Posted by: distributorcap | May 28, 2008

The only thing we have to fear are Donuts themselves*

*sort of the FDR quote
We have really gone too far. We have let the inmates like Malkin, Hannity, Ingraham and other assorted scumbags call the shots too long. Not only do they attempt to call the shots on politics, but they also like to tell you what you should eat

From The Boston Globe:

Does Dunkin’ Donuts really think its customers could mistake Rachael Ray for a terrorist sympathizer? The Canton-based company has abruptly canceled an ad in which the domestic diva wears a scarf that looks like a keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. Some observers, including ultra-conservative Fox News commentator (and complete and total scumbag) Michelle Malkin, were so incensed by the ad that there was even talk of a Dunkin’ Donuts boycott. “The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad,” Malkin yowls in her syndicated column. “Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant and not-so-ignorant fashion designers, celebrities, and left-wing icons.”

The company at first pooh-poohed the complaints, claiming the black-and-white wrap was not a keffiyeh. But the right-wing drumbeat on the blogosphere continued and by yesterday, Dunkin’ Donuts decided it’d be easier just to yank the ad. Said the suits in a statement: “In a recent online ad, Rachael Ray is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design. It was selected by her stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, given the possibility of misperception, we are no longer using the commercial.” (In case you’re wondering, the stylist who selected the offending scarf was not Gretta Enterprises boss Gretchen Monahan, who appears on Ray’s TV show as a style consultant.) For her part, Malkin was pleased with Dunkin’s response: “It’s refreshing to see an American company show sensitivity to the concerns of Americans opposed to Islamic jihad and its apologists.

American commercial terrorism at its best. I hope Malkin eats a donut and gets really really bad cholestrol and high lipids.

So a big Fuck you to Michelle Malkin, but then again she always gets one. A bit of comic relief on a day Scott McClellan makes a feeble attempt at absolution.


  1. Nice to see that the Radical Wrong is still focused on the big issues. Fucking morons.

  2. Jeez, next thing you know, the government’s going to start rounding up anyone wearing one of those scarves and ship them off to internment camps as spies. Oops. I forgot. The U.S. already does that. It’s called Guantanamo.

  3. So Rachel Ray’s scarf is called a keffiyeh? I think it looks very pretty. I would wear one on a cold winter day.About Michele Malabangadingdong, she doesn’t write her own column. Her hubby, Jesse Malabangadingdong writes it and Michelle just adds her name.Beats working at the cocktail lounge at Dulles.

  4. I heard Rachel’s thong is madefrom shredded Korans——-

  5. The right has become so trivial that the best they can do now is trivialize themselves by making an issue of such nonsense. These people are about to be kicked out of the governing business big time. Hopefully, soon thereafter they’ll disappear from the public stage altogether.

  6. I despise Ann Coulter, but compared to Michelle Malkin, at least Coulter has somewhat of a sense of humor. Every time I hear from Malkin, I think about all the inanimate objects that have more common sense and dignity.

  7. See, now this is why I’m not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I would have come on television standing next to Ray, wearing the SCARF, and told anyone that had a problem to go buy their donuts and coffee somewhere else.Then I would tell Malkin to stay the hell out of my stores. Then, as I would be pulled off of the set as a mumbled four letter words under my breath while looking deranged at the camera.So instead of running a Fortune 500company I have a blog. Yeah

  8. That’s incredibly idiotic, and a sign that the right is working to make itself even more irrelevent. I remember in the late eighties when those scarves were all the rage– it was simply fashion. No symbolism.

  9. Look at the way her hair curves on each side…not one, but TWO crescents! Allah! Jihad!

  10. Dunkin Donuts don’t sympathize with terrorists.On the other hand Krispy Kreme…

  11. I don’t know about you, but if I see Ms. Ray boarding a plane I’m supposed to be on, I’ll wait for the next one. Bless you, Michelle Malkin, for all you do. Your love of freedom will one day save us all!

  12. oh sweet jeebus on a pogo stick – teh stupid, its breath taking. Idiotic fookin knuckle draging nitwits. Rachel Ray for fuck sakes ! gimme a break. A scarf – man o man they are really reaching and to pander to this idiocy is irresponsible. The more it gets fed , the more “it” thinks it’s right.

  13. ” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” G. Marx

  14. So, what about the US troops in the Middle East, the British SAS, the Delta Force, etc. who all use and wear actual keffiyeh to keep the sand out of their mouths and noses?We issue them to the troops, for crying out loud.

  15. Even if she was wearing a genuine keffiyeh, who gives a damn?It looks like a rather tattered shmata to me, but my biggest question is, if it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves, what’s with the scarf?This is just another case of “freedom fries,” where the right-wing wigs out over nonsense instead of focusing on what really matters.Michelle Malkin has made her bones over just this sort of nonsense. I hope Rachel Ray tells her to go fuck herself on the air.It would make her stock go up in my book if she did.

  16. Oh my, Malkin has obviously run out of young children in need of healthcare to stalk.

  17. I wonder if this will affect the Triscuit sales. HUH? heehee, assholes.Heh, Newsmax ran a story yesterday,”FBI Warns: New al-Qaida WMD Threat.” If you want me to put it up I will, then at the bottom are lots of links to more terrorizing events, plus you can buy an emergency government approved radio there, wow.Oh what the heck, here it is:TEXTWTF?

  18. Sorry it didn’t come up, just google in Newsmax.

  19. I have extensive experience working next door to a D D in a Chicago neighbor in 1990-91. The store in question was next to my Radio Shack. There were no terrorists there but there were a lot of gang bangers. Everyone knew that the parking lot was where the drug dealers where during the day. That did not seem to bother the corporate eggheads. I guess they sold enough coffee to go with the drugs.

  20. Robert Rouse’s comment about who’s worse Ann c or Malkin is probably about where I stand also-Coulter is horrible but almost in a cartoonish kind of way-Malkin is just a mean-spirited, crap-spewer! I really can’t stand her-and that’s saying alot-I can stand Michael Savages’s crap for a few more seconds!

  21. Hate Malkin. Hate Rachel Ray. Hate Dunkin’ Donuts (the Carlyle Group owns a piece). So I’m kinda torn.

  22. Rachel Ray is to cooking as M. Malkkkin is to journalism, so I am torn here. And as Pissed points out (and I was going to), the Carlisle Group (Poppy Bush’s investment firm) owns them – tho I think they are shopping it around. They own Baskin Robbins, too.I’m sure Malkkkin will get a visit in the night from Babs-the-Impaler if this affects their bottom line.Regards,Tengrain

  23. But what if she put a FLAG PIN on her kefiyyah? What then?I have said this in other posts – I had one of those in the 80’s. I bought it right on the corner of B’way and 8th, in the shadow of what would once be my workplace.

  24. I hope after Obama gets elected, his wife wears one of those scarves every day they’re in the White House. Up yours, Michelle Malkin!

  25. Ah, it doesn’t matter to me! I never went to a Dumkin’ donuts, anyway. Too many cops.

  26. Arab=terrorist?Always?Regardless of the current story that seems to now be the accepted understory.

  27. time to stop buying the donuts!have reprinted your letter here.

  28. I read your letter at Skippy’s – good stuff!

  29. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in the news recently. I was sure it was a joke at first. Now, her constant barrage of “Yummo” and shows, now THAT is a terrorist act. 🙂

  30. Fuck me running..did Malkkkin run out of story lines or some shit?Rachel Ray is referred to in one article I read as ‘sausage fingered’..exactly what were they trying to say about her? ;p

  31. thanks to ALL… for your commentsMalkkkin and her minions have nothing but hate and stupidty to show… but even worse the timid reaction of DD is just amazinghere is the letter i sent to them — feel free to write/emailyou shoulddunkin’ brands, inc.130 royall st.canton, ma 02021will a. kussell, president & cheif brand officercatherine saar, director of brand marketingi am deeply disturbed that you have chosen to pull your advertisement featuring rachael ray in a scarf due to the views and opinions of an extremist bigot like michelle malkin. just to remind you, ms. malkin is also the same person who gave out the home address of a small child because he spoke up in favor of the s-chip health insurance law in an advertisement, a bill that ms. malkin was vehemently dunkin donuts management really that ignorant and easily manipulated as to think that when americans see a frilly black and white scarf worn by ms. ray, they immediately conjure up images of arab terrorism? this is irrational corporate behavior taken to an extreme i have not seen since p&g had to defend their corporate logo (about the 666 symbol) several years back. as a matter of fact it is downright scary that dunkin donuts would allow themselves to be victimized by such racist behavior. what’s next – you cannot use arabica coffee beans because of the word “arab” in the name of the bean?considering i feel your actions are completely unwarranted and actually quite ridiculous, and being that i have many choices of coffee and donuts in the morning, i have chosen to take my business to another retailer. i do not feel i can continue to be a customer of a company that is easily bullied into siding with racist bigots like michelle malkin. perhaps if you publicly reconsider your position and denounce ms. malkin’s idiotic statement, i will reconsider my choice in coffee. in addition, i will also stop purchasing baskin-robbins ice cream, who knows what terror groups rocky road might be signaling?

  32. Brilliant letter. I wonder if you’ll hear back? Maybe they’ll send you a coupon for a free doughnut? Insanity rules!

  33. Boy, think of what Malkin would make of the many and varied scarf choices of Ursula Plassnik! Austria is run by Al Qaeda!

  34. It would appear from a purely sexist point of view that Rachael Ray has reached her quota of donuts for some time.:)”the domestic diva wears a scarf that looks like a keffiyeh”I thought it resembled a badly worn, old fashioned mop, myself, but then I don’t posses the insight of Hannity’s Comb.

  35. I was going to blog about this, but you beat me to it. I’m not a fan of this irritating woman, but you have to be freakin’ kidding me?! A f’in scarf!!!!

  36. I read about this at Suzi Riot’s….if RR supports terrorism, I should be on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List because I wear scarves like that all the time and have for years — funky scarves and shawls are my trademarks.the powers that be in corporate america are nothing but sheep. corporate america and the people who believe their claptrap is further evidence of the continual dumbing down of america.salaam aleikum, y’all!

  37. Don’t listen to him! Terrorist keffiyehs are coming to steal hard working American’s jobs!

  38. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think the right wingnuts just were looking for a way to get Rachel Ray to remove some of her clothes. They all have secret crushes on her.

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