Posted by: distributorcap | December 15, 2008

Capitalism is Alive & Well

While the economy is cratering… there are certainly a few things that definitely STILL sell. For instance, there is no price that will stop Condi from keeping her hands off a pair of Ferragamos. And for all you ladies out there……. be sure to hint that you want one of these.

Psst — I hear George H.W. is getting one for Babs the impaler. (Laura goes commando)

We all love a good striptease on cable television, but is this not the most sexist commercial around. My favorite part is not the cottage cheese legs at :07, but the little hand tap on the bed at 0:56 into the commercial. So romantic.

Anyone who buys one, can you please send the lavender sachet to Charlie Crist as a wedding gift.


  1. “In a hat box she’ll just love!”Yeah, cause every women I have ever known is wild about those…

  2. OK, the pajama thing was over the top. Beyond sexist, beyond stupid, designed to appeal to a guy who might otherwise get his wife a gift from the clearance (read summer merchandise) section at Bed Bath & Beyond.But those shoes? As much as saying it out loud gives me liberal queer nightmares for a week, Condi's legs look flat-out fucking awesome in those shoes. There, I said it. Not sure I feel better, necessarily, but it's done. There might be some here shocked to learn that I'm such a pig, but I doubt it.

  3. That is just too bizarre.

  4. have you seen the prices over there? who spends 70 bucks on a pair of pajamas?oops! i forgot! i bet the rnc bought some for princess sarah!

  5. “All that spa stuff women just love…”Good lord. As much as the sex selling, so does the image of the hapless mook who needs a dummy-proof way to shop to show his affection. God knows that the shmoes in these commercials probably don’t ever communicate their love in any other way, either.

  6. I buy my jammies in the men’s section..warmer and roomier. Is that wrong? ;p

  7. I dunno, those jewelry commercials are pretty bad too–a woman getting orgasmic over a crappy necklace? Please.

  8. All the commercials suck during this time of year-especially for us guys. “Look what you should be buying her-ya dummy!” “If you don’t buy this really really expensive thing for her…well, you’re pretty much a pile of crap!”

  9. Yeah, nothing says romance like a pair of baggy, pistachio colored flannel pajamas.All she needs is some scraggly yellow toenails and a schmeer of Vicks VapoRub and she’s ready to mount.Yeecch.And the hatbox is the final touch. I store all my Sunday bonnets in them and they’re just fabulous!

  10. Damn you have good eyesight if you could spot the cottage cheese on that woman’s ass at 0:07. But let’s face it, this commercial, like the PiNYC’s diamond commercials noted in her comment, makes guys look like complete boobs when it comes to buying their significant others a gift. Okay, most of are, but do these commercials have to point out the obvious?

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