Posted by: distributorcap | November 19, 2008

77 Sunset Strip

Let’s take a look at our current time line:

Election Day – November 4
The Electoral College “vote” – Dec 15
Congress certifies the vote – Jan 6
Inauguration Day – Jan 20

That means there are 77 days from the election to when Barack Obama actually takes the reins of government. So what is the world doing during this “transition?” Isn’t this supposed to be oe big happy vacation! As the song says forget your troubles, get happy. 77 days till the Bush sunset – meanwhile, he will be able to continue to strip this country bare.

There are many happy, peppy people.

I will say the media is happy. For our fourth estate, this is a 77 day soap opera. they get to speculate who gets what posts in the new administration and then decide who will be good choices and who will suck. They get to start trashing the new president, talk about how inept and undisciplined Obama is, discuss all his mistakes and foibles and of course, how we have made a terrible mistake – all before one single string of power has changed hands.

Congress is sort of happy. They are in a lame duck session, which probably doesn’t make them happy – but for some it is there last chance to screw somebody over, or help out their friends in high places. Our senate has been busy redeeming the unredeemable (Lieberman), jockeying for power and position (the average Democrat) or figuring out how they can make Obama look like shit on day one and fail by week 3 (the average Republican). With all their attention the latest Linda Evans-Joan Collins cat fight – do they really care about the ramifications of bailing out the auto industry? Are they actually interested in delving into the capricious and erratic handling of the TARP money so triumphantly approved 2 months ago. The answer is of course an unresounding NO, they don’t care. With the economy being stared down the barrel of a shotgun, our friends in Congress passed an incredibly horrible bailout bill that now has Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke are playing Mystery Date with $700 billion dollars of OUR money.

George W. Bush, our alleged leader, is DEFINITELY happy. He has been in his own private Idaho since September 15th – coming out on occasion to make some stupid statements about the economy, greet the Obamas at the White House or lead a ridiculous G-20 summit as a lame duck with no real power. Yesterday our Chief Idiot emerged from the rabbit hole to tell America he is opening a few air corridors to make holiday travel easier. As if anyone has the money to travel all over the country this Thanksgiving. Why is he bothering. Bush has checked out (then again one could argue he checked out right after the ’04 election) . Bush’s total indifference to the problems of the country and willful ignoring of his job as Chief Executive, even as a lame duck – is nothing short of immoral and criminal. I don’t care if Ice Bitch Dana Perino says he is working hard. This man is doing absolutely nothing other than playing video games picking up brush.


  1. the media is busy figuring out who Erika Kane will marry next
  2. George Bush is plotting his move to Paraguay
  3. Congress acting out a Robert Ludlum novel

the people (read middle and lower classes) are not very happy. The pillars of our leadership are out happiness is a warm blanket, the US is struggling through the worst economic conditions in over 70 years. Banks (WaMu), businesses (General Motors), investments (have you looked at your 401K?) and governments (Iceland) have failed or are about to fail.

No one is minding the hen house – and the fox is running wild.

So what am I trying to say? Is it only me, or does anyone realize that for 77 days the USS America is a rudderless ship sailing off the edge of the flat earth? Why do we have to wait 77 days to move on to the next phase of history? What purpose does this purgatory serve? It used to be worse – Inauguration Day was March 4 until FDR’s second term. As of 1937, the 20th amendment moved it back 43 days to Jan 20.

In these severe and panicky times having a 77 day transition serves NOTHING other than making a bad problem so much worse. Look at how much things have deteriorated since Lehman collapsed? With the media much more concerned about whether Hillary gets to empty Condi’s shoe closet at Foggy Bottom, the country continues down the cesspool to hell.

Isn’t time to change the passage power? Shouldn’t the new president take charge on January 1 or even earlier – like right after the election? I understand Constitutional process – but change the process – it isn’t making for a smooth power shift, it is killing this country. Having any lame pterodactyl, especially one as odious and incompetent as George W. Bush, is not healthy or productive.

You know, this country cannot even do the simple things without making them complicated. The election is complicated, the campaign is complicated and the transition of power is complicated. Obama doesn’t need (or shouldn’t have) 77 days to name a team and the American people do not have 77 days to start this turnaround.


  1. For such a simple nation of rubes, we sure do like to make things more difficult than they should be. Then again, with Obama’s 962-page vetting guide – have you ever called someone a goober on the internets? – he might need this much transition time.So, still thinking about moving to Iceland? 😉

  2. Common sense a trait lacking in our government. This and many other things that could make the process work so much better.When you have the lobbyists writing the bills voted on by the ones they give money too-well.I hope for better from this new congress but until good happens I have no trust.

  3. Great picture for the occasion. I snapped my fingers.Yeah, it’s like were in the back seat of a convertible, cruising down a long winding hill on a sunny day, and the driver just yanked the steering wheel up and off and handed it to us in the back seat.Happened to my Dad when he was young. He never complained about his brother’s driving again!I move to strike that as “irrelevant!”

  4. Having Bush in office another 77 more days is like giving him extra time to bury land mines. The guy still has plenty of time to destroy our country.

  5. Well I understand a transition period because you can’t expect new people to come in and know exactly what’s been happening without being briefed. Otherwise it’s just a blind catching up and a boatload of surprises to deal with.That said, once the election is over, the lame duck administration should have no power to make last minute decisions, law changes, job appointments, etc. Once the election is done the administration should only be there as a figurehead until the transition is complete. The problem with Bush and Cheney is that they hate all of us and having already secured their homes outside this country in places from which they cannot face extradition, they would like to kick us in the face some more on their way out. They both know that they will never be able to step foot in this and several other civilized countries without facing the risk of arrest. They are stealing what they can now with this fake bailout (See Naomi Klein – The Shock Doctrine). The sad thing is that after all their pronouncements of being patriotic they do not care if they ever set foot in their birth country again. Can we sue them to get our money back?

  6. Randal – no on Iceland, I am thinking Uruguay One fly – it is amazing how little common sense there is out there – on all levelsCunning – 77 sunset strip, Hawaiian eye. Bourbon Street Beat and Surfside Six – they were all the same LOLCitizen – more than enough time to destroy – and he is succeeding, look at today!Rhode Island – good point – the transition needs to be shorter. They all know who they want for the jobs well before the election. A lot of this stuff is for show. Problem with having a lame duck – shit can happen. I agree, no jobs, laws, policy, but emergency and crises happen. Bush and cheney are the 2 most unpatriotic douchebags to ever walk the planet – they are crooks, liars and evil – and I hope someone does arrest them one day.

  7. Hi Cap;Hang on because this idiot is going to get America into another war before he leaves.Missiles have gone into Pakistan further than ever before. Do they forget Pakistan is a nuclear powered ally?The first thing they have to do is quit pissing off countries for no reason.If I were Obama I would have George brought to task, right now and have his power reduced or taken away. This Iraq thing and torture is enough evidence to warrant having Bush taken down.But then again, that would take some big balls.

  8. You’re not alone, DCap. The only thing that I think might differ between what you’ve said and what I think is that I think we’ve been more or less rudderless for 8 years.Or – I suppose – the person steering the boat drove us up against the rocks on purpose.Either way, I will be so glad to see him go.

  9. Chimpy hasn’t been totally idle; he’s burrowing his wingtard appointees into civil service positions, moving the theft of an incredible amount of taxpayer money forward, and attempting to break the back of the UAW once and for all.Obama had better bring an extra strong shovel. He’ll need it.

  10. DCup: Oh, we haven’t been rudderless for 8 years. W et al. have deliberately steered us on a collision course. Hope this helps.

  11. 61 days left….. seems like forever…….

  12. I remember that awful day 8 years ago when five banana Republicans in black robes on the Supreme Court handed the Motherfucker from Midland the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.It was as if time stopped. There was a Kafka-esque feeling of being enveloped by cold steel. I remember telling Jim something like, “Now, we know what being imprisoned is like.”Truly, it was the worst day of my life.Yet, I survived 8 years of Bush/Cheney. We all survived. To those to haven’t survived, I’m so sorry you aren’t here too savor this wonderful moment — Bush and Cheney will soon be gone and Barack Obama is our 44th president.

  13. I was pondering this the other day… how much more damage can be done?It can’t change soon enough.

  14. I think Bush will pull some penny ante shit before he leaves, but judging by his lack of public appearances I suspect he’s busy inside the White House packing up the silverware and other souvenirs he can sell on Ebay if things get tough.

  15. I’m still celebrating our victory on the 4th. His O-ness has got me back in the Christmas spirit. Even this post doesn’t depress me. In fact, I have one thing to say,”Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb”.

  16. What is most troublesome here I think is that while Bush is busy telling us how he wants to help make the transition comfortable and easy, he is busy with his executive pen signing all kinds of crap to institutionalize his reign forever. The number of last minute appointments, and screwing of regulations will not be easily undone and is his way of screwing us again. Bah, I wish he had to vacate the WH on Nov 5. Can’t be soon enough for me.

  17. Chimpy can’t be out of the WH fast enough. I say we send him an eviction notice ASAP. Get Obama in there now to prevent Chimpy from playing any more of his little games, aka consolidating power and money for the few.

  18. //…I am thinking Uruguay //careful, buddy, I think there still may be some uprepentant Nazi’s hiding in Uruguay.Paraguay is actually the better guay to go.

  19. Hey DC…I agree, this time lag is ridiculous. A new prez would need some time, but any candidate worth his/her salt would have a lot of stuff in place before the election…I’d think 30 days would be plenty of time to get the transition done and hit the ground running.We’re really in a bind here ’cause Mr. Doofus aka the smirking chimp has way too much time to dig us deeper in the doo-doo.Jacob

  20. I loved Cunning’s image Bush holding the steering wheel like the stooge he is. Here’s an idea. Just like the boss comes up to you near the end of the day and says to go home I’ll pay you for eight. I think we should let Bush vamoose.

  21. Are you suggesting a coup or just legislative changes? 😉

  22. Dcap-I agree! Why do we do this?! Does anyone know why this time designation is so long?

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