sense to me, because you stand a good chance of having to kill something large that wants to eat you on your daily commute up there!

  14. Gees, in Wisconsin they have banned smoking in all work places because smoking kills people. Hmmmmmm, maybe in Florida they think that you may need a gun at work to shoot people who smoke….because smoking kills people…And they banned trans-fat in Chicago…..maybe you should be able to carry a gun in Chicago to defend yourself against people who cook their food in trans-fat.So, smoking kills….trans-fat kills….but guns don’tI think I missed something.

  15. Well, I was raised by a Republican who hunts and have some marksman target skills and I still say ban the shit. My first move in with a boyfriend in Philly, 16 years ago found his dad offering us a gun. I would have said no regardless, but I really pondered it and felt safer without one. My daughter’s school was in lock down the other day because a student pulled out a gun at school. I just found out that the classrooms have bulletproof windows. They all know the drill and they are locked in the classroom in that case. It’s just a fact of life, like there is no sex allowed in the library (according to the loudspeaker announcement that was made, out of necessity.)My husband works with three wingnuts who carry guns at all times (one ex-cop, two ex-military men- not that all would do that, but that they got used to carrying it in their pants!) I couldn’t work like that, especially ’cause I’m such a smart ass, I’d for sure piss one off.I think this is very bad news. Thanks for tellin’ it though.

  16. First off, I think it’s fair to say that all of the dire predictions that “concealed carry laws will result in blood running in the streets” have been proven wrong.Second, laws or company rules saying “you can’t have firearms on company property” depend on this insane idea: That somebody who wants to bring a gun into work to kill their boss and co-workers will be deterred by the threat of being terminated: “Oh, I can’t kill my boss and ten co-workers, I’ll get fired.””Gun free zones” are “target rich environments” to someone who wants to do harm to others.

  17. Being familiar with various firearms (but not feeling the need for one in quite some time), I recall being in Florida in 1986 just after they passed a law with a loophole that legalized the carrying of unconcealed weapons…People walking around in the street with shoulder and twin-hip holsters in plain view on the streets of Miami.Boy, did I feel safe. Not.That being said, contrary to public expectations the murder and accidental/deliberate wounding rates didn’t skyrocket – But I doubt the same could be said for the local paranoia rate.

  18. I hadn’t heard of this-remind me not to go to those places! Nutty people!

  19. So you think those good property owners at Smith Haven Mall would mind if Donnie Zirkel was packing heat instead of wearing a t-shirt?

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