Posted by: distributorcap | October 21, 2008

Sarah FINALLY answers a question from the Media

Remember this…

well Sarah has answered

In the history of American politics, no one has fallen faster and harder than Nanook of Wasilla. It is breathtaking isn’t it? And no one so deserves all the abuse and thrashing she has taken. Palin is the epitome of American Trash – she is garbage wrapped up in vomit, with a sprinkle of idiocy. In 7 weeks Palin has gone from a popular Alaskan governor to a national joke. One can blame the McCain campaign for this mess – for picking someone so unqualified and unprepared – and then hiding her from the media. But Palin should have known that getting into this process was way over head. When she has crawled out of the sewer on a few occasions, Palin has talked to total scumbags like Hannity and Limbaugh – which is about as credible as taking a basic arithmetic test with a calculator. Her 2 ventures with the MSM – Gibson and Couric – were noted for being both embarrassing and laughable. They will live on in YouTube for eternity. I bet the Klingons cannot even believe how stupid Palin is.

Her lack of intelligence or curiosity is not the issue anymore. We all know she has neither. The issue is do we want a designated rightwing barbie doll to spew hate, fear and lies for four more years. Sarah Palin is actually deranged and dangerous – maybe even more than Michele Bachmann. She has NO idea that the job she is seeking has exactly 2 duties – break a Senate tie and step in if the President becomes incapacitated. It runs nothing – though we could find her a job running the bathrooms in Union Station – and checking where Larry Craig is hiding.

But Sarah is out to rewrite the Constitution – or what is left of it after Bush use it to wipe Laura’s diarrhea off the bidet in the Lincoln bedroom. Anyone who votes for this complete twat is really the anti-American terrorist she is so proud of calling Obama.

Eight years of Dick Cheney has nearly destroyed this country – 1 minute of Sarah could land the final blow.

PS – The RNC, in their overwhelming generosity, has purchased clothing and accessories for Palin and her family – to use on the campaign. The tallies – $75,000 from Neiman-Marcus and $49,000 from Saks Fifth Avenue. These are just the stores that middle class America can relate to and afford right now. Heaven forbid Sarah wear anything from such low class places like Bloomingdale’s. And what the hell did they buy for $124,000 – Cindy’s used panties?

Elitist pig – with lipstick (Lancome of course)


  1. I’m guessing Elizabeth Arden for the lipstick. That said, as I asked at Morse’s place, does she have to give the clothes back when they lose? Thin the RNC will auction it off to pay their bills? I guessing the panties will bring in a good haul. You betcha.

  2. I am totally convinced she has narcissistic personality disorder.*She’s so self-absorbed, it hasn’t dawned on her she’s wrong about anything- she thinks the rest of us just need to keep up with her mercurial mind and envision a more powerful VeePee.*Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

  3. Ok, There is a video of McCain with Chris Wallace on Sunday morning revealing the basis of the choice of Palin. This clip was on but even though I have sent it to several larger bloggers no one has picked it up yet. Listening to McCain in this clip is an affront to women and it needs to go viral. I don’t have the chops to do it so I am desperately relying on someone else to do so., please, get this out there far and wide….

  4. Power hungry Palin think she's gonna waltz into the Senate & tell them how to vote?Sarah- You're not in Wasilla anymore!Palin would get her ass flamed if she thought she could run the Senate. Baked Al*ass*ka?But please– lets not entertain that thought.

  5. I don’t have a clue what they teach in school these days.I’ve heard from a junior high school principal who is married to a friend of mine they teach things like Madonna’s birthday but not Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. So I guess no one should be surprised McCandy hasn’t read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This was 5th grade Civics in the public school I attended in a suburb of San Francisco. I guess such things have been deemed culturally insensitive now.I’ve said for weeks that McCandy is Cheney with a vagina in a tight skirt. It’s clear she has been taught and embraced Cheney’s screwy notion of the so-called Unitary Executive. A concept that greatly expands the role of the VP and hasn’t been approved by the Congress or upheld by the SCOTUS.The good news is, this silly broad won’t get a chance to “preside over the Congress” because she and the Old Coot aren’t going to be elected. Tsk, tsk.

  6. I wonder how Alaskans will react to her once she drags her worthless ass home with her tail between her legs?Bush is a disgrace to Texas, but this broad is even stupider.

  7. What I can’t fathom is, McCandy bilked the RNC $150,000 (an illegal act) for clothes and makeup for herself and her hubby but it never occurred to her to spend $20 on a good Civics for Dummies book so she could at least appear to know what she’s talking about?

  8. Hey, at least she didn’t do something criminal like spending $400 on a haircut. That would really be pushing the envelope.

  9. It does seem almost beyond comprehension that any campaign could be run so poorly. The poor thing after 4 tries still has no clue what a VP does. You would think that somebody might alert her. I truly do not understand how she can bear getting up in the morning. I’d be so mortified that the majority thought me a dolt that I would change my name and move to Iceland. She appears to be so stupid she cannot even comprehend she is stupid. That can be most dangerous. Apparently she shares that characteristic with the wingnuts of the right.

  10. kzd: I think you are correct, but I would add: narcissistic personality disorder with sociopathic features. Her flaunting of rules without any sense that she may be culpable is one of the more chilling aspects of her personality. Reading Mudflats, and excellent progressive Alaska blog, I have learned can be seen when she was running for Mayor. She is a scary individual.Oh, and her make up artist only cost the RNC $13,000 last month. Only.

  11. I think Dr. Zipdrive’s diagnosis could be applied to everyone in the Bush White House as well. And as Zoe added, that little touch of sociopathy. Can you say “amoral”?

  12. C’mon now…you have the video above from McCrack saying what a wonderful asset Palgal is!! ***I’m back – had to throw up.Let’s see if she gives all these clothes back on Nov. 5th – since they were puchased “tax free.” I won’t even get into her lack of a brain.

  13. Piny – the clothing story had a lot of traction today – she is getting creamed on the teeveeKz – she is totally self absorbed – I can only imagine what kind of mother she is — I wont even go there – she is so Eva Peron it is amazing. Not only is her behavior pathological – it is now dangerous and extremely cunningRhode island – I put the video up on your suggestion. Mccain is an affront to humansFran – baked alasska – LOVE IT!Christopher – I bet they don’t even go past 1980 for history anymore – constitution – forget it! Palin is the worst of both bush and cheney (not that either has any good) – and that makes her a dangerously stupid c-wordKz – she will be so out on her ass in 2010Christopher – forget it – all the spinmeisters are having a helluva time covering her ass – and it is quite the comedy routineRandal – I want to see what a $12,000 women’s suit looks like on a mooseFeather – this might be the worst campaign in history – hence the need to go for the fear factor and perhaps steal the election. She is really that stupid – and you are right – she doesn’t know she is that stupid -0—you know what is sadder – thousands of people also don’t know she is that stupidZoe – if that is what $13,000 gets in makeup – perhaps she should go to clown collegeDg – the entire bush administration drank the same kool aid – it is a requirement for working for chimpy – that and probably giving him a few shots of jack daniels with a lineThe mom – she aint givng nothing back. Trust me – she is keeping all the crap

  14. Christopher: Civics for Dummy? Sheesh. Everybody knows that the only book that Palin’s Real Americans need is the Good Book. It’s right there on the list of rules for how to be a Real American.So us folks who read are… err… non-real? Or non-American? Someone needs to ask Mrs. Palin, but don’t expect an answer that makes any sense.- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  15. “she is garbage wrapped up in vomit, with a sprinkle of idiocy”Classic. Although personally I would’ve said, garbage wrapped up in vomit with a sprinkle of infected snot spit, but hey, it’s just semantics…

  16. They (Rove, other scummmies) picked her well, didn’t they? She is “perfect” for the cause. I cannot tolerate hearing that voice anymore! I want that voice to say-“Well I geeyes the Ameerican people have spokan…and veery loudly too! Barack Obama will be theeair next President!”

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