Posted by: distributorcap | June 26, 2008

Standard Oil’s SOP

Lots of things get me angry — seeing the smug puss on President Pissypants, listening to John McFossilteeth drone on and on about nothing, watching Nancy Pelosi traipse around as some righteous ‘liberal’ — all the while having the power to at least start removing power from Bush.

But nothing got me as mad as this post from over at FranIAm. America’s oil companies are just a heart full of $40 billion (in profits) soul.

Russell King, a home medical worker in Wisconsin, wrote a letter to ExxonMobil (formerly known as Esso, formerly known as Standard Oil (Es-Oh) of New Jersey) asking for some help and relief — as rising gas prices have but an incredible strain on health care workers who must travel by car to visit the sick, infirmed, elderly, handicapped and bed-ridden.

You can guess ExxonMobil’s response. I am sure they responded right after the party they threw for themselves when the Supreme Court today tossed out $2 billion in punitive damages from the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster.

Bone chilling.


  1. I wasn’t surprised at their reply to the request. As I said at Fran’s, the days of big corporations having a heart are long gone. They’ve been able to have so much power that they no longer need good public relations. It’s sad but true.Several years ago I organized the first county wide beach clean up in my area. I called different soft drink distributors asking for donations of drinks for the volunteers at the beach clean up. I was never told no. Ice was also happily given by a local ice company. But that was then, I don’t know if they would be so generous now.

  2. I guess the guy was operating under the premise of nothing ventured, nothing gained. Of course, he ventured and gained nothing, so there goes that theory.

  3. I hope by now all your readers who drive cars have done some research into which gas stations sell non-OPEC gasoline.I simply do not patronize major companies who deal with OPEC, like Exxon/Mobil, Chevron, Shell, BP, etc.

  4. There is a government church in this country – its god is power and its worshippers praise it with money and materialism.What a disgrace.

  5. I was angry at that post, too, but not surprised.

  6. Even some of my pet conservatives were disgusted by this when I mentioned it to them.

  7. I guess they need all their assets for the care and preservation of Lee Raymond’s goiter.

  8. Just FYI – the original jury awarded $5 BILLION in damages, which was later reduced to $2.5 BILLION by an appeals judge. So the new figure imposed by the SCOTUS is a mere 10% of the original. I’ve been told that it represents less than a day in Exxon/mobil profits, but haven’t seen a source for that statement.

  9. Pissed off Patricia: Big corporations never had hearts, but at least before they would pretend that they give a shit. Now, they don’t even try.

  10. I say the sooner we get off fossil fuels the better!

  11. It is ridiculous that oil companies are posting record profits while we are in the current energy crisis, yet still get tax abatement incentives.

  12. …and I just heard someone on a rightie talk show blasting libs about how we complain about oil co’s! They said something like-“they’re having hard times too!” awww such hard times huh? Bam! To the moon, Alice!

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