Posted by: distributorcap | August 20, 2008

Money well spent

WARNING! I couldn’t help myself after reading this TODAY – so if you have virgin ears or poo issues — parts of this post are not for the faint of heart.

For a fat, smelly, scumbag, Roger Ailes is also the luckiest asshole on the planet. The world’s biggest embarrassment to journalism and CEO of Faux News Channel (and Faux Television Stations) earned an extra $4.5 million as a performance bonus this year, bringing his total annual compensation to $20 million – double the amount he earned last year.

Isn’t he cute?

And what did this cross between Joseph Goebbels and Fudgie the Whale do for his extra bucks? – he presided over a cable news network that has been losing viewers to arch-rivals CNN and MSNBC, especially in the highly desired younger demos of 18-34 and 18-49.

And if that wasn’t enough to make Rupert Murdoch see red, the man who has made an art form of lying got a nice bonus just for launching the tepid Fox Business Channel (FBC). As of a few months ago FBC had around 6,000 viewers/day, compared to CNBC’s 290,000. For having 2% of the audience of CNBC, Ailes received a bonus of 333,000 shares of News Corp. (that is 55.5 shares for each viewer) stock, valued at $7.7 million. (He should have aimed for 1% of the audience, he might have doubled his bonus). Tubby the Tuba’s corporate car and travel allowance totaled an additional $168,173 and News Corp. also picked up a $52,000 tab for Ailes’ personal security.

And to top it off, Murdoch has had to deal with the incredible amount of bad press that Faux News has received as of late. Ailes has failed (or rather hasn’t tried), to control Fox News’ smearing and continuous descent into the bowels of journalism, which is proving to be an ever growing problem for Murdoch.

But this is America, land of opportunity (I could do a Jay and the Americans, but won’t) where losing money is rewarded, as long as you are a loyal members of the club. FBC will lose around $130,000,000, but Ailes, who has worked very hard misleading Americans, will get his bonus.

There is ONE saving grace — it is nice to see Fox completely wasting their money on this fat, smelly, scumbag’s salary and bonus rather than on expanding their capacity to produce and distribute more lies. For all his disgusting and evil behavior, Ailes is worth more to Murdoch on his team, than off his team.


  1. Murdoch paying money to someone who isn’t building market share….DCap, that’s excellent news. Hope they pay him more next time the numbers fall. That or Murdoch biting it might finally bring that filthy network to its knees.

  2. Roger Ailes is a total douchebag.

  3. Wow, he looks the love child of Truman Capote and just about any southern hick-town sherrif.Not that there’s anything wrong with that.Regards,Tengrain

  4. He appears to be a guy that I would keep away from my kids, their school, my school, my wife and anyone else who I care about…

  5. FOX has a news station?? Who knew? HEH…

  6. So let me see if I understand this, you do’t like this Alies guy. Right?

  7. Roger is on par with that poop in the photo!

  8. roger ailes should be served with a side order of eggs and toast. i detest him.p.s. feel free to use that picture of him anytime you wish, dcAp.

  9. The really good news is that if they’re loosing money then they’ll be laying off people. Too bad it won’t be Roger.

  10. Fat fucking fatuous asshat.Nero fiddles, Rome burns.As for let them eat cake, someone let that fucktard eat too much cake.

  11. “Would you like some candy, little children?”

  12. Faux Noise is not in the news business, nor are they even profit oriented. They are purely a right wing propaganda machine.Unfortunately they have more than successful in their trade.As Bush Sr. inadvertantly asked on air, “How’s our man Roger?”

  13. Wow, the bright studio lights are liquifying the lard and it’s oozing out of his porcine pores.I love it when these pigs at the trough turn out to be fat slobs- it makes it so much easier to understand the rest of their excesses.

  14. Imagine a fat, pervey shitbag like him needing personnel security. Who would have thought?

  15. Hideous. I don’t care if his tail does curl like that. He’s just hideous.

  16. I would just like to say, that that “man” looks very much like the skeevy, sweaty, smelly, fat shit-for-brains creep that would try and stick his fingers in my ass when I gave them lap dances. I am not joking. There is a very special place in hell for cretins like that. A very special place.

  17. I think they should give him a huge raise. Then maybe they couldn’t pay Orally’s salary.

  18. Lemme see what is funnier:1. the fact that Foxy thinks they know business any better than they know news?2. the hysterical comments your post gets?3. Your insane labels? I give up and love it all. Tooo funny.

  19. I thought Leia strangled Jabba the Hutt in the third movie.

  20. I monkeyed with the TVs in our house so they will never even accidentally flip onto Fox News. It’s like it doesn’t even exist in the Grant Miller Media household.

  21. Pure and simple the guy give me the creeps just from that picture.

  22. Think about how much their market would shrink if they hired Rove, Rumsfeld, Libby, Miers, and Gonzales. They should all get bonuses as well. We are, after all, inside the looking glass. People who screw up get the Medal of Freedom, the guy who started the false war and was AWOL from the guard unit he joined to avoid Vietnam got reelected, the guy who served with distinction in Vietnam was slandered and lost the election. War is good, peace is bad, rich need tax breaks, poor need to pay more taxes, the aggressor in South Ossetia is on our side and the defenders of Ossetia are our enemies. Maybe Lewis Carroll got a glimpse into our future when he wrote about Alice. Now, will someone show me the exit, I want to get back to the real world – or at least some semblance of what it used to be.

  23. There is ONE saving grace — it is nice to see Fox completely wasting their money on this fat, smelly, scumbag’s salary and bonus rather than on expanding their capacity to produce and distribute more lies.See, there’s a silver lining.

  24. Damn it Dcap…I warned you against using such foul language on this “family” oriented site. How could you?

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