Posted by: distributorcap | June 29, 2008

The Olympic Trials

A little know fact is that I, dcap — tried out for both the Swimming and Diving Olympic teams – for the Tokyo Games.

yes, I finally learned to swim and jump (and even dive) off a high dive.



  1. Swimmers have the best bodies!

  2. You were certainly a cherished little pisher. Your daddy did all right by you.

  3. Way to go D-Cap!! I could almost hear the Olympic theme in the background, and Jim McCay going behind the scenes into your life.

  4. You know I adore you even more when I see these.Too cute- you are so fortunate to have home movies of this time in your life.You were one of the kids who I would have been jealous of, getting to go to Florida!!

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I wish I had video or even pictures of when I was learning to swim at the YMCA. I learned to swim before I can even remember, but I do remember having to take lessons in the kiddie pool. It was insulting because I had already been swimming on my own in the adult pool but since I was under 5, they made us do the kiddie pool for lessons. To top it off, I burned my foot on a discarded cigarette butt on the way to that smaller pool. Sigh…..

  6. They had moving picture film in 1964? Who knew. And in color even. I learn something new from you everyday

  7. Matt: ZING! ouch!How cute, Little DCap! I’m impressed with your pop, wearing his shades in the pool.

  8. Too cool.And what a great Dad. Brought tears.

  9. I knew you looked cute in a speedo…

  10. Why did that make me so sad???

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