Posted by: distributorcap | September 24, 2008

When do Republicans stop lying?

Are Republicans born missing the shame gene.

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson from his 3-page bailout proposal submitted to Congress on Saturday 9/20/08

Section 8. Review: Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

The same Henry Paulson testifying at the Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday 9/23/08

We gave you a simple, three-page legislative outline and I thought it would have been presumptuous for us on that outline to come up with an oversight mechanism. That’s the role of Congress, that’s something we’re going to work on together. So if any of you felt that I didn’t believe that we needed oversight: I believe we need oversight. We need oversight.

I guess after 7 years having subpoenas ignored and being treated with disdain by the Bush administration – the Congress has learned its lesson well. Being lied to is AOK.

I watched part of the hearing. Paulson was frustrated, defensive and looked like he couldn’t believe these “Congressional critters” were actually questioning his proposal. He said something to the effect that the “financial crisis was caused by past, present and future” policies.

Seems like a good deal to me — hand over a $700 billion check to a financial ‘czar’ who thinks future policies will contribute to this fiasco.

So bottom line – if you’re a investment banker and find that your actions contributed to your own disaster, here is $700 billion in welfare. But if your are unemployed due to failing economy or the boss’s greed and end up needing government assistance, you’re on your own. The more I hear, the more I say let it melt down.

Switched at birth?

John McDouchebag – Presidential candidate

Wallace of Wallace & Gromit

again thanks to RMS for the photo op

*When do Republicans stop lying – when pigs with lipstick fly.


  1. Hey, wait a minute.Wallace is a decent, albeit clay human being.McDouche is not.

  2. The gang went out to eat Chinese at our favorite Chinese restaurant — China Chef, last night in Fairport, NY.As we sat around devouring our food, the subject naturally came to the bailout.The theme that kept bubbling up was, “$700 billion is a lot of coin. What is it doesn’t work and six months from now, the economy is right back where its was before?”I watched a portion of Paulson’s testimony, raspy voice and food stuck between his teeth and I kept thinking how he reminded me of a criminal. A thug. I am no economist but I wouldn’t give this guy $5 dollars to hold for me and expect to get it back.

  3. *when pigs with lipstick fly*Break me up!!!… but ya gotta be careful with that kind of statement…….I heard Sarah Palin has quite a few ‘frequent flier’ miles!!ooops… that was very sexist of me…..

  4. Has Todd Palin, the first “Dude” had a national security background check? After all, he’s always in attendance when his wife, McCandy, is being briefed on national security matters?Oops! My bad. I guess I’m a sexist too!

  5. There are people from both sides of the isle resistant to this “bail out” and giving Paulson a blank check.The FBI is checking the companies that went down lately for fraud.There is a lot of money out there and the credit will unfreeze once the investors know who to trust and which financial company they can invest with.It’s funny that Goldman is getting $5 Billion from Berkshire, they know something we don’t?America doesn’t need a bailout package. The execs do.

  6. “Are Republicans born missing the shame gene.”Hee, I liked the way it’s a question with a period– because it’s NOT really a question at all, it’s a declarative statement.Actually, quite a lot of the time I wish *I* could stand up and publically speak all sorts of rubbish and not be embarassed by it. I’m too EASILY embarassed– maybe I should join th’ party…??

  7. Just wait until its “marketed” as the “financial surge”.And am I the only one who thinks Warren B’s $5 billion infusion for Goldman Sachs is a bit fishy? Its not like Hank Paulson ran it before he got his big job as Mr. T. Why didn’t Oracle of Omaha do that with Lehman? Seems like a sanctioned hit to me.JAS

  8. Wallace is a good, albeit English, democrat, as evidenced by his taste in cheese.

  9. Hey, stop questioning your government, you commie! If these “investment banks” are so good at what they do that we should even consider bailing them out, I say let them go find their own PRIVATE investors to bail ’em out. I too say “let ’em crash.”

  10. To answer your rhetorical question – Never.I’m glad you wrote this. As the Republicans start to wrangle politically with this bailout, they’re going to do everything they can to hang it around the necks of the Dems.We need to keep pushing the theme that this mess is the direct result of Republican lead and backed deregulation.

  11. Being lied to is AOK.Our preferred term is misled. Lie sounds so, icky.- Congressional Democrats

  12. Some Republicans say the crisis does not seem to be affecting their local districts.They are probably accurate as there are pockets doing well. A news report headlined car loans in default over 60 days up 11%.However total defaults was somewhere around 1.65% of car loans.That tells me that the “crisis” can’t be bad all over otherwise unemployment would be way over 10% and mortgage interest well over 10%.Problem is you just don’t know who or what to believe.Information overload.

  13. How can you be so cruel to Wallace? He ain’t smart, but at least he picked a capable running mate in Grommit.

  14. I know who to blame, for sure, but I’m not sure who to believe or to how to fix the system.

  15. This is a fine post. Just the right amount of rationality and cynicism and whimsy. Loved your tag.

  16. “Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.”That line, finally, even upset some conservatives who’ve been giving Bush a blank check for 8 years. This was finally enough to upset them.

  17. I’m not sure Republican know any other way than to lie. Good news is that the internals now are so for Obama it’s wonderful. Like he leads McCain by nearly 20 points in the trust area. McCain’s lying has really backfired as has the whole Palin thing. We are moving up fast and steady. We are gonna win this thing.

  18. When do Republicans stop lying?Never – how about never, that seems to work as an answer.I just listened to something on my iPod that was recorded in May… and this should have all been painfully obvious then, and before.But no – Paulie ‘n the boyz don’t roll that way.

  19. My new favorite congresscritter let’s ’em have it here.Let’s Play “WALLSTREET BAILOUT” The Rules Are.. . Rep Kapture

  20. They knew about this problem in May 07 if not sooner. I figured in out in the fall of 07 and prepared. It has been said that they were preparing for this for months but I see no evidence of that. Their MO is to throw money at the problem with no plan and hope everything works out. Three pages with no oversight is not a plan.$700 billion wouldn’t begin to fix the problem so in 6 months ceo’s would be back at the trough asking for more. It’s time to stop giving big handouts to drunkards. What’s to stop them from pissing this money away?

  21. I agree with everyone who feels you have unnecessarily slandered Wallace.

  22. I'd vote for Wallace & Gromit before I'd vote for McCain.Here is a Paulson qote of the day:"Yes we need the full $7 hundred billion, we'll learn as we go along"What patriotic, bi partisan American would not jump on this golden opportunity for this grand experiment?That is the current buzzword– work together in a bipartisan way.I decipher that to mean- look the republicans screwed up, and we need to take this monumental gamble on fixing it, but we want your asses (note the democratic reference/pun??) on the line too, so if this thing fails, we can blame it on you.Any bets on how many times Bush will use the term BI Partisan in his speech tonight?I'll guess at least 10.

  23. When do Republicans stop lying?Are they even aware that they are?

  24. Yep, Roubini has a plan, Kucinich has a plan – which makes sense, but I'm beginning to think just let it die, or as they said in the old 50's nuclear fallout giant ant and trantula movies, "Kill it before it multiplies."(<;

  25. It’s like the old joke…”How can you tell if a Republican is lying? His lips are moving.”

  26. Kz – I am getting skewered over using Wallace as the switched at birth – I APOLOGIZE to everyoneChristopher – Paulson is a scary scary guy. Ok – I would bet palin is a member of the mile high club. Those Alaskan meese..Christopher – that whole family gives me the creeps. There is something very larry craig about ToddIch – this is all about taking care of friends. This plan SUCKS, it will be totally squandered. Nothing nothing nothing bush touches worksCap – republicans are born without genes, brains, and even dicks.Jas – you are not the only one – buffet doesn’t spend for no reasonSorghum – I apologize about Wallace 8-)Dg – call me Vladimir. Let them use some of their $120 billion in bonusesDcup – I think this one wont get by. As horrible as it is – I am so glad bush is leaving with a bang – so to speakRandal – thank you Mr. 1984Ich – you don’t know who to believe because the govt and media are just constantly lying – that is why letterman, stewart and joy behar and the best thing that has happened to AmericaBeth – I apologize about Wallace 8-)Comrade – if any GOP say anything, run for a bunkerUtah – thanks!Bubs – I hope you are right. That and the CEO pay. I guess it took 8 years for Nancy to grow ballsAfeather – lying is in the genes, it is the only thing they know. Palin is about to crash, that Couric meeting was a debacleFran – my ipod broke of courseNunya – that was greatDemeur – they knew about this in Jan 01 – once bush stepped in, it was shit all over the placeMatty – I apologize about Wallace 8-)Fran – his speech was a debacle – the worst he has ever looked, he looked like he was on LSDSpart – good pointMarjorie – I have to read some more plans – if bush isn’t involved it probably is somewhat reasonableMaui – yep!

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