Posted by: distributorcap | July 22, 2008

Is It True Blondes Have More Fun?

Well in Scandinavia they sure do. Those people know how to live. I will put up some pictures and stories over then next week or so… too much to go through and organize. Besides it is 3AM and I am wide awake – so I figure it is as good as any time to do laundry. My body is really experiencing true jet lag. These places are are in three different time zones and it doesn’t get really dark to around 1am. At 11PM you could easily play tennis in Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Is it true blondes have more fun? Well even this gray-haired guy had fun.

But of course I need to get some stuff in about President Irrelevant and first hand experience dealing with a worthless dollar. And other stuff. Like Freddie Mac collapsing and the CEO walking away with $20 million. I barely read or watched any news for 11 days. And that was a welcome break. Oh and that John McCain truly is an idiot.

So here you go for now…

in the Nyhavn section of Copenhagen, Denmark

in a supermarket in Helsinki, Finland (a whole blog about the prices and selection)

at the Church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia (probably could get 10 blogs on this one)

at a church in Tallinn, Estonia (which is quite charming)

and finally in Old Town — Stockholm, Sweden – which may be the most beautiful city in the world.


  1. Wow, what a trip.And I could so seriously get mad at you for looking better and better every day, but I simply love you far too much.I am working on finally posting the third and final installment of our wacky, zany trip from 2005. Soon, soon.And proof that you looked great then and greater now!

  2. PS – Church of the Spilled Blood and the supermarket photo makes me want to shout “Clean Up! Clean Up on Aisle 5!!!”

  3. Cool trip you had there. We must of been away at about the same time. I just went to the other side of my state, while you went to the other side of the Atlantic.Thanks for bringing back the great pictures for us to view.When I was away I paid scant attention to the news and I gotta tell you it was great to get a break from the MSM bs. I did not see a computer screen for several days and that too was a healthy thing.Did you get a chance to read Matt Taibbi’s book?

  4. Oh, I want to say something relevant, but I just keep getting distracted by the good looking man in the pictures.

  5. That dcap is a handsome devil, ain’t he? Great shots man, can’t wait to see more! But next time, how about some lovely European ladies. 😉

  6. welcome back, buddy

  7. welcome back, buddy

  8. I see you overtook he pack in old town to take the yellow jersey!Oh wait, wrong event…

  9. I think I may start posting pics of you on my blog and claim it’s me. I think the straight gals would be willing to give it a go if more lesbians looked like you.I know I could probably lure in FranIam!

  10. I take it you didn’t take the “if it’s tuesday this must be Madrid” tour.You didn’t miss much here. The idiots are still idiots and life goes on.

  11. The onion domed buildings (are they all churches?) are truly stunning and obviously well taken care of.Very nice pictures.

  12. Great pictures, looking forward to some pictures and stories of Scandinavia ladies. I live vicariously through others.

  13. Wait, wouldn’t brunettes have more fun in Scandinavia? You know, because most people are blonde there, so brunettes would be the “exotic,” desired ones. Just a theory.In other news, I’m moving to Finland!And someday I hope to get married at the Church of Spilled Blood. And if that’s not available, maybe the Church of Amputated Limbs or the Church of Impaled Torsos.

  14. Who was taking all those photos of you? Is that someone you hired? Because if it was, then I’d like to interview for that job please. I’ll travel with you and photgraph you in all sorts of places.

  15. Get a hair cut.

  16. lmao at Zoey.Jealous here, except if I had the funds for such a trip, it’d have to be to France in July to watch le Tour.I can’t wait for the posts over the next few weeks, I am sure they will be full of some amazing stories and pics.

  17. welcome home, dcAp!i was thinking the same thing dr. monkey von monkerstein was thinking (g_d help me). were you traveling with someone or did you have people you met take the pics? if you were traveling in the states, you would have had to keep replacing your camera, as it would have been stolen at least a dozen times.

  18. Looks like Sweden is on the short list. And I have to say it again, the camera loves you DCap.

  19. Neato pics you lucky dawg, really really NEATO !!!

  20. Damn D…I meant to give you the number of my bestest friends in Stockholm! I keep saying that I would so want to live there but they say that it is too dark in winter for me.Still, cant right now get much further than manhattan where I still am taking care of grandpa, who really almost bit it this time, and since I couldnt make it even to Austin, Im unlikely to get to Stockholm this year…but next spring may be in the cards. So I want a full report!…as we all do.You didnt miss much here as far as I can tell from the sickroom.welcome home,Melina

  21. Welcome back to Amerika, Dcap. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  22. Man…I am so jealous. Glad to see you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  23. Watch your wallet there Charlie.

  24. Damn, your one sexy devil DCap!

  25. The real blondes, or the fake ones?The real ones are (generally speaking) highly intelligent.

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