Posted by: distributorcap | September 28, 2008

Let’s Do The Bush Warp Again

What economic crisis! I know how to make million$. And I will share the proceeds with anyone that can sit through it. We should tape or DVR or TiVO or record or pirate the Thursday Sarah Palin – Joe Biden debate, then package it up as the next audience participation midnight movie. I already have the cover and opening board.

Complete with its own lipstick on a pig. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been packing them in for 33 years, I see no reason why The Sarah Palin Horror Show aka the Vice Presidential debate can’t do the same thing for the next 33 (until all the movie theatres are underwater from global warming). This will be our only guaranteed steady stream of income in our retirement years — you know the years that will be void of any Social Security since the Republicans finally bankrupted the program by privatizing it.

This is a sure fire hit. We would definitely attract the “right” crowd

and just think, we could throw rice (yes that kind of rice) during the preparation scene

Half the audience can squirt water pistols during the scene when Palin makes us cry with her story, while the other half of the audience can cover their heads with the Wall Street Journal. Of course there will be some good camera shots of some of the people cheering Sarah along during this very rough part of the campaign.

Every time she mentions Russia we can take a shot of Stolichnaya. And think of how the audience will go wild when she gets kudos from the current Horror Show.

and of course the whole Palin/Republican mantra is really just a Time Warp.

It’s astounding, Bush is leaving
Madness took its toll
But listen closely, its not much longer
We’ve got to keep control

I remember doing the Bush Warp
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me and the campaign would be calling
Let’s do the Bush warp again…
Let’s do the Bush warp again!

It’s just a jump from the left
And then you leap to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it’s the drill baby drill that really drives you insane,
Let’s do the Bush Warp again!

You guys I am not kidding, this could be the next Pet Rock or Lava lamp!


  1. OMG, that song and dance is sure to be a huge hit in the upcoming retro-failure genre. I don’t think all is lost yet though, because they have, apparently, not squelched your brilliance.

  2. Hey! Someone actually gave me a Pet Rock at one of those horrid office Xmas gift exchanges.Believe me, the rock was lots more cuddly than McCain or Palin.But your Rocky Horror retro idea is brilliant.How I wish I could shrink myself, crawl into your ear and listen to you think.My laughter would tickle your brain constantly.

  3. The debates between Palin/Palin and Bidden should be interesting and if all goes as I think it will.Let’s just say that you can change some of the people some of the time but not a Republican none of the time, no matter how bad things smell, and right now things are stinking badly for America.

  4. oh, dcAp,you have outdone yourself! not sure if i love that shot of the audience or the one of the rethug natl convention the most!

  5. The audience shot you put together is just a little bit of wonderful!!!

  6. Oh crap, that is too funny.That photo of skinny, shirtless Bush next to the Stoli bottle.hahahaahah.

  7. Excellent, DCap! Love it. And where did that picture of Bush’s face come from anyway? He looks like such a moron! Oh, I forgot, he often looks like that. Guess it’s his natural look.

  8. The irony is, it’s Pelosi and Reid who have lined up behind Bush and Paulson to give away our tax dollars to bailout Wall Street criminals and create a new form of white collar socialism. Conservatism Republicans have said, “Not so fast, boys and girls.” Although details of this bailout are cursory at best, from what I can glean , we’re still looking at borrowing, AKA, indebting you and me, to the tune of $250 billion in the first installment, followed by an additional $250 billion in the second installment, followed by a third installment of $200 billion.Meanwhile, Henry Paulson has never been forced to explain how he arrived at the bailout figure and no one in the Congress or the media has bothered to ask him. I guess this is how they do things at Goldman Sachs.BTW, now it looks like the FDIC will need $150 billion on top of this to protect the deposits of Americans.Our new debt ceiling stands at $11.3 trillion dollars.

  9. omg DCap..this is perfect…holy shit batman- THIS is what we need to do- and silly me- I was just going to Liveblog it..sheesh..Okay where do we meet- with rain slickers and a bag of soggy toast and squirt guns and an umbrella….and Rubber gloves etc etc….I am ready…( I am sending people here today…..this is as good as my Monday Morning George Carlin dose)…Hey I can see Palin ‘s Thursday’s Demise from my porch…

  10. AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!My eyes! Bush as Rocky?! McCain as Frankie?! Sarah Palin as Janet?! Have you no shame?! Is nothing sacred? Dear god, man. Put the idiots in Blazing Saddles or something that is already offensive and leave the freaks alone.Sheesh.

  11. U r killinz me…

  12. At this point unless she has a nervous breakdown during the debate, they will call it a win for her. With the expectations so low, all she had do is continue breathing until the end.

  13. Christopher is right.Trickle down won’t work if the foundation is rotten. Fix the foundation first and work uphill to make it strong.It doesn’t tale a rocket scientist to figure that one out. History also supports the foundation theory.

  14. This is brilliant. And when the Doctor says “Great Scott”, people can toss rolls of the Constitution Toilet Paper…

  15. I want in on the ground floor on this. I’ve waited my whole life to make it rich on one little stupid scheme like this. Let the sales go forth!

  16. I wish this whole GOP mess was just a campy movie. But it does fit well for Halloween.

  17. You’re a genius, DCap! Start the marketing!

  18. Every time she mentions Russia we can take a shot of Stolichnaya.I’m already drinking heavily whenever Palin begins to talk about anything.

  19. heh heh heh heh heh heh he…That’s all I got for you man. It was only a matter of time before someone made the Bush-Rocky Horror connection. Might as well be you.

  20. Genius! Brilliant! and … sad.

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