Posted by: distributorcap | June 5, 2008

Take a letter, Maria

address it to my Senator

Sent to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York), Wednesday June 4, 2008

Dear Senator Clinton:

Last night was an historic night in American history. For the first time an African-American will rise to the top of a major party ticket, and may well end up as the 44th president of this country. Instead of helping this country that you claim to love internalize this moment of political progress, your non-concession speech at the conclusion of the primary season was disgraceful, self-serving and a real slap in the face to Senator Obama. No matter what math you want to use – Obama became the nominee by the rules set by your and your colleagues at the DNC.

It was his time to shine, it was the party’s day to savor, and it was the country’s time to reflect on history – instead your mean-spirited and ego-maniacal speech made the entire day about “what will Hillary do?” It is as if you were holding out your support and your “peeps” as some sort of bargaining chip – whatever that bargain you were seeking. You couldn’t even say that Obama had won, you could only congratulate him on his run. All in front of the three major cable news outlets and millions around the world. If this is your way to pitch the VP job, or have more influence in a possible Obama administration — you sure had a lousy interview last night. And if dangling your “18 million votes” was your idea of a carrot stick — I hope those millions of angry supporters are happy when President McCain appoints two more Scalias to SCOTUS and women’s rights go straight out the window. Using that trump card to antagonize Obama will be so productive.

While I never supported you primarily because of your votes to authorize the war and endorsement of Kyl-Lieberman – I never got into the Hillary vs. Obama fracas. I chalked most of the ugliness up to campaign tactics. For a long time I said that I thought you would probably make a good president and would vote for whichever Democrat won. After last night’s speech, I now realize you really would make a lousy president. You are too petty and too self-centered to really care about the country at-large. You just do not have big enough character to lead the country.

So on that note, I cannot wait for your re-election for New York Senate in 2012. Guess what — you have lost my vote forever. I will vote for the Whig, Communist, Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Likud, Mother Russia, Peronist or write-in candidate before I will ever pull a lever for you again. Now I fully understand why the right wing really hates you and your husband. And like the republican elephant – I won’t forget.



  1. I can’t stand her. I keep hearing rumors that Obama will ask her to be VP. I hope not. Not that she would accept it, because she can’t accept that she won’t be running for President. But if she did accept it, and did become VP, poor Obama would be riding around for 4 years with the worst backseat driver ever.

  2. But what if GWB is running for NY senator in 2012?

  3. But DCap,Hillary’s entitled to act like a tasteless, tacky, bitch and do what she did to Barack on his night because she’s female and he’s just a black man.The Shillaryshere is chock full of this type of thinking.It’s bizarre and one of the myriad reasons Hillary had her butt handed to her by the voters. All I know is, she’s gone and free to plan her post-senate career as a Washington lobbyist.

  4. Well said!I’ll buy the stamp for you…Regards,Tengrain

  5. Excellent letter. Just fucking perfect.

  6. Hi Cap;Your right.It is depressing thinking that she won a few of the final contests in landslide fashion. Even with the obvious (at least to me) appearing months ago, people voted for her anyway. To me that says something. With that many people out there willing to vote in a leader for the simple fact she is a woman or can’t stand the thought of a black man at the helm makes me wonder. It appears the stuff that makes people like Obama tick are not appreciated in the real world until after they are gone, as in legacy.Let’s hope that Obama has a long and distinguished legacy to leave behind.

  7. Man, you said it.We watched Clinton’s speech last night (me, MizBubs and the daughters) and the way she started–almost referring to her campaign in the past tense, her compliments toward Obama–made me think she was about to concede. One of my kids said something like “if she’d sounded like this throughout the campaign she’d have done better.” Then she changed gears, and when she said “I’ll be making no decisions tonight” you could see her expression change, that weird glint come into her eyes. It was creepy as hell in my opinion.Want to know the sleaziest part? When she asked people to visit her website–to “share your thoughts” as she put it–it directed you right to her donations page. What a cynical exercise in trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of her die-hard supporters so she can pay herself back the money she loaned her losing campaign.

  8. She’ll likely be guest-posting at No Quarter soon. In case you missed it, Larry Johnson’s blog was linked to on Pam Atlas’ site.

  9. I’ve sent many letters to Hillary, but none half so eloquent. You really nailed it. I hope you sent it. In the beginning when I sent letters to her senate office, they sent them back with a lovely note telling me to fuck myself, since I was not a citizen of New York. Then I sent them to Howard Dean with copies to Clinton and Obama. That’s when they stopped sending them back.You make me feel so much better. I’ve been spewing outrage and dirty words. This is a nice reminder to say what you have to say without calling her a, starts with a c and sounds like runt.

  10. Thanks Dcap, had to be said and I know you wanted to stay out of the frey.We nearly barfed, at the end of the speech she had the unmitigated gaul to play Tom Petty’s, “I Won’t Back Down.”Why do I have this feeling that Tom Petty didn’t much appreciate that?Let’s hope she just fades away. she’s totally yanged out. (No yin)

  11. I don’t know what the hell happened to her, but it was not pretty. No grace!

  12. Well put my friend.

  13. She was also playing Tina Turner’s song that includes the line “Simply the best, better than all the rest”. Very distasteful.

  14. Thank you for this post- you so eloquently said what needed to be said, and I hope you did sent it- I think you inspired quite a few letters here,….( I know I will- I don;t live there….BUT I am still going to write her)….She committed two Huge Historic Mistakes that night, she did not even Congratulate him on his win, and then she did not concede…BUT also finding out that she made sure NO ONE in that Bunker had accessto phones or blackberries- So they did NOT know the Truth…So Terry Introduced her as ” YOUR NEXT President”….( odd- the MSM muted we did not hear)….What a Charade…so she also Lied to her people- right there for all of us to see…And she basically had told NY reps and the MSM that she was going to make a beautiful speech honoring the moment- instead- it was her stomp speech..and last minute Pitch to Donors and the Superdels ….I have never been so sickened by such a Lack of Grace and Manners….It was an Historic Moment….in some ways it reminded me of Bush’s Flyover Photo-op of NOLA after Katrina….it made me just as sick….thank you again…thank you for saying what needed to be said…

  15. Dcap usually I agree with most of what you write but here I must say a word or two. First, it was a very close primary season. It wasn’t like any other in history in that regard too. So I don’t blame her for not immediately throwing in the towel. You sound as if you’ve been regurgitating the MSM talking points here. She has always said she would fully endorse whoever won so what does she have to do: give her left tit before you all are happy? Please! Ok, now I’m upset because one of the reasons I like your blog is that you HAVE NOT gotten into all that crap and I was very apprieciative of that. And you know, when and if Obama wins the general election we will have pleanty of time to reflect on how far our country has come and how great it is to finally have an African American as president. I just don’t see how you can damn Clinton for doing what any rational person would do-which is hold out for whatever she can get. There is nothing WRONG with that except she is a Clinton and somehow, for them, that is NOT ALLOWED.

  16. The silly season is one long friggin chess game..and Obama got the match..Hillary was within her ‘rights’ to not toss in the towel and she didn’t…no one in their right mind should of been surprised. but the next day, when her biggest fans held a little intervention, Hillary saw the light..and this is good. It’s five friggin months until the general election and it’s going to be chock full of sexism towards Michelle Obama and racial ‘resentment'(the new operative phrase it seems) towards Barack..Buckle up folks, its going to be a bumpy ride.

  17. I am so hoping that Obama doesn’t pick her for VP. I was hoping for Edwards, but he didn’t want to do that. Oh well, I think it shouldn’t be her!

  18. Awesome letter. Have you noticed that all seems to be forgotten after her Saturday speech? This was less than a week ago and yet the media has already let all of it go and is praising her as “cementing her honor” and her “place in history”. I hope you are not the only voter in New York that will not forget her disgraceful behavior of the last months.

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