Posted by: distributorcap | December 11, 2008

Black & White and read all over

I found some more great pictures. Just enjoy. (long day, my brain is fried and I am exhausted)


  1. these are wonderful…so Film Noire…I love old Black and White photos….they are mesmirizing….and the ones with the cameras…wow…how did they lug those all over…it was not even that long ago….stunning..( you sound tired…long day…stop by Watergate Summer- I am still doing Christmas Music every day….take care…)

  2. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing them! I have not seen a picture of Cronkite that young, wow!

  3. Wonderful interlude. There are some excellent moments captured there. I remember Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki on the Tonight Show.Very cool.

  4. Awesome. Fan-freaking-tastic shots.

  5. dcAp,where are you finding these treasures? they look like pics i could have some fun with.

  6. Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy were so gloriously handsome!Now, that’s what a President and First Lady should look like.What a contrast to the Ape and Pickles currently residing in the White House.

  7. Great pictures – I too love balck and white photographs. THere is something so much more timeless and classic about them. Color photos are fun but not for the ages as B&W are.Christopher, agree – and now we're finally getting another beautiful family like that in the White House!

  8. OMG they’re going to pick that giant man’s nose!There’s definitely something timeless about black and white shots, no matter when they were taken. Unless they’re of Chimpy and Pickles.

  9. So, first off, I want to know where you find these pictures? That’s really all I’ve got to say. I have picture envy.

  10. Very cool!

  11. omg…tiny tim and miss vicky!!!I saw that show..does that make me old? ;p

  12. Beautiful stuff, DCap.

  13. Black and white are my favorites. Especially when they are art deco! Some of these are just great!

  14. 12 Angry MenNorth by NorthwestNo idea…guesses include The Philadelphia Story or, is that Jack Benny??Tiny Tim & Miss Vicky getting married on the Tonight Show, ?1969Marilyn Monroe being interviewedMike Wallace -?Walter CronkiteMr. & Mrs. John F. KennedyFDR?JFK in HyannisportNice.

  15. Enigma – I love old b&w pics – both with strangers and with history. I will stop by over the weekend — I am exhausted – these are such tough times — I go home and crash latelySkyler – that Cronkite picture is from the mid 1950sBubs – we need some breaks like this – and some smiles and to remember good historyErik – I have more, I will post them over timeNonnie – you are free to use ANY and ALL – I got them years ago when I worked at CBS, long storyChristopher – jack and jackie were class – and I think of what we have turned into.Maui – b&w is much more impactful. I will not be putting up pics of george and laura except to show them as the fuckers they areRandal – you crack me upUtah – I got these pics from the CBS library when I worked there.CDP – thanks!Dusty – that show was one of the highest rated Carson shows ever. Dg – thanks. More to comeSherry – thanks, we need to take a break from all the nonsense going onVolley – that is Douglas Edwards,. Not Mike WallaceThe man in the top at is Harry Truman – for his 1948 inauguration

  16. I liked the CBS picture above the Kronkite one. That desk just seems so out of place.

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