Posted by: distributorcap | September 27, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I was not going to watch the debate last night. After watching the debut of the newest reality show Deal or No Deal Without Me starring John McStunt unfold this week – I thought investing 90 minutes watching him lie and snake his way through the debate would be as productive as throwing $700 billion at a bunch of rich Dom Perignon-soaked investment bankers.

But I watched, sort of.

I have to say I was bored. I had trouble concentrating. Maybe because of all the theatrics this week from the American Drama Queen I expected more than just conversation. There were some good (and important) points scored on both sides. But as usual there was LOT of evasive talk, avoidance talk and really no knockout punch from Obama.

I guess I expected more.

Maybe I set my expectations too high. Like the real Deal or No Deal — this debate was a game show about the odds, and both men played to the odds. Whereas on Deal some people will do something against all odds to win the million dollars, no one did that last night.

McDouche has had two really bad weeks, with mistakes following missteps following idiotic statements following schizophrenic actions. And the media is finally calling him on his shit. But yet, McUndeserving remains strangely competitive (call it the 800 lb. elephant in the room). I really thought Obama would find a opening and land a good right hook, putting the McLoser campaign on a respirator for five weeks. Or even worse, I thought that after all the nonsense McDiversion threw into the wind this week – he would play the ‘sympathy’ card – meaning any performance he gave last night would be crowned victorious.

He almost pulled it off. And that is scary.

McAngry came off as a petulant, arrogant and condescending twit. Then again that is what McAngry is. But he did not underwhelm. He made mistakes (Pakistan for example) but he did not make any major gaffes. At least none that will get stuck in a news cycle. I thought McAngry did a pretty good job considering he is inarticulate, not as smart as people think he is, not telegenic and was busy being Blanche DuBois for the past 4 days.

Obama came off as intelligent, less professorial than usual, well-spoken, sharp, smart, consistent and presidential. But he was way too controlled and I think lacked the necessary fire undecideds are looking for. More obvious, he was WAY too polite and deferential. In my mind, this (unnecessary) deference actually hurt Obama. It took the strong points he was making down a few notches. He didn’t have to be so nice – McAss does not deserve it.

But more than anything else I do not think this debate really changed anyone’s mind — and that is what it needed to do. With things so close, Obama needs every life line he can get. After using the nice card, has has 3 more left. (including Biden-Palin). Obama still has a chance to land that right hook, but he didn’t even come close last night.

People who are going to vote for Obama will still vote for him. McIamimportant’s loyalists are still going to be loyal to him. For anyone in the middle (and it is SO hard to believe that someone hasn’t made up their mind already) the debate probably didn’t give any more insight or change any perceptions – and for sure it didn’t cause the Wheel to land on bankrupt.

I know for the most part the pundits and instant-polls gave the “win” to Obama. The retarded audience meter on CNN was so ridiculous. However to me, this was a win full of empty calories. And after a week filled with more fat than one could handle, I guess I probably shouldn’t have expected anything but.

And that is why I was bored.


  1. Buck up, li’l buckeroo!Lack of fireworks? Sure. But I’m reading some things that say (pretty consistently) that swing and undecided voters broke largely for Obama. So, maybe there’s hope for Senator Hopie, yet.And, if you wanna live-blog the VP debate with me, lemme know! I got this alsome software…

  2. I feel asleep about 20 minutes in- I had had an exhausting week and you know, it was not so action packed.

  3. No matter who you like, people have to admit that McCain made Obama look very,very,very inexperienced. It also was a terrible move on Obama’s part by saying, “I agree with McCain on this one” – a MILLION TIMES.

  4. Overall, it was peculiar.The USA is on the verge of the Great Depression 2.0 and by my estimation, 70% of the debate centered around foreign policy, war and revisiting Reagan.Obama tried to work the economy into the debate but the dreadful moderator, Jim Leher was having none of it.Speaking of Leher, how many times did Obama have to tell him that in light of the economy, some of his agenda would have to be scuttled? By my count, Obama answered Leher’s question FOUR TIMES.And what’s up with the Old Coot refusing to look at Obama? Was he disgusted by the proximity of having to stand so close to a person of color?A very odd debate.

  5. I also found the debate a little weird. Both were way too controlled for me, never straying too far from their talking points.I am looking forward to the VP debate! In my heart of hearts, I want to see Palin reduced to crying on stage, is that so bad of me?

  6. and it is SO hard to believe that someone hasn’t made up their mind alreadyIsn’t it? I didn’t watch the thing, and regardless of whether you dig Obama or not, what the fuck. McFuck? Really? You’ll cast your vote for that malevolent creature?C’mon Barry, toss a big right hook. Figuratively, not literally, of course. Yes.

  7. After 10 minutes I switched to reruns of the Simpsons. Still, this was supposed to be the “Foreign Policy Debate” which was supposed to be McCain’s great strength. If Obama even tied McCain, that is a big win. Obama was the underdog.Secondly, I would hope that most American votes would look at this debate in the context of what happened over this past week. Even if McCain hit every point perfectly, actions speak louder than words. The actions this week have been unstable and show a man willing to put the economy at risk for a political stunt.America can do better.

  8. I was mesmerized by the ‘retarded audience meter’ and had to switch to the math all over the sides of the screen keeping score.

  9. Obaba did throw out the Spain issue, and he did review how McCain was wrong on a list of items that was punchy.What was up with McCain looking off to the right & the excessive blinking– was it morse code?That was disturbing, and his cheesy grins at inappropriate times, and laughing.Did they give him the wrong meds?

  10. How could Johnny McWrong both disregard the requests of the moderator, AND make more false statements, win the debate? ‘Cause this is ‘Murika and Johnny was a POW.At least we assume he won, right? After all, he is the foreign policy expert. He said he went to those countries, so he knows better than anyone what’s best.Except for what he said about Shiites, Sunnis, al-Qaeda, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and other countries that don’t matter.And what did Biden mean with the crack about, “Just because he’s been there, doesn’t make him right,” anyway?

  11. I was looking for the knock out punch too, and didn’t get it. Still I think Obama did fine and overall McCain did better than expected but his personal behavior was lousy, and that turned the audience off. He ruined his argument that he is the uniter, and I hope Dem’s key on that. Uniters do not attack their opponent with “he’s naive”, they look for agreement and build on that. McCain didn’t and Obama did. He was presidential.

  12. McCain came across as condescending, petulant, arrogant, and stupid. But yes, Obama was waaay too nice. That troubled me. He can’t do that. He has to distance himself from McCain. Too much depends on this election.

  13. I didn’t agree with either of them that much, but Dr. Zibbs’ take is 180 degrees off. McCain wouldn’t look at Obama. That will be the talking point. He was disrespectful and petulant, like he was when he said he wouldn’t show up, then did show up. Likewise when he said he wouldn’t talk to Spain’s Zapatero. He showed disrespect and petulance to the entire country when he made Sarah Palin his running mate.He is psychologically unsuited to being president. It might be his time in a prison camp that messed him up, but his character before he was shot down, the arrogant fuck-up son of privilege, might also be the best explanation of the old and irritable man we see before us today.

  14. I think Obama IS nice, and that may be being seen as a weakness here. His strength is building coalitions, and to do that, you have to validate the assets of the people across the aisle. Was it appropriate for a debate that is designed to be adversarial? Maybe not. But it is his nature.It is also his nature to not go for a knock-out punch in the first round of a fight. How often in these past bazillion months have we, his supporters, screamed at our TV sets, our computers and at the car radio for him to LASH OUT, Godammit! and HIT BACK! Unlike me, he does not respond with anger and rage. And for him, it works. He is a long-haul guy. Much like a football coach who does not get freaked out by being behind at halftime, he keeps going, evaluating his opponent and playing to his own strengths. I say leave him be. McTwit had his opportunity to shine – Foreign policy is the area he is supposed to know more about than anyone else and what he showed was a basket full of outdated ideas. Obama may not have scored a knockout punch, but he did not lose the round, either. Then next two presidential debates will be on issues more to his expertise, and McIdiot will be more off balance and more inclined to turn red and sputter and get nasty and show himself to be the unstable geriatric that he is. Obama will let him defeat himself while he stays above it and keeps himself clean. It is what he does, and it works for him.Much as I would love to see him punch McCain (literally) right in the kisser, it is not a style that works for him. Let him play his own game. He’ll get there.

  15. dawn on mdi wrote “he does not respond with anger and rage”.I think that is an excellent quality to have. The rages and rantings of powerful people may sound good to the masses but illustrate the juvenile.We need a cool head up there and Obama has demonstrated that.Many people think that not showing emotion or declaring frustration or anger is a sign of weakness. It is anything but.

  16. DaddyD 😉 I felt Obama held back and would’ve loved to have seen him hit harder. McPainInTheAss was a douche as always. I still don’t know his position on anything or his plan for this country. Great point re: undecideds. I don’t think the debate swayed them in either direction, which is bad. Very bad.

  17. I wanted to move past the boredom because I felt it was important to hunker down and really listen to what they had to say.Just as I figured, McCain was gruff, condescending and acted as if he was old gramps teaching little Jimmie how to fish.I kept waiting for him to call Obama, “boy.”Obama was patient and composed with the old fart, only correcting him after hearing the most overt lies McCain was telling.Obama missed many opportunities to T-bone the old liar, especially about how much McCain “loves and cares for the vetarans,” but I guess Obama is just a lot more polite than I.If anyone on the fence would simply Google something like a “debate fact-o-meter,” they’d quickly discover that McCain’s entire platform is predicated on lying about Obama’s words and deeds.McCain=Bush, plain and simple.

  18. P.S. Dr Zibbs, it would be totally rude to tell you you’re full of shit, so I won’t do that.Instead I’ll wish you a good day and pray for your enlightenment.:)

  19. Dawn on Mdi, you said it all. Exactly! Bravo! Now I don’t have to add my two cents and it is, like the rest of us, my last two cents.K Zipdrive, thank you for saying what I wanted to say to Dr Zibbs. “Fuck you” was what I was going to say, but you are so much nicer than I. And since prayer is not in my arsenal I have nothing to offer Zibbs but fuck you again. Sorry Dcap if you’re trying to keep this a polite and profanity free zone.

  20. I think the real problem with America is displayed by a couple of comments today.A person entered a comment with his or her opinion of the debate. It appears they were honest ones and not inflammatory and defiantly not directed against any of the readers on this blog in a personal way. At least that is how I read it.In America, as in other places when an opposing view or one that is not to their liking is expressed, people get personal.Instead of arguing the statement, the anger is expressed against the individual. It starts with the “f” word and denigrates to words such as “stupid” or “idiot”.Who are we to judge another human on this world without looking at ourselves? I for one have said and written many stupid and idiotic things in my life, and I admit it.But I don’t “feel” I am a stupid person.This phenomena is ruling many of the comment sections of blogs and other websites that encourage participation. It is lack of respect for your brother or sister in the flesh.And we all have to live together on this planet.

  21. The wisest words spoken today Icabod, well put!

  22. i haven’t watched the entire debate yet, but i have seen a lot of the clips. i wish obama would pound on the lectern a few times, not in anger, but in passion when he talks about fighting for the middle class and the poor. capt underpants looked like grampa when he told his boring old war stories for the hundredth time at thanksgiving. i don’t think his petulance served him well.i agree with dawn that this is just the first round, but there is an important fact to keep in mind. early voting starts next week in some states, including ohio. obama doesn’t have the luxury of waiting. he needs to deliver knock-out punches at every available opportunity, before it’s too late.

  23. Damn you DCap, I’ve been at work all day and came home to write my post about the debate and you already wrote it. Well I guess I get to watch football and go to sleep early.Predictable, uninspiring, and disappointing are how I felt about both candidates. McCain because that is what he is, Obama because I feel like he lost a chance.I call it a draw.Nice post. Even if you somehow stole it out of my notebook while I was a

  24. You know of course that it’s not nice to beat up on old people. Who wants to watch a football game when the home team scores 66 points and the visitor barely puts up a fight? When McCain said he’d cut all spending except defense how silly did that look? As for foreign policy we’ve seen where that’s taking us.I’m sure Obama will finish him off in the next few rounds. Remember Obama is a magna cum laude Harvard graduate while McCain was fifth from the bottom at the Naval Academy. I think you are on to something about the cell phone vote. I keep getting calls three times a day for my opinion via landline phone. I refuse to answer them.

  25. I thought Obama was way too nice also! It was-well, yes-boring! There were no real knockout punches here. I thought Obama did well, but he was too damn nice. I can’t wait till the VP debate-that should be good!

  26. I looked again at what Zibbs wrote-was it that bad? Geesh! He wasn’t saying that he was a McCainiac or something. I think he’s right about Obama saying that McCain’s right a few times too many during the debate.I guess what I’m saying is that if Zibbs is leaning toward McPow, he wasn’t being an asshole about it-at least I don’t think.

  27. Sorry, my tolerance level is at zero. Obama was absolutely NOT made to look inexperienced, and anyone who thinks so should wake up and note that all the major polls gave Obama the clear edge in the debate.When the GOP stops lying and insulting anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with them, and their apologists stop trying to spin horseshit into silk, then I’ll be polite.Just don’t make shit up and expect all Democrats to ask for a group hug and a round of Kumbaya choruses.Some of us are just too disgusted for more of that stuff.

  28. I totally agree with you on that Karen zipdrive-I thought Obama did very well-I checked out Fox just after the debate just to see what they would say-it was silly-it was like they were…well watching Fox! Typical. I watched MSNBC and CNN and they all said the same-Obama did better than McCain. I think it was obvious-its just that, for me, I wish the gloves would have come off for Obama. I think he will do just that and kick some ass on Oct 7.

  29. You nailed it. Obama really needed to let loose a little more. I’m hoping he does so on the next one. There were too many times when I felt like I was watching DramaQueenChimpy vs. WoodenToyKerry.

  30. Man..this is a prize fight for the heavyweight title. The fighters usually dance around the ring the first round. Lots of jabs. No big bombs. I saw it 10-9 Obama.

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