Posted by: distributorcap | May 3, 2008

What weekends are for

There was a time I was:

a) innocent
b) not jaded
c) young
d) able to find time for fun….

Yes that is me — Kiddie City, Bayside, Queens, New York

There was a time John Kennedy was president and I didn’t actually care about the price of oil, tax cuts for the rich and worrying what bonehead/evil move our current president would make. I only cared about getting a good seat on the Scrambler.


  1. Gorgeous- just gorgeous!

  2. Oh man, I really like nostalgic clips, photos like that! Makes me kinda sad though.

  3. President John F. Kennedy.He was elected president and murdered and became a chapter in history before I was born.But I grew up in a household in the San Francisco Bay Area where President John F. Kennedy’s picture hung on the wall in the family room.Yes, I am the product of Italian immigrants — liberal Democrats to the core who adored and worshiped Kennedy and passed that reverence onto me. I become emotional when I see and hear Caroline Kennedy. I was so pleased when she endorsed Barack Obama for president and compared him to her father.I suppose it isn’t entirely rational, but as you’re taught in est, what is, is, and what isn’t, isn’t. I think and I believe, if President John F. Kennedy returned today and saw the mess currently in the White House, he would hang his head and weep.How far we have fallen as a nation.

  4. Maybe someday we can get back to those kind of concerns DC.

  5. I was 16 when JFK was assassinated but you’re right on target, we didn’t lack for nothing and enjoyed life as if each day was an improvement on the one before. TV, Drive-ins, “The Scrambler” and High School “Spring Break”. My first car was a VW Bug.

  6. That was wonderful D-cap!! That makes us just about the same age I guess. At the end of the clip I was thinking to myself, boy that Tilt-O-Whirl with the one thin bar right at neck level would never fly in today’s overly sue-happy society, would it?

  7. No surprise…you were adorable. Still are.

  8. “Bayside, Queens, New York”God, that is a galaxy far far away.:)

  9. Wow that takes me back. Gas was about 25 cents a gallon. The air was clean and sex was ditry. And a summer was an eternity. Just a bit older than you by the looks of the clip.

  10. Aww D-Cap, what a perfect little boy you were. I loved the scene where the ride was about to start and you had shpilkes…And your big sister really was looking after you, huh?Thanks for the tiny glimpse back to gentler times, when the president was respectable, first lady was glamorous and amusement parks didn’t have to worry about safety standards.

  11. I could use a good seat on the Scrambler once in a while.

  12. You’re so lucky to have a place like that growing up. When I was in the city it was Igloo sand park at Jacob Riis Houses. Thanks for sharing this man…fun stuff.

  13. I loved the Scrambler! Although I’m sure there are some ways to replicate it – like hitting black ice on a highway at 50 mph. Umm, pass on that. I’ll stick to the real ride.

  14. Fun! We loved the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler! We’d stand in line over and over for those.Now I’ve gotta find some decent bandwidth to watch cute you!

  15. I never rode a scrambler!!!! No fair!!!Plus, I never had a slinky.Great clip.

  16. How cute!Man, I always loved the Scrambler. In Kennywood (Pittsburgh) long, long ago they used to have one inside and they would turn the lights off. Trippy.

  17. Adorable, DCap! Those were the days…

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