Posted by: distributorcap | June 4, 2008

Start your Engines

John McCain gave a kickoff-the-election speech tonight, if you could call it a speech. Basically he was begging people to not align him with Bush. Also that he was an agent of change and that he is patriotic. And that he wasn’t Bush (despite a 95% similar voting record). And that he was this, and Obama was that and yadda yadda yadda.

This had to be ONE OF THE WORST general election speeches I have ever heard. It was boring, it was pandering, it was uninspired, and it was pathetic. It was typical McCain. Cindy would be wise to spend some of her beer fortune on some public speaking classes for her hubby – who will promise not to call her the c-word anymore.

The crowd at the McCain ‘rally’ showed no passion, no fervor – and considering the speech was in New Orleans — there was NOT ONE African-American in the audience (at least that I saw). It really felt like I was watching an SNL skit. Even the Republican blowhards on CNN were saying how awful McCain’s speech was — he should just send in the note cards.

We all know John McCain does not have great public speaking or debating skills — the thought of the debates between him and Obama are frankly quite laughable. And to watch Obama give those soaring and electric speeches — McCain better get plan B underway fast. But then again George Bush had some of the worst speaking skills ever, couldn’t debate, had very limited knowledge of issues — and on top of all that was (and still is) a complete and total moron/scumbag — and look what happened. Take nothing for granted from the GOP — expect the dirt to fly starting June 4th.

But if this was the best McCain could do — he has a lot to learn. And he has time. But seeing how Obama has replied and responded to any and all of McCain’s attacks — I fully believe that you will not see any of the cowering that went on with Kerry. The team behind Obama is smart, fast and nimble.

The big question is Hillary — she is speaking right now. First she does congratulate Obama for his “run” (not that he won). As then she said that “she is making no decisions tonight.” — and what does she have to decide? Is she still going to stay in — she professed unity, her desire to end the war, wants the best for the party yadda yadda yadda. But stay in? What am I missing? Is this her pitch for the Veep job? She did make a plug for — there are bills to be paid.

What I will say that I never thought I would see an African-American (or a woman) become the nominee of either the Democratic or republican party in my lifetime. And no matter whom you support — we should feel great, proud and excited about this historic moment. Senator Clinton hopefully will look back one day and realize her campaign and commitment really did set the stage for a woman to someday sit in the Oval Office. I hope she can feel proud about that.

UPDATE: Harold Ford Jr. proves how completely out of touch he is when he talked about how great the McCain speech was. I have a lot of trouble listening to him any time – he rarely makes any sense.


  1. I did not see McCain, but just watched part of Obama’s electrifying speech. Ought to get interesting.My brother, the uber-conservative is so pissed off, he is voting for Bob Barr. He hates John McCain and thinks he is only one degree to the right of Obama.Oh boy and does the religious right loathe McCain too.Fascinating times ahead. Who he picks as running mate tells the story now.

  2. Obama wins. First the primary, then the general. McCain already looks pasty old and white, imagine him standing next to a youthful Obama. Now as for Hillary, a gracious concession speech would have been a better way to try to get the VP slot, but she has a tin fucking ear. That said, I don’t want to see her or her baggage (i.e., Bill) anywhere near Obama. Her speech was classless. I am appalled.

  3. Agreed pissed, absolutely, it was shameful. Enigma has minute by minute rundown, amazing, thanks enigma, jeez how do you guys have time to do this?Meanwhile, damn Barack rocked the world tonight and I am looking around like a maniac for a copy of his speech.So see you guys while I hunt it down.This is fucking historic.We are totally stoked here, just fucking stoked !!Dcap, I’m sending a couple more folks over here from Mike’s work. Man, you are popular. You and Dickie.XXXOOO

  4. I found it!!TEXT

  5. With the caveat that Obama is a much better speaker than Kerry, remember that the bumbling Bush wasn’t harmed all that much by repeatedly fucking up in the debates. And as bad as McCain is, I can’t envision a series of “you forgot about Poland” and “wanna buy some wood?” moments. Obama will slaughter him and the talking hairpieces will probably go on about how mean he was to poor old Johnny.

  6. It’s time for Senator Clinton to show some graciousness. I do not want her on the ticket especially now after the way her speech went last night.I’m so damned excited and happy today that I can’t much think about anything else. We’re going to put Senator Obama in the white house, you just wait and see.McCain tried to steal some limelight last night by butting in with his speech. Big mistake! Watching him and then watching Senator Obama was like watching night and day.

  7. I agree that Hillary really could’ve salvaged some dignity with a gracious concession, then a rousing “go on, my brother!” speech.I have a dream about the first debate: Obama makes such a bumbling idiotic fool of McPasty that McPasty rips off his coat, rolls up his sleeves, and threatens Obama to a fight right there on stage. That should pretty much end it.

  8. McSame’s speech was a snooze-fest – especially compared with Obama’s electrifying speech.I think Hillary is just trying to get as much money as possible to pay off her debts – by debt, I mean the money she loaned her own campaign since it’s obvious her main interest is in Hillary Clinton.

  9. I have nothing to add because I am remaining willfully out of this discussion.But I love those graphics. Love them!!!

  10. I don’t normally like to draw attention to physical attributes of politicians. One look in the mirror will humble me quickly.However, I can’t be the only person who got the creeps when McCain flashed his forced, sickly grin during his speech Tuesday. The shallow emotion and underlying malevolence of his grimace would make a perfect poster for a cheap horror flick about a deranged grampa in the attic.We must not let that horror loose in the White House.

  11. heeheehee davedubya, trust me, you are not alone.Sorry, just popped in to get your URL Dcap, and I couldn’t resist.

  12. They covered McCain’s speech on NPR and you could feel the lack of enthusiasm. Hardly anyone clapping at all. The reporter noted there was a small crowd at the event.

  13. Should be a fun summer.

  14. I wrote about this yesterday. It’s scary how much power Hillary has at this moment. She can fully endorse Obama and cause a landslide in Novemeber. Or she can can hold on and “use” her 18 million voters to screw up the whole thing.Who thinks Hillary will do the right thing? Show of hands. Anyone……

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